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There’s nothing more annoying than being awakened by the whining of a wagging tail perched on the bedside. If you’re a morning-rooster dog, you’ll know the significance of this. In this article we take a look at the reasons dogs get up so early , and how we can try to avoid the issue from ruining your lazy Sundays.
The primary reason the dogs get up early is due to routine. During the work week it is likely that you start your day at a particular time each day since your dog doesn’t understand the meaning of a day off, they’ll develop an ongoing habit.
It is also possible that, even during your working week, your dog is up earlier than you do. It could be due to many reasons that we’ll discuss within this post.


Why Do Dogs Wake Up So Early

As we have previously mentioned that canines are creatures that have a habit. They can quickly master the various routines that are associated with daily activities, including sleeping and getting up. While this is a learned behaviour it’s often coupled with other elements that are discussed below.

Dogs Wake Up For Bathroom Breaks

Bathroom breaks are definitely an important factor when it comes down to caring for your pet. At a young age they’ll likely learn that the outdoors is where they can be able to pee. Unfortunately, teaching an animal to unlock and open doors is more difficult than you think, so they require the assistance of humans.
Pet owners let their dogs into and out of their house throughout the day to instill into them the idea of…I require a bathroom …..where’s that human. If your dog is in need of the bathroom, you probably do not want them to go within the home and you must accept whenever they need to go, they’ve must go.
It’s also important to be aware that some dogs are clever enough to be taught that pretending to have toilet time can lead them outside , even if they’re not actually in need of the bathroom. It is likely that you’ll know the last time they used the toilet , and only when you let them out , they pee or look around the yard. A refusal to go back to the home could suggest that your dog is doing their old habits.
If your dog has a tendency to go to the toilet more frequently than you believe it should it is not a problem going to the vet for an exam.

Dogs Wake Up Early Because They are Hungry

It’s probably the first thought that pops into your dog’s mind when it’s early morning. Once they get up, they’ll think about what they should do next. Routine assists them in this thought process. If you usually feed them immediately after you get up, they will be taught that getting up gives them food.
Don’t be deceived. I have a constant battle with my dog. Unfortunately my dog is typically trying to make the perfect coffee. The reason why this behavior doesn’t disappear is because on weekends, I get earlier, and at this point it’s over feeding the dog, and I immediately feed him breakfast. The most fascinating aspect about this situation is he’s been sleeping through the night during the week, and perhaps he’s becoming aware of the weeks days.
The dogs will always need their breakfast as fast as they can so maintaining a clear space between eating breakfast and waking your dog is vital. Be careful not to link both actions in the same way or else your dog will catch on to the idea and awake early.


Dogs Wake Up Early Because Of Noise

It is likely that you have observed that dogs have an excellent sense of smell. However, they also have decent hearing. The sound of a street could awaken you, but since windows have improved in terms of quality, you aren’t hearing the noises that happen in the early morning.
One reason that could be the cause of your dog’s early morning alarm is because of their extraordinary hearing. As we wake up and get started with their morning, the dog may see them moving about outside. Since they are animals of protection, they’ll most likely awake and begin wandering about.
It’s possible that you don’t believe that there are a lot of people out and about in the early morning But you’d be pleasantly surprised. We aren’t often aware of our neighbors working in the early hours , and certain people begin their work early. Local farms provide eggs and milk early at dawn, often before the crowds arrive. This is due to the fact that they have to stop the van to avoid traffic and, during busy times, this could cause issues.

Dogs Wake Up Early Because Of Light

The light we see is something that everyone reacts to. It’s a biological alarm system for brains. Without getting lost in the realm of science, light stimulates specific areas in the brain. This causes the brain to release chemicals that start to stimulate the body.
Dogs share the same brain system in their brains. Since dogs aren’t nocturnal creatures, they can react to any light that passes to their eyes, even though it is through their eyes. In the summer, it could be a time to observe your dog getting up earlier. I’m aware that in the summer, I get up and it’s already dark outside and that’s great…although I do need an alarm.
The dog’s instinctual response for this would be to rise and get going. Whatever comes next on their list of daily chores such as eating or taking walking will be the next thing they do.


What To Do If Your Dog Is Waking You Up Before The Alarm Clock

The last few minutes prior to when the alarm will go off is a treasured time to sleep. If you hit snooze you might particularly appreciate the few minutes of time before you start your day.
But, too many dogs feel that the last few minutes prior to meeting the day to be a nightmare.
It could be a sign of the joy of a dog’s life, which a lot of them are happy to see every day, and the majority of us would prefer to rest whenever we could.
If you find your dog’s behavior of running around the clock somewhat annoying you can follow these suggestions to fix the issue.


I hope this article provided you with the knowledge of why your dog is awake so early , and provide you with some ideas on how you can overcome this behavior. If you enjoyed this article, you can find more to read on our site.

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