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In general, staying close the ground is common behaviour for dogs and not something to be concerned about. However, it could become an issue if it’s an expression of stress or fear or is associated with aggressive behavior or if they do too much and you are falling over your dog when they try to keep near to your.

In the earlier times before the introduction of domestic dogs, the best dogs of mankind lived in the wilderness and were to search for a secure place to rest every night. Wild dogs would seek out a reasonably secured and secure place to sleep before falling into a vulnerable place. It is a normal predisposition that is passed down in generations, and is an integral part of being the dog.

Domesticated dogs do not longer need to search for food, and they can find an area where they can sleep, and there can be a variety of reasons why your dog is content to sleep at your feet.


6 Reasons Your Dog Sleeps At Your Feet

Let’s look at the top six reasons your dog could choose to lay or sit down on your feet.

1. The Dog Pack Instinct

Although your pet’s only child may not have been part of the pack of dogs the behavior of pack dogs is instinctual. Dogs are often required to behave in the same way they would traveling in the pack.

We will continue and provide a variety of reasons as to why your dog stays on your feet, all connect to this instinct of the pack. Dogs are naturally inclined to believe to stay close to their leader is the best choice in various circumstances.

It is clear that there is the mirror image of this behavior as you watch dogs in packs. When the pack comes to take a break at a certain point, the leader will lie down in a vantage point with a clear view of the area. The rest of the dogs will sit or lie down in front of the leader.

2.  Seeking Protection

One of the primary reasons dogs are sat close to the leader of the pack is to provide protection. They are drawn to the leader, who is usually the largest and strongest of all dogs. He has earned their place by safeguarding the pack.

Your dog is likely to believe that you as their guardian and has learned to trust you as the only one that can provide them with help whenever they require it.

Sitting on your feet can help them feel secure and more likely to be relaxed. It is the most dangerous moment for dogs because their awareness of the environment is reduced. When they are sleeping at your feet , they’ll think they are in “backup.”

In this way, you might observe your dog acting this way more frequently when something has caused them anxious. It could be because of an unknown person (animal as well as human) or even a thunderstorm or even a smell inside the home that is a little different from the norm.

3.Marking Their Territory

Although you may view your dog as a part of you, they might consider you to be similar way. You are their person, and they’re not likely to let other dogs, human or cats too close.

This is just one of the many reasons dogs must be socialized properly as part of their training. This is so that they are able to get along with other dogs in the home and not become aggressive or territorial when other animals are too close.


4.Seeking Warmth

Your dog may wish to be with you as they cuddle because they’re experiencing a little cold. They receive from you even if it’s solely your feet, will bring them some needed warmth.

If that is the case then they’ll try to be as close as they can and therefore, they’ll be niggling and bouncing around often while they settle down in order to have as much contact with the skin as they can.

This is particularly common among smaller breeds because they have a harder time difficult to keep their body temperature during the cold.

5.They Love You

Sometimes dogs like to snuggle with you because of the same reasons that humans would like to be snuggled up to they love you and are just looking for a little of closeness.

It is likely that this will be described as more than being seated at your feet. They’re likely to run up, kiss you, or even offer you a few nice kisses.

If none of that is feasible, they’ll prefer to sit at your feet to feel a little intimacy.

6.They Think You Need Them

Dogs are extremely sensitive and adept in picking up on what we’re feeling. They can tell when we’re in charge and when we’re afraid or amused. They may be able push our boundaries.

If they feel that we’re sad or unsatisfied in any way, they’ll wish to help. They’ll try to help us feel better by being there and offering us some love.

They understand that being near can assist you in times in need, and so they’ll ensure that you be aware of their presence.

What else happened when your dog first started sleeping at your feet

If it was not the norm to rest at the feet of yours, it could be helpful to determine if something other happened at the time it first began sleeping there. It may be that something happened which triggered it to start doing this

If it began doing it at a moment’s notice it is likely to be the result of factors such as the fact that it is rewarded when it does something, or when it was a component of its routine was altered, such as you began exercising after a while or when you began working longer periods of time.


What is different when your dog does not sleep by your feet

It may also be helpful to determine if there’s a specific time at which it is more likely to rest at your feet as the timing might be a factor in it.

For instance If it seems to do this prior to getting food or exercising it could be because it would like to ensure it gets up at the right appropriate for these things.

If your dog is more active during other times, it could result from separation anxiety or it is more comfortable in the presence of you.

Why does my dog sleep by my feet instead of next to me?

If your dog is sleeping on your feet rather than sleeping beside you, it is most likely the case that your dog considers this particular spot to be the most relaxing. It may also be that your dog doesn’t think you’d like to be a part of your bed.

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