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If your dog is watching the windows often, this article will give you the likely causes to look out the window and what you can do take action to stop them.
Then, why do my dog stare at the windows? The most likely reasons your dog is looking out the window is that it could hear or observe the animals or people outside or your dog is eager to get outside.
There are a variety of possibilities for why your dog is looking out of the window. It could be because of some combination of these. But, there are several factors to consider to identify the cause. There are several ways to fix the issue.


Why does my dog look out the window?

Here are some possible reasons your dog might look out the window, and what makes each more likely.

Your dog wants to go outside

One reason that your dog is looking out the window could be because your dog is looking to leave. It is more likely if you want your dog to go outside as you are near the window, and is positioned near the window which normally lets open through.

Your dog hears or sees animals outside

Another reason may be the fact that you dog is able to observe or hear animals out. It is more likely if your dog is doing it in a situation where you can observe animals or hear them.

There is a problem inside

Another possibility is that there’s a problem within. It could be because the area that your dog usually lives in is hot, noisy or bright. It’s especially likely when your pet been looking out of the window more frequently since there was a change within the house.

Your dog simply likes how it feels by the window

It might also be that your dog is fond of how it is near the window. It is more likely to happen if it’s slightly cooler in the area because air is passing into the ventilation.

It is being protective

It could be due to your dog protecting itself. It is more likely in the event that your pet is inclined to bark at windows and also when there are lots of animals or people in the window. This is also significantly more likely if you reside in a crowded street.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions you should consider in order to determine the primary reason your dog has been doing this.

If your dog has always looked out the window

If your dog didn’t always glance through the windows, it might be helpful to think about what was going on when your dog initially began to do it. If your dog began doing it in a sudden manner it could be because of something like an alteration in the surroundings within or due to the fact that your dog began being able to smell, hear or see animals outside.

The timing of when your dog sits by the window

If there is a specific moment when your dog is likely to stare at the windows it is also beneficial to think about the timing. If, for instance, it is only in the morning, or when there are people walking by the window, it’s much more likely your dog is staring at people. In this situation it is possible to encourage your dog to be in a room that isn’t likely to be able to hear and see the passing people.


Is it a good idea to encourage this behavior?

Yes! But only to a level. Allowing your dog to look at the windows gives them access to the external world. It also entertains them. It increases their brain activity and aids the cognitive process. It is evident that this isn’t the only activity your dog gets outside of the house. It’s important to let them look around, smell, and experience things that are new outside. The idea of letting them imagine it from the window is fantastic but they need to live it.
It’s important to make sure they don’t play for too long. If they spot the bird fluttering outside but aren’t able to engage to it (which is fantastic for the bird) the birdie could get annoyed. The most common manifestation of frustration is by barking or destructive behaviour that can escalate into aggression when they’re experiencing a sense of territoriality.
If it’s not the time to take your pet to walk them and they’re not in the backyard It’s crucial that to provide them with enough stimulation in the house to use out the energy they have. This could include puzzles or toys, or even exercises for training. If they’re engaged then they’ll be less unhappy when they gaze out the window.
If you observe that your dog looks at the windows that they look nervous or stressed or are moving around and barking at passers-by is a problem, attempt to calm them down. Reward the dog by calming them down, move their attention away from your window or play with them by playing with toys.
Let your dog gaze out the window is an excellent way to let them interact with their surroundings. However, it shouldn’t be the sole interaction. Making sure your dog gets plenty of outdoor time and time to run around and social interactions is vitally essential to are a healthy and happy pet.

Why does my dog look out the window at night?

If your dog is the only one to be looking out the window in the evening it may be because it can see or hear animals out or it’s in the window because it is enjoying how it feels sitting at the window.

Why does my dog look out the window when I leave?

If your dog seems to gaze out the window while you leave The most likely reason is that your dog suffers from some anxiety around separation.

Why does my dog look out the window and whine?

If your dog stares at the windows and complains it could be because it is looking to go outside or can be able to hear and see people out there.

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