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Some dogs are excellent thieves, particularly when they are able to steal dirty clothes. Is your dog constantly taking the dirty clothes you’ve got? Socks, old t-shirts towels and underwear – there’s no limit for the canines who are Kleptomaniacs. It’s a common occurrence because clothes usually provide a sensation of relaxation. Additionally, dogs enjoy the scent of their owner. They have sharp noses which is why you should let the pet be as long as it’s not hurting any thing. Dogs seek comfort in familiar scents better than humans do.
What is the reason dogs take the laundry? Are they committing a crime? What could you do to avoid it from taking place?


Why Dogs Steal Laundry

Here are a few frequent reasons why dogs take laundry.

  • They’re likely bored
  • Certain dogs are known to chew everything
  • Your clothes smell like yours
  • Dogs love soft stuff
  • Naturally, dogs are scavengers.

Certain dogs, particularly the smaller ones, will pick objects up on the floor and play with the objects as toys. Begin with keeping the laundry off from the floor if wish to discourage your dog from taking them in. We all will remember having to chase your dog around the living room after they stole your socks. Ever wondered why they often do laundry?
The history of dogs is one of scavenging. This makes them great thieves. While their domestication has made them less reliable in their hunting skills their scavenging instincts are still present. They look for opportunities to feast on a free meal. When it comes time to wash they search for anything that smells and is warm to play with, such as panties and convertible bras to accommodate large sizes.
It doesn’t matter if it’s taking items garbage from the trash bin or counter-surfing, or stealing laundry, some dogs are highly opportunistic and people who are scavengers. Why is it that my dog steal my clothes after I leave?
Here are a few reasons:

Dogs Like Your Landry Since They Have Your Scent

The dogs are amazing; they don’t just have a deep affection for us but are also a fan of everything that smells and tastes like its owner. It’s quite gratifying to know that those stinky, sweaty socks are treasures, and not a nuisance to your dog.
If you’re a first-time dog owner you can help your puppy adjust to the new environment by providing it with an item of clothing or a blanket with the scent of their mother. The familiar scent can make them feel comfortable while they adjust to their new environment. It is advisable to try this method of clothing if your puppy still cries in the night, even after an entire week at home. A scent that is familiar will lessen the dog’s stress, especially when they’re alone.

Dogs Love Soft Stuff

Some dogs will get rid of laundry due to their love for soft things. Certain textures, such as soft tissue paper and soft fabrics are appealing to certain breeds of dogs. Dogs are believed to are the only ones who chew on things that are smooth because it’s a natural instinct. the softness of the textures is similar to the sensation of chewing fur and feathers. Dogs are happy chewing on soft things, particularly puppies who are still teething.

Some Dogs Steal Laundry Due To Boredom

Like us can dogs also get bored. The dog will find ways to keep himself entertained when it’s not physically and mentally engaged. But, it could result in undesirable behaviors such as chewing objects and stealing.
Your dog is fascinated by your socks as they are great toys. Socks are a breeze to throw around, comfortable and also fun to tear apart. We’ve all had our dogs chase us around because they stole things they shouldn’t. The pursuit could cause more problems. The dog could be searching for a game to play in the moment he grabs the sock, as he’s looking for attention or perhaps bored.
A dog who has an access point to the exact toys gets bored with them over time. Another reason why they steal your laundry might be that the dog is looking for the latest toy or item for playing with . Try switching the toys over instead of giving your dog access to them all at one time. For example, I allow my dog play with a couple of toys and rotate each week. This keeps your dog engaged every time you play with them.
Socks, as well as other items of clothing are often targeted because they smell and are extremely soft to them, and are often abandoned on the floor. In addition, leaving them on the floor can make them easy to find.


The Dangers Of Your Dog Chewing On Clothing

In the process of deciding which foods to consume and what to avoid, dogs aren’t very smart. If you don’t leave your dog with a shirt socks, or other fabric, your dog will choose to eat them. In the course of this year an animal was taken to the vet when it started vomiting. When the x-ray was taken, the vet surgeon found an abundance of foreign substances within the stomach of the dog. Thankfully, the dog has fully recovered and healthy.

Why does my dog not like my wife?

Dogs might be scared of certain individuals due to the way in which they were socialized when they were puppies. Your dog might be uneasy with your husband due to the fact that she wasn’t exposed to the majority of men in her puppy years or perhaps she was not exposed to men with a look similar to your husband.

What does it mean when a dog takes your seat?

Your dog might think that you’ve got an easier place to be. Your scent is a favorite and the warmth that you left behind, so reclaiming your spot makes a lot of sense. … The position you choose to sit in your place is the perfect security blanket for your pet. A animal behaviorist can offer assistance with handling dogs who are afraid of separation from you.

How do you know when your dog is jealous?

The dog that is jealous sees the other pets or people as a threat to your affection and attention. He will try to get to be between you and another person or with a pet. He could challenge a spouse when they want to cuddle with you on the sofa or in the bed. An angry dog could strike another pet when it becomes close enough to you.



Every dog behaves in certain ways that can make their owners uncomfortable, and taking laundry is one of these actions. If the dog is eating and destroying the clothes that were stolen, this isn’t something that you should be worried about. Don’t blame it on the dog’s instincts and keep in mind that dogs are always eating your clothes!

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