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Our dogs are hilarious. Sometimes, it seems that we know them like we know ourselves. We still marvel at the wacky actions they take and have questions about their manners and behaviours. What makes my dog lie on my clothes? Why does he chew? And now, to add one more question “why does my dog smell my breath?”
When a dog sniffs your breath, it’s a sign that it’s simply attracted by the smell and may want to know more about you as you’re his very own human. Perhaps your food had a distinct scent which enticed your pet.
In most cases it’s pretty simple. In this article, we’ll to discuss something more unusual. Our dogs already have a unique perception of scent. Canines are blessed with 300 million sensory receptors. If you compare that to human’s 3 million receptors, it’s easy understand the reason our dogs are always scanning the surroundings for them.
One of the most common behaviors in dogs is to sniff the breath of their owners especially early in the morning. You may have witnessed the same thing before. You may have wondered how the dog would be so close to you before you’ve cleaned your teeth. It’s possible that the answer will be a surprise to you.


Why Does My Dog Smell My Breath?

You Smell Interesting

The primary reason is straightforward. Your dog has an amazing perception of smell. Even if you’ve thoroughly cleaned and flossed this morning you’re likely to smell your last night’s meal. It’s sometimes as easy as he notices something new in your breath. It could be food you’ve consumed or the beginning stages of a cavity, or changes the hormones in you.
Your dog is a lover of you and naturally is eager to learn all about you. Most of the time, his attempts to take a sniff of your breath are simply warm greetings. It’s the dog equivalent of asking , ‘how’re you and how’s your day going. Dogs can are able to do the same thing to other dogs, too.

You’re Part Of His Pack

A lot of canine behavior could be caused by the reality that that dogs are social animals. You take care of your pet. You are his owner. You’re part his family. In reality, you’re more than only a mere pack member but you’re also the leader.
It’s normal for dogs to smell the breath of their pack leader as a means of sharing details about food. Remember, they aren’t able to simply ask questions to each other as we do. According to experts in animal behavior It’s also a method of showing respect, respect for and respect to the person who is the leader. They say that by smelling your breath your dog acknowledges your protection and leader.

He Can Smell A Physical Change

Here’s the most amazing explanation. Based on a myriad of tests and research, dogs have an uncanny ability to sniff out serious health issues. It is important to note that the dog’s sniffing your breath isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re unwell. It’s more likely you’re just curious about them.
However, it’s worthwhile to keep this information in mind , especially when your dog’s obsession with sniffing is sudden. The research carried out by a cancer center in Georgia have shown that dogs can detect organic compounds that are produced by cancer. When it comes to breast cancer studies suggest that dogs can detect this with a sensitivity of 75%..
According to an British study that a black Labrador named Marine could detect colorectal cancers in the breath, with an accuracy of 97 percent. It’s too fantastic and unbelievable to be real, however, studies all over the world have produced similar results. We’re not saying that your dog is sniffing your breath due to illness. Sometimes, it’s connected to the detection of illness, however it’s also a normal social behavior.
If your dog doesn’t display any strange behavior it’s nothing to be concerned about. If the sniffing or strange behavior all start simultaneously be sure to check if there’s a particular interest in a particular area that’s on your body. If you spot a particular area of interest like your dog’s paws pointing at a particular breast, make an appointment with the doctor. The likelihood is that it’s nothing, but should it be the case, your pet could just be able to save your life.


Why does my dog smell my breath every morning?

Your dog’s breath smells every day, waking you up in order to say hello. It is also a way to draw the attention of you and to show their affection.
Some people do this simply because there is something odd on your face.
The smell of your breath early in the morning is a natural response for your pet.
They place their noses close to your mouth in order to absorb the most information they can.
As their most special person, it’s crucial that they are capable of recognizing the changes within your smell.
They want for them to first know what you’re feeling and if get up in a good way.

How To Stop A Dog Sniffing Your Breath:

If you’re determined to get rid of this behaviour implement the same methods of training and cues that are used to control dogs that jump at other dogs. The most efficient way to achieve this is via focus withdrawal. Most of the time dogs aren’t able to comprehend negative enforcement. They simply know you were nice and happy prior to. But then, you began to yell , and it became terrifying to them.
Also, if you see him behave in a manner you don’t like, stand up and leave. There is no drama or shouting. Simply leave the room. Don’t bother the person. Refrain from your attention for at most 15 minutes, by which point you’ll both have moved on to other things. When he comes into your home to greet you to you, be sure to greet him with your usual affection and warmth…until the behavior is recurrent again. Repeat the process several times until your dog should eventually understand the message.


Final Thoughts

Even though your dog getting close enough to smell your breath could be annoying but he’s probably thinking about your wellbeing. If you’re not worried the idea, let him go on a walk to discover what you had in your dinner the night before. If you don’t mind there are always ways to solve the problem. Whatever happens, know that your pet loves you since you’re his best hooman.

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