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Sneezing dogs are usually happy, and the dog who sneezes upon the owner is typically showing true love. Sneezing dogs aren’t something that we usually think about and yet, it is one of the most effective ways canine communicates with dogs and humans. There is more about your dog’s sneezing.


Why does my dog sneeze on me?

Sneezes from dogs can be triggered by a variety of reasons. When they make a sneeze directly at you specific reasons.

Play Sneezing

Do you think there’s an thing as playing Sneezing? Consider it. Perhaps your dog has done it to you while it was playing, or simply playing with you. The dog will usually sneeze a lot of times at a time to entice you to join in more fun. Sneezing with enthusiasm is a way to show love and affection that he would like to stay with you.
While he’s not directly sneezing at you, observe when your dog interacts in a group with dogs. He gets excited, and the most likely, he’ll sneeze to let others know that he’s having fun, is eager to continue playing and isn’t concerned about aggressive behaviour.

Reactions to Irritants

It could be a coincidence that he is prone to sneezing at you whenever a type of irritant is getting the most out in his nose. Sneezing may be a method to cleanse them and get rid of the irritant.


Nasal infections are uncommon for dogs, but when your dog is diagnosed with one, it could make him have a recurring sneeze (on your?) and behave in a general way that is blah. In contrast to humans, when dogs suffer from lower respiratory tract infections dogs typically cough and do not sneeze.
But, frequent sneezing along with nasal discharge and fatigue suggest an appointment with a vet. Another sign that something is wrong is when your dog is seen pawing at his nose, and seems experiencing pain.


Why does my dog sneeze on me in the morning?

You thought that you could be a loud, sneezing yanker? The sneeze of a dog can act as a morning wake-up call! The dog that sneezes typically likely to do it early in the morning. Why? There are a variety of reasons, and here’s the list:


After a restful night If your dog wakes up and his allergies begin to flare up, so do you as well. When the allergies resurface and so do his nose. This is why he coughs. If you’re nearby it is possible that you are the victim of the spray.

A Tickle

Have you ever experienced an itch in your nose that caused you to cough? The same could be applicable to your dog. A tickle can result from anything like his fur, feathers that you have collected from your pet or everything floating around on the surface.

It’s Play Time

A dog that is enthusiastic about playing could sneeze at your face to encourage you to play with him. There are many dogs who are eager to roll and rock when they get their eyes open at dawn.

He’s Sick?

While dogs aren’t known to cough when they’re sick, there is possible in the event that a dog has a sneeze. But, the most evident indication of illness is that the dog’s behavior is markedly calm. When that happens, you’ll know when it’s time to take him to the vet.

Why does my dog sneeze around me?

The primary reason why your dog has a tendency to sneeze at you is because they love you and want that you play along with him. But there are additional things to think about when your dog is prone to sneezing when you’re near.

Can He Stop?

When he starts to sneeze is he having trouble stopping? Sneezing is normal, however it’s not normal for dogs to continuously sneeze without stopping.
Look for the discharge coming out of the nose of the patient. The usual appearance is clean. A yellow, milky, or crusty discharge isn’t normal and may be a sign of disease.

Come Play With Me

If he appears exuberant and joyful when he coughs, you’ve got a dog that wants to play.

Reverse Sneeze

Have you ever seen your dog make kind of honking sound while the body remains still and his head is extended forward? It’s likely that he’s reverse and sneezing. If a dog is doing this the dog is breathing the air through his nose in a continuous manner. The reverse sneezing phenomenon is usually caused by irritation or inflammation of your nose or being hyper-excited. Sneezing in reverse is more prevalent in “short nosed” dogs such as Boston Terriers, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Pekingese and English Bulldogs. The nasal passages are narrow of these breeds are more prone to sniffing.


Why does my dog sneeze on my face?

Have you ever seen someone else get in front of you to talk? It’s the same with your dog. The closer he is, the better, and the more assured he will convey his message to you.

Why does my dog sneeze on my feet?

Take note of your dog’s body posture when he coughs. First, his head rises up as he sneezes and gathers energy to sneeze before it goes down as it is time to expel the sneeze. If you’re near and he lowers his head and coughs it is likely that your feet being able to catch the air.

Why does my dog sneeze when he smells me?

The primary reason your dog is prone to sneezing when he comes across you is that he gets exuberant. It could occur when you’re nearby or even if you’re not around, he could be sneezing when he detects your scent in a different manner.
If you’re looking to reduce the amount and frequency of sneezing your dog has there are a few actions you can take.

Control Allergy

If you suspect that your dog’s sniffing seems an allergy-related issue take note of the factors that may be triggering. Shut the window at the night. Discuss with your vet regarding medication.
This may not be the most appealing thing to do, however, you must dust the whole house frequently to get rid of pollens, dust and other allergens.


More important than vacuuming, regularly cleaning gets rid of the dust and allergens that are hidden in carpets.

Minimize Use of Chemical Cleaners

Have a look at your cleaning products and stay clear of making use of those with strong odors that can be found on your pet. Other scent makers like air fresheners and candles could also trigger the sneezing.

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