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Dogs have a myriad of ways to make us look bad by their actions, from digging your underwear from the laundry hamper, to displays for guests to barking constantly at neighbors as they walk along the sidewalk that runs in the front of our home.

There isn’t a single behavior that is as uncomfortable as when dogs greet a companion or stranger with a threatening pet crotch. Are your dogs just unruly? What do they learn by smelling the crotch of someone else?


Is It Normal for Dogs to Sniff Someone’s Crotch?

When pets do that, they’re simply using their most keen sense of smell, which is to get the most information they can about their new companion.

The superpower of dogs’ sense of smell is the reason it’s completely common for them to crave the scent of our nebulae. The dogs have 125-250 million scent (scent) receptors within their noses, which is compared with approximately 5-6 million receptors that humans have.

The portion of the dog’s brain that is dedicated to analyzing scents (the the olfactory cortex) is 40 times more powerful than ours. The dog’s sense of smell is strong enough to detect substances with concentrations that are one part for trillion. That’s just a drop of liquid that can be found in 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

The ability is due to an additional smelly system that is located in the dog’s nasal cavity, which is known as Vomeronasal Organ (or Jacobson’s Organ). The organ allows dogs to pick the scents not visible to humans, for example, the scent of their mothers when they are nursing or the scents of the scent of a female dog during the heat. The nose to gain knowledge what’s happening around them as you may have guessed our crotches provide an assortment of scents.

Why Do Dogs Smell People’s Crotches (Instead of Other Body Parts)?

When dogs are compelled to sniff everything they see and apocrine glands could be responsible for their fascination with particular regions of our body. Apocrine glands are a kind of sweat glands that, in humans, can be found in areas that have hair, mainly in the armpits as well as the groin.

The glands produce high-protein sweat. When it’s mixed with natural bacteria we have on the skin produces body smell. Apocrine glands release strongly scented sweat, even when we’re not It’s not a surprise that dogs’ noses detect the smell particularly in those who they don’t interact with daily.

Many people apply deodorant and/or antiperspirant items to eliminate the smell of their armpits which is why dogs are more likely to look at the crotch instead.


Is It the Same as Dogs Smelling Other Dogs’ Crotches or Rear Ends?

Although the most concentrated number of human apocrine organs is in the armpits and groins of us and armpits, dogs also have apocrine glands throughout their body, due to the (comparatively) smooth, hair-free skin. If these glands that produce odor are present all over a dog’s body then why would dogs take the time to smell the rear end?

The answer lies in two tiny sacs hidden in the rectum of a dog, which are known in the form of anal glands. Anal glands release a foul-smelling substance that enters the rectum whenever stool is passed by a dog and can be secreted in periods of stress or excitement.

The smell of the anal gland’s secretions is distinctive to each dog and may help dogs recall whether they’ve ever met. Even if they’re old acquaintances, the distinctive scent of anal gland fluids can convey important information, such as the location a dog was and what food they’ve eaten.

How to Prevent a Dog From Sniffing People’s Crotches

One of the most effective ways to stop the dog from engaging in undesirable behavior is to train them to complete a different task instead.

To avoid being branded for being a rude crotch sniffer canine trainer Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA, suggests teaching your dog how to “target” your fist. Schade says that targeting is among the most simple tricks to teach, as it utilizes the dog’s natural instinct to look around with their nose.

Schade suggests these steps:

  • Give a fist-shake towards your dog on their level.
  • When they start to approach it, praise the behavior with a clicker for dog training or by rewarding your dog with a phrase such as “good!”
  • Offer your dog a substantial reward in return.

Get your dog touching their noses to your fist every time you demonstrate the command, then attach a phrase to the action. You could use words such as “touch” or “target,” or you can be creative and include words like “bump it.”

The ability to teach your dog to focus the fist can be helpful in a situation where crotch sniffing is required since you can place your fist in a variety of body positions to keep your dog from the groin region.

When your dog has learned this behavior at home (with your family and friends in your home) then teach them how to react to this cue when they are in public, too. Get help from family members to help your dog respond to cues when meeting new people as well.

The more people and scenarios that your dog gets to know how to “bump it,” the less you’ll have to fret about embarrassing yourself with an animal that sniffs your crotch!


Other Solutions and Considerations

One method to help in reducing the intrusive sniffing is to conduct obedience training with your pet. If you are having guests arriving, place Scruffy on the leash. Then, give them the instruction to stay or sit until you let them go. In time, they will realize that they’re not allowed to snoop around in the private spaces of your guests. It could require time, and perseverance but do not give up, particularly when the crotch-sniffing becomes excessive. Be constant and clear in the commands you’re giving your dog. When they exhibit proper behavior towards your guests, make sure you give them a reward, which helps to encourage good behavior.


Be consistent in the way you decide to handle your the crotch to your dog is essential for your puppy to learn what behavior is acceptable. Be firm but also gentle. Don’t forget to reward yourself. Positive reinforcement is always recommended and generally results in the most positive outcomes. As the leader of the group do not be afraid of making a statement and correcting any undesirable behavior.

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