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Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Other Dog?

What is the reason my dog stands above my dog? Dogs be over another dog to establish a dominant posture against the opposite. Standing over another dog they are seeking to demonstrate their position as the alpha leader of their pack, making it clear that the other dog that they are a part of their group.
If a dog is seen to be stooging over another dog, it may be considered to be a sign of aggression. It could be a requirement to take action by you if it escalates to more problematic behavior.

What it means when dogs stand over other dogs

Dogs communicate more than most people think. Even if they don’t speak doesn’t mean they’re not communicating. Dogs communicate messages by whining, barking and groaning.
The primary method of communication is via body language. It is much easier to comprehend in the case of being more acquainted in the species.
Usually the moment a dog is placed over a dog lying down, it is a sign of the dog’s dominance is being established. The dog could also put the chin or paw on the dog’s back.
Sometimes, the dog may try to stand on their tiptoes in order to appear bigger in comparison to the dog next.

Is this aggressive behaviour?

A dog that is standing in front of another dog might be an indication of aggression, however there are other aspects to take into consideration. It could be a sign that the dominant dog is embracing the’submissive dog as part of their group.
The wild will only be one who is the leader in the group. Therefore, they’re establishing roles. The Alpha is taking the responsibility of protecting and is determined to ensure the safety of their group.
Sometimes, it’s the female dog that is smaller that is submissive and the bigger male can be considered the dominant. In most cases, both dogs be able to accept the hierarchy and there will be no issues.
Another reason for this is that one dog is trying to be in control of the situation. This is typically seen in older dogs that are trying to manage rowdy puppies.
But, it could occur when puppies are trying to appear more taller and bigger to make them feel like they’re directing the situation by their own way.

How to stop your dog standing over the other dog

Some pet owners try to assist the dog who is submissive to ensure that things are fair. They might offer the dog that is submissive treats or toys, or even pay the attention. This isn’t the way to go and you should stay clear of any behavior of this kind.
This could increase the chance that the dog that is aggressive will confront the submissive dog.
Also, do not penalize the dominant dog for their behavior. This could encourage the submissive dog to take on the aggressive behavior and imitate it.
It can also raise the amount of anxiety in the dogs and lead to more fighting in the presence of.
If dogs are fighting and it is a growing issue it is important to keep them both on a predictable routine. In this way you will be able to control exactly what they are allowed to do with treats, eat, or walk.
You’ll be able find the triggers creating aggression and address them accordingly.
There is a chance that you will see the dominant dog trying to steal food from another. In this case, it might arise when you’re feeding your dogs and one of them tries to take food out of the bowl of the other.
To overcome this issue, ensure that the bowls are at enough distances so that they look at each other and focus on their food. Gradually, you’ll bring the bowels closer. The ultimate goal is to get they to eat peacefully side-by-side without having to intervene.

Signs of dominance towards you

It is a sign to be concerned when your dog begins to show signals of dominance toward you. They might also adopt the habit of standing up over your body while lying down, forming the T-pose.
They can also stand onto their hind limbs, and then put their hands onto your shoulder. This is a way for dogs to tell you that they’re the superior dog over you too and needs to be addressed immediately.
If dogs see them as subordinates They may get angry at you, scream whenever you play with their toys or ignore the commands you have given them. This is a dangerous behavior and dogs may become violent or bite people.
If there are children living in the house They should not be left with a dog that is showing any signs of aggression that haven’t been dealt with.
In this case there is no need to use physical punishment. This could only make the dog, causing the dog to behave more.
The dog should be removed from the dog’s area and make an enthusiastic, happy voice to soothe the dog’s anxiety.
Then, seek immediate assistance by a professional in animal behaviour. The expert will work one-on-one with your dog in order to teach to eschew aggressive behaviours and assist them in resuming their regular routine.
You may also want to watch the dog at your home before they go to work so they have an idea of the kind of training is best for them.

Why does my dog keep standing over my other dog?

The majority of experts who weigh on the dog that is dominating you or another dog, appear to believe that it’s something that shows dominance. Your dog may try to assert him in the position of being top dog within the group. It’s a similar story to the primal instincts that they developed from their early days outdoors.

How do dogs show dominance over other dogs?

The majority of dogs take on the submissive or neutral role toward humans, however, certain dogs take on their owners to show dominance. A dominant dog could be a bit agitated, uncontrollable or snap at you when you call him on an order or ask for him to leave the toy, treat, or an area to rest.


With a bit of patience and practice, you may be able to prevent your dog from standing over another dog. But, it could be that you do not care about the situation or one is dominant over the other.
If there isn’t any fighting or food theft and both dogs are friendly, they could naturally be a part of this social structure.

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