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Why does my dog go in between my legs? Dogs will walk between their owner’s legs for many reasons , including anxiety, attention seeking as well as to scratch their itching. If your dog has become an habit of doing this, there are some things are you able to do get your pet to quit walking in between you legs, and slipping under your feet.
Moving your legs in a seated position can cause problems. I’ve observed this especially for dog owners who are less mobile who are elderly or aren’t as agile to their feet as other owners.


1. Your dog could be anxious

What’s more rewarding than being near your loved ones even when you are scared. Anxiety is a major reason that dogs run between their owners’ legs and then get underneath their feet. They may be coming to you to feel secure with you.
If your dog is stressed due to any reason such as thunder, pets, or even cars They can seek refuge by snuggling between their pet’s legs to protect themselves. If your dog is doing this during an afternoon stroll, maybe they are afraid of something that is in the area.
If you believe that your dog is stressed, it’s an ideal idea to talk with your veterinarian regarding what you can do to keep your dog more calm.
My vet said it’s actually larger dogs that are more susceptible to this kind of behavior in comparison to smaller breeds. He didn’t provide any explanation for this, but it’s just an observation.

2. Your dog could be trying to get your attention

There is no better method to grab your attention than by getting between your feet and tormenting you? Although it’s not the most effective way to draw your attention, but it’s a good reason why dogs run in between the legs of yours.
If your dog has been walking between your legs when you’re cooking, it could be a sign to tell them that they’re ready to play. Perhaps you’ve been busy this week and you’ve been unable to spend time with your pet?
Walking with your legs in a circle is a guaranteed method to provoke a reaction from you.
It is important that you give your dog some attention each day. Whether you throw a ball around for some time, or take a stroll and give your dog more time. This will help you keep your dog from wagging across your body.
Dogs require attention to keep healthy and happy. They are an extension of you and require constant affection and love.


3. Your dog could be trying to relieve an itch

If you think your dog has been walking between your legs, because they might be scratchy, look for fleas and ticks. They may be rubbing against your body to relieve the itchy coat. The area the dog is scratching you could become one of the difficult to reach areas.
You can lend him a hand to scratch him on the spot. However, you must be sure to keep an eye on the area; if your dog appears to be scratching constantly, it could be a sign of an issue with his skin.

4. Your dog could be hiding  to avoid physical contact

If you observe that your dog is walking between your legs when people visit and it appears as if he is hiding it could mean you’re trying to keep him from people from touching him. This could be due to the fear and anxiety I’ve mentioned before in case your dog isn’t at ease with touching people.
My veterinarian said that he’s seen many rescue dogs huddled under the owner’s legs. It’s impossible to determine what the history of the dog was prior to the change of ownership. There may be an history of abuse or neglect. You may find that your dog is fond of walking between your legs to protect you.
If you observe that your dog has indications of fear when strangers are trying to touch him inform your guests. Explain to them that he does not want to be petted. It’s better to be a warning for your visitors as the last thing you want to happen is dogs to bite people due to anxiety or fear.
You can also transport your dog to another location to prevent the possibility of a situation turning into a disaster. If your dog is looking for security, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your dog feel safe.

5. Your dog could be stopping himself from jumping up

If you have an enthusiastic and affectionate dog, he may find it difficult to keep from jumping onto people. If you’ve trained your dog that it’s unacceptable to jump on other people, great job! This could be the reason the dog is hiding in your legs.
It could also be because your dog understands that it’s not a good idea to leap up at people, he may cover himself between your legs to prevent his own jumps.
It’s normal for dog breeds to leap up at individuals, but it can become an issue when they grow older and larger. Imagine a huge Great Dane jumping on you…
To prevent your dog from staying under your legs during visits, you can to train your dog to sit at the door when guests arrive until he’s at peace. This is much superior to the dog weaving in and out of your legs.


How to train a dog to stop walking under your legs

Now you are aware of what causes your dog or puppy to wander across your leg, you could be thinking about ways to get the dog or puppy to stop.
It is a good idea to begin by teaching your dog to understand that moving between the legs isn’t acceptable.
When this happens, you should not ignore your dog. Then , tell them to and lie down on their beds. If they do be sure to be sure to reward them for their good behaviour.

Final Thoughts

Dogs who walk on your legs could be a sign of them singing the blues. It could also be a cry for assistance. This could also be a sign of a disease, whether organic or behavioral.
The way you behave can range from ignoring the issue to going to the vet. Do what is best for your beloved pet!
The dog’s walk between your legs can be charming, or irritating. It’s your choice to decide what behavior is acceptable to your home.
Be aware that consistent and positive reinforcement training are the most effective for your pet, and they’re most effective when they are pups.

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