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Reader’s question: My dog has a habit of walking right behind me even though I’m walking it. What do I need to do to encourage the dog to catch pace with me?
If your dog is always walking along the sidewalks behind you You might be wondering what’s going on and how you can do to stop it.
This article will provide the various reasons your dog may be walking behind you, and the best way to prevent it from happening.
Why is my dog continue to walk behind me? There are many reasons for this. It is eager to interact with other animals or it’s scared to be ahead of you, or it’s under control or perhaps you’ve accidentally trained it to walk behind you.
There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when trying to determine the reason why your dog runs behind you. The reason may be different, but there are a variety of options you could take action to fix it.


Why your dog walks behind you

Every single reason that your dog follows it is likely to provide several clues to the manner in which it walks.
Below, I’ll discuss several reasons as to why it could be happening and what could make it more likely.

Your dog walks behind you because it wants to interact with things

The reason why your dog is walking behind you is most likely because it’s eager to play with other things.
Dogs have a more powerful scent sense than we have and can collect details about the animals that have been around on the basis of the scents they have left behind.
It has been the case that being aware about other animals that have been seen recently could be extremely beneficial to the survival of dogs. There is a good chance that dogs have resisted the desire to know the other animals that have been in the area lately, which is why your dog always seems to be slowing down.
In this situation it’s a good idea to teach your dog to follow the command to signal it when it is getting behind. It can also be helpful to reward it whenever it is walking with you in the manner you would like it to.

Your dog walks behind you due to fear

The reason why your dog is able to walk behind you could be due to scared of being punished if it walks ahead. It is more likely should it have walked ahead of you before but was punished for it and now it avoids walking ahead.

You have made your dog walk behind you

The reason why your dog follows you around may be because you’ve unintentionally taught it to do this. It is more likely if you give it things it likes when it walks behind you. For example, treats, or you allow it to explore things, or take it on a longer walk.

Your dog walks behind you due to being submissive

It could be that it is able to follow you since it is submissive.
There is however evidence to suggest that dogs don’t have a hierarchy, and they’d typically overlap with one with each other and alternate being ahead during the natural. Therefore, this is more unlikely.


Things to consider about your dog walking behind you

Below, I will discuss certain things you should look at when trying to determine the reason your dog is doing the behavior. When you have a clear understanding of the reason, it becomes much easier to convince it to stop.

When your dog started walking behind you

It is helpful to think about the time when your dog began following you around when trying to determine why it is that it does this.
If it’s always done this, it will make it more likely because it is a desire to look around. If it began acting up suddenly and suddenly, it will make it more likely it did it because you penalized it for going ahead or accidentally gave it a reward for being late.

When your dog does not walk behind you

It is also helpful to look at whether it does always follow you, and why it is different when it does not follow you.
For instance, if observe that it walks behind you when dogs come near, then it could mean that it’s scared.

Let Your Dog Enjoy The Walk

When your pet is slipping behind in his walks due to medical issues, it’s essential to get help from the vet. But if your dog is just fascinated by the world around them and loves “taking it all in” Don’t think you have to change the habit. Allow them to enjoy the outdoors whenever they can.


Why does my dog walk behind me around the house?

If your dog is walking behind you in your home, it might be that it is following you with the intention that you will feed it, or perhaps it is the situation that your dog is suffering from some anxiety over separation and doesn’t want to be far from you. It could also be that your dog doesn’t really realize that it is behind you.

Why does my dog walk behind my legs?

If your dog runs behind your legs while you’re out It could be the dog wants to remain close to you due to your dog is afraid of a dog, or your dog is defending itself. It is more likely when your dog is doing it when you’re around other dogs or people. It could be that your dog just likes being close to you.
If your dog is able to walk between your legs throughout the home It could be because your dog suffers from separation anxiety and is trying to be near you. It could be possible the dog trying to find out whether you are eating or if your dog does it without realizing that it’s bothering you.

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