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If your dog is asleep under the blankets You might be wondering why , and what you can do to fix it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and how you can do about them.

One of the reasons that your dog lies under covers is that it’s safer and more comfortable, or you may have accidentally encouraged it, or is afraid.

Like all species of animals, dogs possess an acute sense of resources. Dogs trust their owners to provide them with water, food and shelter, toys etc.

Because of their keen instinct to shelter, you could be aware that your dog prefers to curl up under your blanket.

This is because your bed is the ideal refuge or den that your dog can hide, whether to relax or to escape from a danger.

Additionally, if your dog sleeps a lot under your blankets It could leave its scent all over your bed. Every time your dog is close to the bed, its scent is a magnet and draws it closer to the bed more. But what exactly does it mean that your dog would rather sleep in the bed?

There are a variety possibilities for the cause, it could be helpful to look at what might make each likely. When you have an concept of the reason it will be much easier to decide the best way to address it.


Why does my dog sleep under the covers?

Here are some common reasons dogs behave this way and what makes it more probable that they are the primary motive.

It feels safer

The reason it does it is because it is more secure there. If it is sleeping in a bed the dog will be protected from both sides, and behind, which increases the likelihood to be able to spot possible dangers. This is probably the reason your dog does it even when there is no reason to be afraid. This is likely the cause in the case of a dog that has more of a submissive character. It could also be more likely to be the case when it is inclined to lie in your bed while you’re also there, or you are around, or if it follows your movements throughout the home.

It finds it comfortable

The reason could be due to the fact that it finds it more comfortable in the room. It is more likely to be the case if it tends to do it more frequently when the room is cool, provided that it doesn’t display any odd behavior when doing it, and if it does sleep in the room frequently.

Encouraging the behavior

It is possible that you’ve inadvertently influenced the behavior by providing it with items it would like when it is doing it. If you often give things like treats, toys or time under the blanket you will probably repeat the behavior to reap greater rewards.

It is better to to reward it for sleeping exactly where you want to, and to avoid punishing it when it doesn’t and also to attempt to shift its attention when it’s nearing the under the covers.

Separation anxiety

The reason for this is it could be because it is experiencing some anxiety about separation. There is a strong smell beneath the bed and it might be that the smell of your scent makes it feel more secure. This is especially true when it sleeps only while you’re gone, and begins to exhibit signs of anxiety after you go away.

It’s an inherited behavior

It is possible that it occurs because it is an inheritance behavior. The dogs that were able protect their bodies from danger have had a better chance of maximizing the chances they had of surviving. It is possible that these dogs were able to pass down those characteristics which led to modern dogs having the same traits.


The reason it does it may be because something has caused it to be scared. It is more likely to happen if it tends to do it at a particular moment, such as when there is a noise outside. In this instance it’s best to limit the amount of exposure that could cause it to be scared.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions you should consider when trying to find the primary reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If it was not the norm to doze off It would be helpful to look at what else went on at the time it began to do it, as it could be that something happened that triggered it to begin.

For instance when it starts performing the act at random after you offered it an incentive, and it repeated it the next time, it’s likely that it’s realized that it is rewarded for slipping under the covers.

What is different when it does not do it

If it doesn’t always lie down It would be helpful to look at what’s different about it when it doesn’t sleep under the covers.

For instance If it happens when you’re within the room, but it is usually within the same space you’re in It may be due to factors like feeling more secure with your surroundings.

Can My Dog Suffocate Under The Blankets?

There are people who worry that their pet will die in the blankets, but it’s possible to breathe a breath relief. Experts suggest it’s unlikely! Of course, you must ensure that the covers aren’t tightly securing them, and that they are able to be taken out.


Why does my dog sleep under the covers when I am away?

It is quite likely that your dog is sleeping in the bed when you’re away because they are anxious when you aren’t around. This is especially true when your dog becomes nervous when you leave and follows your movements around the house while you are in the house.

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