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The dogs sleep on your feet since when they’re puppies, they spend the entire day with mom at her feet. Additionally, when they fall asleep at night, they rest in the back of mommy’s back, so they won’t be crushed when she falls. Two reasons might explain the reason why your dog lies at your feet. Way way back in the days prior to the introduction of domestic dogs, the most beloved companions of man lived in the wilderness and were to find an area to rest in peace every night. Wild dogs were able to find a somewhat secure and safe area before settling into a dangerous situation. It is a normal predisposition passed in generations, and is an integral part of being the dog.
Domesticated dogs do no have to go out in search of food or find an area to rest, and there can be many reasons your dog is content to sleep at your feet
Of course, there are other theories about how a dog could rest at your feet. We’ll discuss them in more detail in the next section.


7 Reasons Your Dog Sleeps By Your Feet

When I was researching the reasons why dogs lie on our feet It was disconcerting because everything that came up seemed to focus on the reasons dogs prefer to spend their nights with their pet owners, but none of the sources discussed the reasons dogs sleep in particular places like the feet.
In the research I’ve conducted, I’ve discovered seven reasons why your dog might be sleeping on your feet during the late at night.

1: Feet Have a Strong Scent

The sense of smell like we depend on our eyesight. If you are beginning to get a crush on one person the only thing you would like to do is “get lost in their eyes.” You are drawn to admiring the person who you are becoming in love with.
While your dog might have a hard time “falling in love” with you, they appreciate you! Dogs know us more by scent than our appearance. Because our feet emit an intense scent and smell, dogs want to be in the vicinity which is most comfortable.

2: They Don’t Want to Get Crushed

The puppies sleep next to their mother’s backside to avoid getting injured when mommy rolls over. A bed that is close to the side of someone’s feet could be where they feel most secure. If they’re sleeping near the feet of yours, you’ll feel the security of knowing that they’re close to you however, they don’t have to be concerned about being crushed if they fall over.

3: They Associate Comfort With Feet

The puppies follow their mothers wherever they go, and the majority of puppies are able to stay close to the feet, instead of slipping either in front or behind. The dog may be asleep on your feet as they’re enticed to be by your side. If you’re traveling, your feet must move.

4: Your Dog is Protecting You

There are many stories that suggest that your dog could be asleep on your feet due to the fact that they’re trying to protect them. It’s not true. If they were seeking protection, they’d wrap themselves around your chest.
The reverse may be the case. They may be trying to ensure you are secure and safe. While you sleep on the feet of your bed, you’re trying to make sure that no one is able to harm you in the night.

5: Your Dog is Claiming You

Your dog doesn’t see yourself in the same way as “just another human.” He considers you to be “his human.” If the dog puts his feet on your feet as you sleep close to you, it’s likely that he’s “claiming” you as his — and thus letting others be aware you are “this is my human, not yours.” Although bizarre as this might seem, it’s actually quite delightful if you consider it!

6: Your Feet Might Be Facing The Door

Are your feet in front of the front door? If yes then your dog may be asleep on your feet, thereby shielding you from whatever is coming through the door. If your feet are facing to the front doorway, it could be interesting to lay in to the other direction for couple of minutes to observe what your dog’s behavior is.

7: Respecting You as The Alpha

They are animals of pack. In the wild one of them rests in the most comfortable position and the rest the group sleeps nearby. If your dog rests at your feet rather than on the chest of yours, then they could be observing you as an authority figure in your group. They don’t want it appear as if they’re looking try to “steal” the leader’s spot.


Is This Behavior Starting to Get Annoying?

A lot of dog owners enjoy it when their dog is asleep at their feet. It helps keep your feet cozy, they love being near to their pet and so on. But, it could begin to become irritating sometimes due to these reasons:

  • If you’re looking to switch sleeping positions, you’ll need to literally take your dog off.
  • When your dog begins to lick your paws could begin to clean your feet.
  • Then, my least favorite, when you must take a break to go to the bathroom, your dog could think it’s time for you to be up and can keep you awake for the remainder of the night.

If you notice that this behavior is beginning to become a problem there are some ways to get your dog to stay elsewhere or prevent the dog from sleeping in your bed in the first place.

The Two-Step System to Get Your Dog to Stop Sleeping By Your Feet

The most effective method to get your dog to stop sleeping on you feet would be to make them feel interested in sleeping elsewhere. At present, your dog has a positive relationship with your feet sleeping. It is time to make a positive impression mental image in your dog’s mind regarding sleeping elsewhere and also a negative connection with your feet sleeping.


Bottom Line – Your Dog Loves You

We have listed seven reasons why dogs could sleep at your feet. Note how each factor was favorable. If your dog lies asleep at your feet, think of it as a sign they cherish you. They’re either trying to guard you or simply would like to spend each minute with you. Do you not think the unconditional love that your dog gives you the most amazing thing!

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