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What causes my dog to smell so sour? Dogs may smell like milk that is sour due to anal gland issues, yeast infections and urinary tract infections food items they consumed or rolled in, or rubbing their noses with something that smells sour, smelling like something made of fox urine.


What does it mean when your dog smells like sour milk?

In the majority of cases, stinky smells are easily cleared off with no significant consequences for the overall health of your dog. It’s by no means uncommon, and the majority of veterinarians can treat the cause with no difficulty at all.
Here I will describe the causes that cause this sour milk smell to form in the first place and also ways to prevent it from happening to your pet. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be well-equipped to handle this situation should one happen to your pet.

Urinary Tract Infection

In reality, urinary tract infections are quite common in dogs , and account for a lot of the smells that dogs emit. They’re usually the result of bacteria, and they usually result when normal skin and digestive bacteria manage to get past the urinary tract’s natural defenses.
The bacteria slowly starts to multiply throughout the urinary tract which can lead to disease… as well as your pet could smell like milk sour – especially on the back and Poop.
In general the case, UTIs are most prevalent for female dogs. However it’s not uncommon that males can suffer from the same problem, particularly in the case of an existing health issue.
For instance, dogs suffering from chronic kidney disease or other medical issues that are serious are more at risk of developing urinary tract infections than healthy dogs.
For the sake of signs that dogs with urinary tract infections can whine or cry when they urinate and may accidentally pee in the house, need to be taken out for a more frequent urination, frequently and may also be feverish or show evidence that blood is present in urine.


Yeast Infection

The yeast infection is another frequent and uncomfortable infection that could also cause your dog suffering from a smelly. In contrast to UTIs, yeast infections can cause inflammation of the skin condition that can manifest in the folds of skin as well as in their ears and between their feet.
This could be the reason your dog’s ears smell so sour.
The reason for these infections is the result of yeast growing in a way that is not normal until it becomes an issue that is serious. In the majority of instances this type of condition is seen in dogs with immune systems that aren’t functioning properly or are affected by tablets.
However, many commonly used canine medicines indirectly create yeast infections through reducing the number of bacteria present in the dog’s body. This helps keep yeast in check and at a healthy amount. If you feel yourself worrying about this, consult your veterinarian regarding the current medications your dog is taking.
In addition the yeast infections are by far the most prevalent among breeds of dogs who have a significant amount of skin folds, or have a genetic predisposition to the condition.
Examples include Boxers, Poodles, Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, Chihuahuas, Shetland Sheepdogs, and West Highland White Terriers. They could have sour-smelling ears and faces.
Some of the most common signs of yeast infections include itching or redness on the skin, or within the ear, loss of hair open sores, scaly and flaky skin or an alteration in the overall color of the skin.

Smelly dog collars, harnesses, and dog beds

If you think that the smell is similar problem, consider swapping out the collar or harness of your dog to see if they bear the same sour milk smell. If you’re unable to remove the smell of the dog’s gear ensure that you get rid of them and change them.
It could be that your dog’s not smelly due to a health problem. The dog’s clothing like his collar or harness might smell due to the fact that they’ve not been cleaned in some time. In general, the smells of these kinds aren’t usually sour, however it could happen. It could be the cause for the strange scent emanating from your dog.
This is an especially significant chance if you stroll your dog through the countryside, or in areas in which there’s a lot of mud, water dirt, or even animal excrement. If you tend to wander through these types of places often it’s important to wash your dog’s collar and harness to keep them free of dirt. If you don’t, there’s a chance that the scent will stick to the fur of your dog, creating a bad smell even when they’re not wearing their harness or collar.

Anal gland issues

Sometimes, a strong smell could be a sign of something wrong with the anal glands of your dog (the glands are located close to the rectum and are filled with an effervescent fluid that’s yellowish in hue).
Fortunately, most anal gland problems are not major and can be treated easily.
In general, dogs, especially smaller breeds, may have trouble emptying their anal glands on own. This could cause the glands to become extremely sensitive and swollen.
If you suspect that this is the case with your pet go into the veterinarian so they can have their bowels cleaned. You can do this at home, but we advise talking with a vet before attempting this.



Pets can be smelly at all times regardless of their parents attempts to control their smoky scents under control.
If you have a canine pet, chances are that you’re comfortable with their smell, and most likely, you have not noticed it. But, despite this knowledge at some point in the life of a dog it is likely that they create a distinct sour smell which can make even the most nose-blind owners to squint their eyes in disgust This is almost normal and an aspect of having the canine.
In general, unpleasant smells are only the result of your pet’s poop being rolled into something that it shouldn’t (such as fox or cat urine) After receiving a shower, it will disappear with no lingering problems.
But, if your dog’s scent is unpleasant it is extremely difficult, or even impossible, to completely eliminate it. Despite all your efforts, and numerous baths, the smell can last for extended periods of time, eventually spreading throughout the house.
If you’re worried about your dog’s scent smelling similar to sweet milk, whether in the mouth, breath or ears or even the face consult a veterinarian for advice from a professional.

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