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One of the most effective methods to determine that your dog requires to be bathed is to observe your dog exhibiting an unpleasant smell. Maybe you’ve taken the time to bathe your dog but then discover that your dog is still smelling bad after you’ve finished bathing him.
In other words, if there wasn’t the need for bathing, what might be causing these horrible smells? Here’s some info from a group of dog grooming professionals in Henderson, NV about some of the problems that might be causing your dog to suffer:

  • Ear issues: If your dog develops an infection with bacteria in their ears, it could cause a bad stink that can’t be cured just by bathing. In reality, the water that gets into the ears of a dog can cause the issue to get worse. Ear problems are common among dogs and can be treated by visiting the vet, and getting the right medications to apply to the ear. The vet will likely advise you to keep your ears clean during bathing.
  • A bad breath could result from dental problems. If your dog has gum disease or decayed teeth which can lead to an unpleasant smell, especially in the event that the dog is frequently drooling. It may take a while to recognize that the smell actually comes from the mouth of your dog. In certain cases it is possible to remove decayed or damaged teeth. However, medications to treat gum disease or professional dental cleanings are alternatives. There are many other causes for persistent unpleasant breath problems in canines that are not the result of dental issues, however. The dogs with serious health issues can sometimes experience unpleasant breath, which is a result of these conditions. Some of the causes are diabetes and kidney failure. It is crucial to get a vet to examine your dog to identify the cause of the issue. The vet might prescribe dog toothpaste, or other types of chew toys and treats.
  • Inflammation of skin in dogs who suffer from inflamed or flared-up skin allergies are often able to release excessive oils that may begin to smell unpleasant and cause body odor to increase. If you suspect this could be the cause you should try that you cover the furniture in towels or blankets to stop the spread of the smell until you’re able solve the issue. Shampoos and conditioners that are specially designed can aid in reducing skin irritations.
  • Anal glands: Even the normal release of the sacs and anal marking glands are odorous If the sacs are infected, the smell becomes extremely unpleasant. The secretions could extend to the fur of the dog and can lead to the dog carrying the smell everywhere it travels.

Here are some of the reasons why your dog could be smelling after bathing. For more information on possible issues and how to solve them with your dog, call an experienced groomer for your dog located in Henderson, NV at The Soggy Dog. We’ll help you get your dog looking, feeling , and fresh again!


Why does my dog smell bad even after a bath?

Nearly every dog suffers from the anal glands to become compacted at one time or an additional. If the glands suffer from an accumulation, it could become an infection. The buildup may also create a sour smell that’s hard to ignore. The vet of your dog can release the glands and check they’re in good health.

How do I get my dog to stop stinking after a bath?

Eliminate the Wet Dog Smell Plan to Use Plenty of Towels. You think one towel is sufficient for bath time? Use a Blow Dryer on Low Heat. Yes you can utilize the hand blow dryer for pets, but be sure to be cautious. Promote Natural Air Drying. Add a Scent Neutralizer to Your Pet’s Coat. Make Sure Your Dog Baths Are Thorough.

How do you deodorize a dog?

A simple method to lessen the smell of your dog between baths sprinkle baking soda onto your pet’s coat and then rub it into the coat using your fingers, and then apply a brush to create an homemade deodorizer for dogs. Dry shampoo is a must. treatment outdoors on the deck or in a mudroom or garage to help reduce cleaning up.


Why does my dog smell like it’s rotting?

Food allergies or seasonal issues can trigger inflammation of the skin , which causes an increase in the production of oil by certain glands of the skin, which results in an unpleasant smell. Dietary deficiencies can cause this issue and may cause other issues, such as yeast infections. They produce an unpleasant smell.

What do dog groomers use to make them smell good?

Shampoo for dogs is specially designed for dogs, such as shampoos specifically designed to get rid of the smell from coat and the skin. If you’re worried about the smell of your dog you can ask your groomer to use a anti-odor shampoo. Shampoos for dogs can also improve the shine of the coat of your dog.

How can I make my dog smell like the groomer?

When your dog’s coat is clean and dry the groomer may apply some squirts of cologne or fragrance. Sometimes, there is a particular scent, like lavender, baby powder or even a fake designer scent. These scents are specially made for use on canines. They’re not human scents.


How often should a dog be bathed?

A healthy dog that has a healthy hair, smooth coat, and no skin issues doesn’t require frequent bathing. Most often the bathing your dog is more beneficial to their pet owners than the pets themselves. However, it’s an ideal idea to bathe your dog at least every 2 to 3 months.

What can I bathe my stinky dog with?

Remove Odors in a container Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap with 1 quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide and one-fourth of a cup of baking soda. Your dog should be placed in the tub, wash his body in water and then apply make a lather with the shampoo mixture and be careful to avoid the shampoo mixture from getting into his eyes.

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