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Dogs can sleep in a variety of rooms in your home however, they usually prefer to rest on your pillow together with you! This is a common practice for dog owner who let their pets to access their bedrooms.
However they are at ease in their bed with all the drinks, snacks as well as toys. There’s something special about your pillow that they can’t resist.
You might be thinking, “Why does my dog lay on my bed on my side?
Learn the possible causes of why your dog is a fan of your bed more than their own, and learn how to remove your dog from your bed.
We also discuss the reasons why dog beds are not suitable solutions to this issue.


Does a Dog Need a Pillow?

Our dogs spend the majority of their time lounging on the couch, lying, or sleeping in our homes the use of a pillow is unneeded.
Dogs don’t need to sleep on pillows throughout the day or at night. This means that they aren’t sleeping on pillows because they’re looking for the support of their necks and backs.
Instead, they lie on our pillows in order to mark their place, remain with you to protect yourself, or simply because they’re scared.
Dogs don’t experience neck discomfort when they rest without a pillow , just as we do. Their spines don’t have to be aligned to remain at ease.
Dogs typically rest on their sides to relax since they have tiny shoulder blades which support their bodies.
However, if they are at ease with cushions or pillows to place their heads on, then it’s fine.
Perhaps they’re seeking a comfortable and comfortable spot to get cozy on.
It’s all about what your dog’s preference is most. We highly recommend putting the emphasis on an animal mattress over a cushion because it is designed to meet their needs and their comfort.
While it’s designed only suitable for medium to small breeds the bed comes with an adjustable headrest for people who enjoy cuddling on pillows.


Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Pillow with Me?

We all know that dogs don’t require pillows to be comfortable. What is the reason they enjoy lying on our pillows with us?


The primary reason that the dogs love sleeping on pillows is that they are seeking the comfort of a pillow. They are soft, cuddly and warm. They smell like us too!
If your dog is sleeping on your pillows in the evening, it’s because they feel safe when they’re close to you.
Sometimes, there’s no need for explanation. They simply enjoy the feeling of sleeping on a fluffy, cloud-like pillows.
The warmth of your body, the smell and the softness of the pillow make your bed the perfect place for your child to rest.
They also appreciate the bond that you create while you sleep with one another. Be aware the fact that dog’s are social animals. They are able to sleep with their fellow group members, even when they are in wild.
The newborn pups are accustomed to sleeping close to their mother to ensure safety and to build a stronger bond and they carry the same behavior to their children as they get older.

Marking Their Spot

It’s a rare issue although your dog may be marking their space on your couch in order to assert their dominance.
Dogs are drawn to instructions from their pack leader. However, if they don’t view you as a dog, they believe that they can assume the leadership role and demonstrate dogs’ dominance.
Your dog believes it’s acceptable for them to claim their own territory as there’s nobody else to respect, obey and defend other than them.
Even if they’re in no way aggressive, they may think they are the top dog, and therefore they are able to pick their own spot.
They also love spreading their scent throughout the house in order to assert their supremacy over other pets and humans.

They Idolize You

It could be the other way around. Dogs may think of you as the leader of the pack, and they want to emulate you! They are drawn to the way you conduct your business. your actions, which is why they place their head on your pillow the same way you would on your bed.
It’s also possible that they’d like to let their scent be a part of your behalf because they would like other dogs to understand that you’re part of their family.
In any case the dog will require some training If they’re sleeping on your bed together with you!


Our dogs also like to sleep with us as they want us to feel safe and secure.
The position of your pillow allows them keep an eye on your sleep throughout the night, to see whether you’re emotionally and physically healthy.
Sweet, right?
Our dogs are very guardian in their natural environment. They are bred to be guard dogs and monitor your breathing every time.


Dogs can be very clingy!
A dog who sleeps over your bed every night could be an indication that they are suffering from separation anxiety. They will love to sniff your scent on your pillows to relax even when you’re away.
A way to find out whether this could be the reason is to determine if they prefer sleeping in the same room during your absence. Do they become nervous when you are planning to depart?
Separation anxiety is also evident in the form of destructive behavior as well as excessive barking.


The final reason for your dog’s delight of sleeping alongside you is their need for attention.
Dogs often lie on your bed as it is a way to reward them with affection.
The behavior will be reinforced if you provide them with regular hugging and belly rubs every time they leap up onto your bed or lay on your pillows.
Although you may not like the way they behave, it seems like a reward for them since you push them around, grab them or even give them snacks to encourage them to jump down.


Should I Still Let My Dog Sleep in Bed with Me?

In the event that your dog seeking security and comfort it’s your decision whether or not to put your dog at night with you.
If you’re suffering with insomnia or believe that your dog takes over your space, you could consider transitioning your dog to a bed or cage.
The behavior problems like aggression or possessiveness, as well as marking issues should be tackled with the help of the dog’s behaviorist or trainer.
Remember that dogs thrive under strict regulations and routines.
The sudden restriction of access to furniture could cause an agitation in your pet. the dog will have a difficult to comprehend why he’s being punished in this manner.

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