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As per the general pattern of dog behavior and behaviors, it’s certain the moment your pet lies on your feet, it’s an additional form of communication. While you can draw some obvious conclusion, there are also some questions to think about that take us to their past as animals in packs. “Why does my dog sleep at my feet” is an everyday question, but which has an answer that could cover a large area.

This is evident in the litter of puppies when they are still small and learning to become pups themselves. Let’s consider the case of a puppy who chooses to sleep near the mother’s tail. This is the most common place that is chosen to prevent getting in a roll when she sleeps next to mom while she changes her position.

It’s also a sense of protection since mom is the leader of the pack and the puppies feel safe being close to the mother. At home you’re the leader of your pack and your dog feels safe when they are near you.

Personally, I love having my pup decides to lie on my bed.

But I am more certain she does it when I am sitting at my desk since she has an unobstructed view of the entire room as well as the outside of the home from under the desk, and perhaps feels more secure from the desk.

I am sleeping on my feet in the bed? She may start out that way but usually is found lying on her back, filling up the majority of the room.


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This Behavior May Change Based Upon the Environment

Think about the location you’re in when you find your dog walking over your feet. When you are at the dog park it’s an obvious signal to other dogs that your an individual leader that is unwelcome to any other dog. It is not just that your dog is dropping their scent directly on you and directly, but it’s an indication that your dog protects your safety.

Some dogs may experience an anxiety-like feeling being around strangers, or in the presence of loud sounds or other situations that are not common to the area. In this situation, snuggling near or at your feet is an act of self-protection.

Note your dog’s body position, or how they lay down in your shoes. It’s a great indicator that your dog feels safe and secure if he or fell asleep on their backs and your toes are snuggled up under them.

When your dog bares its stomach, it’s an indication of safety and comfort. This is a sign that is vulnerable when in nature. If they do this in your presence, they are evidently demonstrating that they trust that you will keep them safe.

If you are wondering why your dog lies on my foot You can take it as a sign that it’s your dog’s chance to show the security he has for you. Even if there’s no threat to your safety the dog could be telling you that he would like nothing to harm you.

It’s important to remember that when you lie on your feet the dog is putting its body against any threat that might occur. This makes one think what your dog do if there’s a threat? It’s something to be considered as you realize that this type of communication will show you how your pet is ready to stand between you and risk.


Separation Anxiety

In the most extreme instances this could be the result of your dog being reluctant to ever be away from you. You’ll know this’s the case when you stand up and go to a different seat and Fido immediately follows and gets up again. This is a sign of a behavior that you’re likely to need to correct, and it’s ideal to begin the correction as soon as your dog is still young.

It’s not easy to know if the primary cause is love, dominance or separation anxiety. However, it’s essential to know that the way you react will determine if you’re encouraging the behavior or not. If you realize the cause of the behavior is the fear of being separated, you’ll be better advised to stop it. It’s not by hitting or screaming obviously but with distraction, and perhaps a brand new and tranquil dog bed, where your pet can lay down and rest.

How Can I Stop My Dog from Sleeping at My Feet?

If you’re convinced that letting your dog lie on your feet doesn’t work for you, then you’ll need to develop a system of positive reinforcement to other areas of the home.

Each time your dog happily walks away to his cage or bed, praise them with a flurry of the dog. If they attempt to get into your bed to lay on your feet all evening like a slobbery Ninja You should be able to be calm and get up and walk away without even uttering anything. Yes, it may bother you for a while but it’s also the sole method to ensure that your dog doesn’t be bored. If neither one of you are getting anything positive from the encounter Why bother?

You’ll have be patient and calm in this process it will be a challenge to get your dog to disregard most of their basic instincts to defend and protect themselves, as well as their instinctual desire to be near to you. It’s important to be consistent; your dog will either be permitted to rest and you can relax or not. It’s impossible to mix and match the rules between the days to the next, based upon your own mood.

Many owners will think that having a dog sleep on your lap is an absolute pleasure. It’s true that it can cause a loss of a few hours of sleep , as Fido will flitter and keep awake in the midnight however, on the bright side it will leave your body very warm and toasty. In addition, it is important to note that he’s watching over you, deterring any attack that could be suspicious in the darkness.


In conclusion

In a nutshell the main reasons your dog might be asleep on your feet include:

  • To ensure your safety
  • Feel secure by you
  • To mark the territory
  • As a gesture of affection

Review your role in the matter If it’s one that you’re not completely satisfied with. If you’re satisfied with it, you can go forward and connect with that person to demonstrate your satisfaction. Your dog is looking at you to see those signals and resting on your feet could be an genuine appeal to convince you to take a step in that direction.

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