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If you enjoy socks because they keep your feet warm, your dog will more likely to chow down on some stray socks rather instead of wearing socks. It’s not his intention to stop your socks from matching pairs, but rather the dog is more interested in having fun and battling feelings of isolation. Your socks are magical tools which can accomplish both items for you.
We were blessed with Winnie when she was just seven weeks old. Born and raised – very literally in rural Pennsylvania her size was small sweet and sweet, but she was also likely to be a fan of playing fetch with our children. My parents with three children younger than 10 years old, this pure-bred cockapoo who shed never once was an absolute dream puppy.
In the year Winnie was eight years old, we took her in Theo A snarky puppy mutt who had half Winnie’s intellect but as much, if perhaps more, amiability. Six months after we adopted Theo, Winnie started “stealing socks.”
The behavior of today is so commonplace that my family uses a highly effective signaling system that states, “Winnie has socks,” and we all proceed in the same way. If Winnie “has socks” she is extremely smart about her socks; she is a master at avoiding eye contact and then poops them into her mouth. She does not take off her socks regardless of. If she must scratch or lick the ear of hers, she quickly puts the socks in between her legs, and keeps her eyes down. If you attempt to take them away she’ll yell at you with fury. The rage can continue for a few days, until she finally forgets about the socks she has been snagging.
Winnie has never eaten socks, but is a clinging to them, like how I would have hung on my security blanket when I was I was a child. Incredibly, the psychological logic that dogs take socks isn’t the same as why children are drawn to the comfort of a piece of furniture.


Separation Anxiety

Animals are social They love you even when you’re away. Certain dogs are afflicted with stress and anxiety in social situations more so than the others however the majority of dogs seek out some form of security when they are left on their own. Your socks could serve as a sort of safety blanket. They are a strong scent of yours giving him joy and making him feel less lonely.


If you’re bored and searching for a way to let loose the tension in his body Your dog doesn’t need to go to the depths of the hamper maybe look a bit beyond the floor next to the bed, to search for your socks. They’ll be able to find an immediate game to play with. As we’ve said previously, items that smell of you are attractive to your pet’s devoted companion.


A sock that is comfortable and cushy on your feet is the same as what you want to your pup’s mouth. Dogs love chewing, biting and tugging on toys that are soft, and socks can be a convenient and easy alternative. A puppy who is teething requires soft chews to soothe his gums that are aching and adults love the sensation of chewing on the elastic fabric. If your dog enjoys the soft, supple fabrics, look for a comfortable toy for chewing on to replace the socks you wear. It is not recommended to let your dog chew on a sock that you don’t want since this can make it clear to him that socks are acceptable game.


While socks can be cheap toys that can help your pet feel closer with you could be dangerous if your dog tend to eat anything they chew. Certain dogs have been known to chew off and chew pieces of paper, fabric or other objects that are not edible. More dangerous is a dog that swallows the entire sock! If he eats bits or all of it the fabric could cause obstruction to his intestines, and result in you hurrying him into an urgent surgery to get it out.


Dogs might actually think socks are valuable.

As humans, dogs, too, have an idea of being a “resource” – something they consider valuable and worthy of protection at any cost. If dogs decide the inanimate thing, such as socks (or an item of a particular kind, bone, stick, etc.) is valuable and worthy of protection it, they will protect it with all of their might. Dogs who show resource guarding with socks could be furious or keep their heads down when approached with their socks in the middle (like My dog Winnie).
Certain dogs have a preference for objects that are inanimate and non-consumable.
It’s also commonly referred to as “pica,” and dogs who also consume dirt, rocks leaves, rocks, and even toys may be affected by it. The root cause of pica in dogs remains to be identified, however it’s believed to be caused by internal or metabolic behavioral problems.

Your dog might have eccentric cravings.

Your dog might just enjoy eating socks as they’re satisfying in one way or the other. They smell just like you They’re soft and comfortable… It’s a good thing. don’t know , to each their own, I suppose. Your pet may also be acting out because of boredom. This can trigger a myriad of other silly behaviors.

Your dog has separation anxiety.

An object that belongs to you could be a source of comfort to your pet. As a child with an oversized blanket, it’s good to have a piece of furniture that is physically like “home.”


Okay, so my dog ate my sock. What should I do?

It’s all dependent on when you can identify the dog to be a sock-snorting perpetrator. If you discover that your dog consumed a sock within a few hours of the incident then you should contact your veterinarian for directions on how to make vomiting happen and take the sock out of your dog’s body before it’s digested. The plan of action you choose to take will be based on the ratio of dog to sock. What I mean is that: small dog, big sock larger problem. Big dog, tiny socks, not as big of an issue.
This being said it is recommended to call your vet in any case. The majority of vets instruct people who have large dogs to keep an eye on their dogs’ health and be vigilant for any signs of intestinal obstructions, such as an inability to eat or vomiting, or the sock that could get into the stool of your dog. Small dogs are usually advised to go to the vet as soon as possible and your dog will receive an x-ray, or a more involved procedure to find the socks.
Do you have any tips to keep your dog from the laundry? Are you looking for a companion.

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