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The dogs are often renowned for their eccentric and strange behavior, which leaves owners in confusion about how they behave the way they do. As a dog’s owner there are times when you wonder the reason your dog will sit on your feet and start barking or even use his paws to grab your clothing or body in a chaotic way.
Why does my dog run over my feet? Your dog’s attention to your health or not feeling well might be the reason why he chooses to lean on your feet. It could also be that he wants to be with you, or even inviting you to cuddle. There is a chance that it’s just a typical pet trying to catch your attention on something or enjoys doing it due to the fact that you helped him previously.
Read on to find out the motives and possible explanations for each one.


7 Common Reasons Why Your Dog Stand Over Your Feet

1. He is a spoiled dog.

Dogs can be spoiled as do kids or adults. Dogs will always prefer to be treated the way they want in everything, which is what they typically tend to.
Spoilt dogs are usually at the feet of their owners whenever they realize that they’re somewhere or want to have a certain object, even though it’s been denied to them.
They are also not a fan of any kind of responsibility, and beg and get angry when their desires aren’t satisfied. If you have a spoilt dog don’t fret because you can slowly teach him to stop spoiling excessively, and that he is well-behaved.
Don’t give in to all his demands, instead, be strict with him, and only be sure to reward him when he’s put in the effort.

2. He just wants to be near you.

Another reason that your pet would be sitting on your feet is because the animal wants to be near you.
This could happen when the only body part accessible to him are your feet like when you’re sitting in a sofa with others, and there’s no room for him to move around.
This could be due to the fact that you legs may be the most accessible part of your body that he can reach. It could also mean that your dog would like to snuggle up with your body and hug you.
That’s why the dog is waiting for you to be able to accept. If that’s the case, you ought to be content that your pet is so devoted to you and would like to be with you for a while. Inviting him to your home will give him your time with him.

3. He does not feel okay.

It is possible to find your dog sitting on your feet when they are not in good mood. You may notice that he’s feeling sad or sick or worried about something and has come to you to comfort him. Pay attention to the dog’s expression whenever he is doing this.

  • Are you sad?
  • Does his earbuds have a downward position?
  • Does his fur look dull?

These questions may provide a clue as to what’s happening in your pet. If you are able to identify the cause, you can seek out ways to resolve the issue and then encourage him to be happy since you’re his best friend as well.


4. You do not feel okay.

In the previous paragraph, we talked about your dog being dark, but it is possible for him to be at your feet if you’re appearing gloomy.
Since your dog cannot tell you what’s wrong, he could appear before you to take a look at you and figure out what’s wrong.
Amazing right? The dogs usually know what’s going on with their owners even without speaking up. There are some who claim that dogs could even tell you that you are pregnant! If you’re feeling down when your pet is sitting in front of you, you ought to feel relieved to know that you have someone who loves you even though the dog is unable to speak.

5. He is possessive or dominant.

While dominance and possession share similarities however, they have distinct characteristics. A dominant dog will be able to stand on your feet to show his authority or demonstrate that he’s in control and a dog that is possessive might do this in order for others to know that he is the owner. dogs that you are the one who owns him and is not willing to be part of anyone else.
To determine if he’s domineering or possessive Try standing up or moving your legs away from his feet. Aggression or the growl that comes after could indicate dominance. Whatever the case, you need to limit your frequency with this behavior as it may cause him to become more confident, assertive and encouraging this behavior if it is not addressed.

6. He feels insecure.

Your dog could be doing this due to feeling insecure about his surroundings or himself and wants to seek reassurance from you. The fear of being rejected is another factor which could cause your dog to perform this behavior.
If you find the dog you love is dependent or is suffering due to separation anxiety it’s ideal to refer your dog to a behavioural specialist who can help the dog and make him more independent from you.


Why does my dog try to stand over my legs?

The majority of experts who weigh on the issue of dogs that are sitting on top of you or another dog, appear to believe that this is a sign of dominance. Your dog may attempt to prove him in the position of being top dog within the group. It’s a similar story to the primal instincts that they developed that came from their years of living outdoors.


If your dog is unhappy, requires attention, or is just aggressive, he is standing at your feet shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you as it is usually a sign of an urgent need.
If you believe it’s something that is grave, you may look into reasons for his behavior. Be aware that every dog is unique and is likely to behave in a different manner.
If he has just begun this behaviour, you need to find out the reason he’s doing it, and the reason why that he began it at all. If he’s an infant, he may simply be trying out this new skill that he was able to discover.

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