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For many couples who are married, dogs are just like children. They’re loved, fun pets, and a delight to be around. Your home is more like a house with the presence of a dog!
You may also observe that your dog appears to be more relaxed at nighttime. Each night, your dog lies over you, while your husband is content without any extra burden on his body.
Dogs are social animals and communicate with their body language. They express their affection with body actions, eye contact the tail waving, vocalizations etc. These actions are usually taken as a sign of love and trust. For instance when dogs receive treats the tail will move around and back and indicate that they are content. If a dog wants to be held, it will lean forward in a sign of that he wants to be being held. The dog will then be able to roll around, landing on his back, which gives him a clearer perspective of the body. Dogs can show their interest to each another by touching each other’s backs
If you’ve ever asked yourself “why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband,” the reason isn’t simply because your dog isn’t fond of him. There’s more to the story beyond this.


Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me and Not My Husband?

There are a few reasons why your dog is sleeping on you and not your husband

Your Dog’s Temperament Matches Yours

As humans, dogs also have personalities. We can tell this by the decisions they make as well as the way they behave around other dogs. Some dogs can be frantic whenever someone comes by to visit, while others will not even when they belong to identical breeds. Dogs have their own favorite toys, places to go, even their favorite food!
The personality differences will influence your dog’s choice to sleep on your back. Your dog has realized that you are an ideal match for it and has decided to align itself to you in this way.
In the same way, you and your spouse might meet someone new, such as an employee’s spouse, or a personal trainer, but not be able to agree on whether they are a match or not. One spouse may find the persona the person is fun or attractive and the other believes they’re a drag. We choose our partners by their personality and our dogs perform the same.
This shouldn’t be a problem it’s an opportunity the husband discover what aspects of his behavior might be causing his dog to prefer you to him. Making a few modifications could mean the difference between sole or shared control of the dog at the night!

Your Dog Makes Associations

We all know that dogs are intelligent. They master tricks and know their surroundings, and observe changes in a snap. This is also true for the bedroom.
If your dog is picking you to be their sleeping companion they’ve made the decision that you’re the most suitable option for them to sleep throughout the evening. Perhaps you’re more calming to your dog during the storm hits during the night. You might not move more when you sleep and your dog doesn’t get constantly disturbed throughout the night. Whatever the motive, it’s likely that your pet formed the assumption that you’re more comfortable sleeping at night.
Another method to alter this is to determine what associations your dog has formed and change that association. If you find yourself bouncing around in your sleep, you may have to alter your sleeping or mattress. Be more calm when your dog is scared can help them understand that you’re there to support the dog’s head. It might require some patience, however eventually you’ll be able convince your pet the fact that your spouse is wise option, as well!

Your Dog Has Emotions, Too

Why is my dog cuddling with me, but not my husband? Along with being smart dogs can be empathetic as well. They react to the emotions we communicate. So, you can speak something sweet or in an anger that your dog is likely to react with a similar response to the emotion, not to the words.
When it’s time to go to the bed, your dog could be sensing that you are in an energizing attitude than the husband. Maybe your husband is going to bed unhappy frequently, so your dog will seek out your comfort as the one who is the most happy. In any scenario the dog is recognizing emotional signals and reacting to them in a manner that is appropriate.
It could be a matter of the way that you and your spouse are in the morning before you go to getting ready for bed. If your husband is looking to spend to spend more time with the dog before bedtime it is possible that he needs examine what his personality is prior to bedtime. Like several of our other solutions This solution boils down to awareness and a change in habits.

Familiarity Breeds Comfort For Your Dog

Why is my dog sleeping between my husband and me? Perhaps there is no difference between your and your spouse’s behavior and moods during the night. Both of you are equally calming and feed the dog and are attentive to the needs of your dog. However, your dog prefers him over you. In this instance, the dog’s it could be because of the familiarity.
Animals are naturally drawn to the comforts and security of their surroundings, just as all other species of animals. That means your dog would like to be with the one they already spend time with, and that could be you.
This isn’t the fault of any one. If your husband has a job or spends more time away from the home, then your dog will be more interested in you that your partner. It doesn’t mean that your dog is less affectionate with your husband It’s more that your dog regards spending time with you as a normal thing to do. Because sleeping makes you vulnerable Your dog is looking for the comfort to counteract the vulnerability feeling.


Is it Okay for My Dog to Sleep With Me While I’m Pregnant?

Similar rules apply whether you’re not pregnant or not, so long as your dog isn’t guarding your sleep or making it impossible to get a good night’s rest you can sleep.
This dog is protecting his mother’s stomach.
This is a great illustration of guarding behavior which needs to be corrected.
They’re gentle, not trying to frighten dad away and they’re not trying to climb up all over mom’s stomach.
This brings us to the second advice regarding dogs sleeping beside you during the pregnancy.
Allowing them to lay on your stomach is not recommended unless they’re very light dog.



Why is it that my dog sleep with me, and not my husband? Like us canines are complicated creatures. They have traits that they like when it comes to scents, temperaments and even comfort. One of these might be the main reason what makes your dog choose to sleep on you instead of your husband.
If you are aware of the decisions you and your spouse are making regarding your dog and these guidelines, you will be able to identify the reason behind your dog’s behavior. Once you’ve solved the issue it is possible to take rid of the burden and talk about the burden with your spouse!

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