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It was clear that I heard Stetson sleeping in our bed as I watched television. I glanced over at him, and there was him snoring. He was still staring at me! Oh my God! My dog is sleeping with eyes closed!

I was a bit surprised however, not really since my wife sleeps with her eyes closed. It’s to come up at a later moment.

Eyes partially closed is normal for all breeds, but it is more common in certain breeds than other breeds. There is not something to worry about.

In this post we’ll explain precisely the reason your dog is asleep with their eyes half open.

The appearance of sleeping with eyes closed can occasionally be a sign of an illness that is more serious that we will discuss through these issues also.

But, these diseases often come with more severe and noticeable symptoms, so the puppy’s eyes closed won’t be the first thing you observe. If they don’t suffer from any of the related symptoms, you’ll be able to rest comfortably (with those eyes of your pup focused on you).

After this post, we’ll examine a few different sleep disorders that are prevalent in dogs, as well as the signs that you need to be looking for to recognize these conditions (which doesn’t include the eyes being open when you sleep).


Why Does My Dog Sleep With His Eyes Open?

There are many reasons technically speaking, for this common behavior. The reason behind it could be the combination of all of these or the sole reason. The most common reasons are:

  • Protection against predators
  • Third eyelids are visible.
  • They’re thinking about it.
  • They also have Cherry Eye
  • They also have Lagophthalmos
  • They are narcoleptics.

Protection From Predators

When their brains of lizards are concerned the dangers are all around. Dogs have developed the ability to sleep with their eyes open in order to still detect something even when they are awake. This means that they remain alert even while they sleep.

Also although it’s a bit creepy to us, sleeping dogs with their eyes closed gives predators the impression that they’re still watching them. In other words, predators are unable to be sure that your dog has gone to sleep therefore they’ll head where they can take food items, etc.

You’re Seeing Their Third Eyelid

Another reason is that the eye is actually closed and you’re looking at the third eyelid. It’s a thin, transparent membrane that’s light brown but can appear transparent. It can give the impression that their eyes are partially open as it will be able to flick upwards over the eyes when your dog’s eyes are open or close.

They’re Dreaming

Dogs are able to dream during REM sleep, the same way that humans do. That means their eyes are twitching, and so will their paws and legs. As they drift into the dreams, they’ll notice that their eyes open and they may move between them. Humans are also prone to this however, our eyes do not remain open enough to anyone to be able to see.

They Have Cherry Eye

Certain breeds are susceptible to conditions known as Cherry Eye. It is when there is irritation to the third eyelid. It then swells into an eye nodule that is located within the eye’s corner. After healing, the area will return to normal, however it may take a while. In the case of an outbreak, your dog’s eyes may appear to be opened since they aren’t able to close completely due to the inflammation!

They Have Lagophthalmos

This is a frightening disease that is very common particularly in older dogs. The eye has become swollen due to a disease like glaucoma. The increased pressure or swelling means that they are unable to close their eyes because the eyelid isn’t adequately stretched.

They Are Narcoleptic

Narcolepsy is an uncommon disorder in dogs, however it is possible to experience. When engaging in a game, your pup can abruptly fall asleep at the center of the activity is that they’re doing. This transition into “sleep mode” is so quick that their eyes might not fully close even if they’re snoring.


Is It Common For Dogs To Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

It’s typical for dogsthat are well, and healthy, too to lie down with their eyes closed. It’s not something humans are aware of all the time, until they get to see it happen for themselves and experience a feeling of fear. Certain dogs might never rest with their eyes closed while others have their eyes open. It’s all dependent on the dog.

Is It Normal For A Dog’s Eyes To Roll Back When They Sleep?

This can happen to dogs while they are asleep and deep into their REM stage. The same thing happens for humans.

When To Worry About My Dog Sleeping With Its Eyes Open?

When sleeping with eyes open is alarming, it’s generally normal since it’s normal dog behavior. But there’s an exception that is when your dog could be experiencing seizures.

Don’t panic. This is a uncommon. It’s characterized by eyes that are large and wide — like bug eyes. Because most dogs have slits or partially open eyes, the distinction between bug and partial eyes will be easy to spot (no no pun meant).


In Conclusion

While in their deep sleep Dogs can be asleep with their eyes shut. This is done to make it appear to predators that they are awake and attentive and thus less of a targetas well as an aspect of REM sleep in dogs.

It could be a sign of epilepsy or illness in some the rarest of cases and you’ll have to be aware of the difference between what’s normal and what’s not!

When your dog is asleep with their eyes closed it means they’re having a good time to relax and recharge.

Have you met someone who’s frightened by the new information concerning their dog’s snoozing method? Do this with them to assist them to “see” that there’s nothing to be concerned about!

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