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If your dog is sitting on your property, this article will give you a range of reasons that could be the reason and how you can take action to do about it.

What is the reason my dog lean over me? One of the reasons that your dog will stand over you is that it’s trying to convince the other person to behave, protecting itself, trying to get attention, or it may have accidentally rewarded the behavior.

There are a variety of possible reasons your dog may be doing this or it might be a mix of causes. However there are certain points to think about when trying to find the motive.


Why your dog stands over you

Every one of the reasons why your dog stoops over you could be explained with several clues.

Below are a few possible causes and the factors that could cause them to be more likely.

It’s being dominant

A lot of people come to the conclusion that dogs are doing this because they want to dominate. But, the alpha/beta dynamics is disproved by research showing that wolves rotate in the role of leading.

However that, it might be being aggressive in response to bullying behavior, which is more likely to occur if it displays signs of aggression , or if it is trying to force you to move. In this situation it’s best to stop giving it reasons to be afraid and to teach it to behave in the way you would like it to by using programs for training such as NLIF (Nothing that happens in life is free) Dog training.

So Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me?

It’s being protective

The reason it does it could be that it’s trying to protect itself. It is more likely if it occurs more often in situations like when there’s another person close by. It could also be more likely if the animal is excessively protective with other animals or individuals.

You have inadvertently trained it to do it

It is possible that you’ve taught it to do so by giving it the things it would like whenever it behaves that way. If you offer it treats, extra attention , or toys when it is atop you, then it will continue to do this in order to obtain more of those things.

It is better to reward it for being well behaved and try to shift its attention to something else in the event that it looks like it’s going to attempt to rule you.

It is looking for attention

The reason it does it might be because it is seeking more attention. It’s more likely if you do it more often when you haven’t been paying the issue much attention, or if you are inclined to pay it greater attention whenever it happens.

It is better to keep it in mind during the course of your day, playing with it, teaching it or exercising it , and to not reward it when it comes over you.

It makes it feel safer

It could be because it helps the feeling of being more safe. This is especially true in situations where you feel uneasy like when there is a firework display outside or the construction site is in progress.

It wants something from you

The reason for it doing it might be because it is trying to extract an item from you. It is more likely if it is able to do it close proximity to when you usually feed it or exercise it. It will also be more likely to perform the act while you’re eating.


When your dog first started standing over you

It’s helpful to look at the date it first began standing over you, as it might be that something happened that triggered it to begin doing this.

If it began doing this suddenly, it could be because it was taught that doing it resulted in rewards, or that something occurred that led it to feel anxious or that it began seeking attention after its routines changed.

It has done this since an early age, it could be because you were rewarded for it doing it while it was younger or it was doing it because of being dominant especially if you didn’t give it a lot of instruction when it was an infant.

If it stands over other people or dogs

It is also helpful to think about whether it is doing it to animals or other people or just to you.

If it also has a position over other animals or people, it is more likely that it is dominating.

If it simply does it for you, then it’s more likely to be seeking attention from you or it is doing it to earn reward.

Avoid allowing it to do so by noticing when it is about to stand over you

It can also be helpful to be aware of that your dog is about to come up against you, and then redirect it to stand in a different place. For this, you must instruct it to lie down in a particular place when you say an appropriate command, by using positive reinforcement and then instruct it to lie down when it begins to get over you.

When your dog stands over you most

It is also helpful to look at the timing the event as the timing might be an element in it.

For instance If it does this only when there is a loud noise outside, like sirens, then it may be due to feeling anxious due to the sounds.


Final Thoughts

The final word is that the bond between you and your dog is a mutually beneficial relationship. In order to ensure we have the most enjoyable relationship with our pets It is crucial that your requirements and theirs are taken care of. If you do not like the way your dog is a tyrant It’s your obligation to inform them by doing something about it.

Have you ever seen your dog show the urge to get over you? Tell us in the comments about your experience and thoughts. Don’t forget to forward this article to your family and friends. Let’s start a discussion about this bizarre behavior from our dog friends.

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