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Have you considered the causes that your dog’s instinct to put his head in your bed, table or chair regardless of dimensions or age? This is a normal behaviour for all dogs, however, why does it happen?
The reasons your dog loves to sit under your chair is that they want to be close to you. He’s looking for food to eat; the dog is seeking an area of safety which could mean that your dog suffers due to separation anxiety.
In addition to the causes mentioned above, there may be other factors at play that require immediate attention. We’ll be revealing these in the next article.


Why Does Your Dog Love To Sit Under Your Chair?

1. He loves staying close to you

Your dog doesn’t think of himself as merely an animal, but instead the dog sees himself as a great friend who is there for you every moment of the day.
That’s why he won’t be averse to sitting in your seat if it’s the only way for him to be near to you.
If this is what is that drives your dog’s desire to curl up into your chair, there is nothing to worry about as the dog is simply showing his love for you. This is perfectly normal and enjoyable.

2. He could be sick or injured

A traumatic injury or illness can cause your dog to display this behaviors. It’s because he’s not sufficiently healthy to be engaged in the normal activities of his life.
This is a reason that requires immediate attention. You are advised to get to the attention of your veterinarian physician as quickly as is possible.

3. Dogs naturally love a private place

Do you realize that dogs are attracted to living in a very private area? So, don’t be shocked when you find your pet at this odd spot. The reason is that he sees the area to be an extremely private and private space in which no one can be able to disturb him.

4. He sees it as a safe place

Your dog will be confined to your table, chair, or in your bed if he notices any frightening thing since the dog believes it is an extremely safe space. Being confronted by a frightening and bizarre animal could trigger your dog to hide under your couch to protect yourself from being assaulted.

5. He is afraid

Another important reason is because he’s concerned about something that is in the area that could cause an injury. This is among the most frequent reasons for why your dog will remain in a safe place until he’s confident enough to continue with the daily routine.


6. He is eagerly waiting for food crumbs

He will often go under the chair , particularly while you eat. Dogs are very sure you won’t be able to take a bite of food without dropping crumbs which are thrown onto the floor.
So, he sat at your feet to watch you eat to eat the leftovers.

7. He is playing with unhealthy or forbidden materials

There is a chance that your dog is playing with toys or other objects that you’ve told him not to be around. Being aware that you could be angry with him Your dog will prefer to be in your chair or in a private space that is not visible to anyone who is able to see him.
If this happens for your dog, it’s best not to be angry. Instead, teach your dog to let him know what he can do and what to stay clear of. Visit this site to learn how you can help your dog learn a new, positive mindset.

8. Change of environment

Another possibility is that you have recently altered his environment.
The move of your dog’s location can mean that your dog is likely to come across a myriad of new objects and situations.
He’ll react to any odd occurrence, and one among the ways that he might react is to sit in your chair. He may go to the chair whenever it feels like there is an absence in connection with his surroundings.
It is most often observed in puppies who needs time to adapt to the new surroundings.

9. He is comfortable there

Humans are known for their need to stay in their comfortable zone all day. Similar to humans, we also have it with dogs and other animals. Your pet will be content to remain under your chair until they find a comfy place to sit.

10. He loves the scent emanating from the chair

This is something I’ve witnessed firsthand. The more time you spend on the chair and the more it absorbs your body’s scent. Your dog will want to sit on the chair that you are most fond of due to its scent. Also, it is believed pleasant scents draw dogs.

11. Separation Anxiety

Your dog might pick a spot to be closer to you since he suffers with separation anxiety. It is a feeling that you’re about to embark on a lengthy journey which could prevent him from coming to see you for a long time. Therefore, he’s determined to stay close to you prior to your departure.

12. He is stressed out

It could also indicate the dog has been suffering from stress and wants to recover his energy as quickly as is possible. A supplement to boost his energy is essential at this point. But, consulting with your doctor before taking any decision would be the best option in such a scenario.


Why does my dog always sit under my chair?

Dogs usually prefer to be in a cozy environment but still close to their humans. Your dog might consider the chair as his “den.” Or he might be waiting for the crumbs to drop. Service dogs are trained to lie in the middle of the table or beneath their chair person who they serve so that they can readily help.

Why does my dog go under my legs when I’m sitting?

Sometimes, dogs will go between the legs of their owners in search of security or comfort. Certain studies have found that large and medium-sized dogs tend to exhibit this behaviour than smaller dogs. Lack of confidence, anxiety or excitement may lead dogs to look for the safety or closeness of their owners’ legs.

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