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If your dog prefers to be left alone for a long time you may be thinking the reason and what you can do to change it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and how to take action about it.
What is the reason my dog desire to be on his own? The reasons your dog would prefer to be on his own are that they are depressed, suffering from an injury or illness or injury, or it is looking to rest and not be disturbed, or it has there is a problem with its diet is making it feel tired.
What is the reason why some dogs would prefer to be left alone when they are aware of their higher odds of survival if they cooperate with other dogs?
There are many reasons for this for this, and some could be a surprise to you!
The most commonly cited reason is an illness. If you notice an abrupt shift in behavior, go to the vet as quickly as you can. Even if it seems like that your dog’s behavior isn’t changing however, stay on the safe side and let a vet check it out.
Dogs tend to pretend that injuries aren’t there or don’t cause them anxiety, and they might hide themselves to prevent the other dog owners from noticing. This isn’t their fault; it’s an instinct that they learned from their grandparents. For them, any accident could make them vulnerable because others might see it as an opportunity to attack them, which is why they instinctively avoid showing “weakness.”
Given the variety of causes that could be a factor It is helpful to think about what makes each one more likely. When you have an idea of what is the root issue, it’s much easier to determine what you can do regarding it.


Reasons why your dog wants to be alone

Below are some possible explanations for why your dog might have been doing it , and what might make each one more probable to constitute the most important motive.


The reason could be that something has caused it become depressed. It is more likely to happen if it been acting out abruptly, due to something that could have resulted in it being depressed like the departure of a owner or a change in the owner’s lifestyle, and also if it has been acting differently in other ways too.

Illness or injury

Another reason could be that it’s suffered an injury or illness. It’s more likely if it been doing this for a while and also if it is manifesting other indicators of being injured or sick like vomiting or limping. In this instance the best choice is to bring it to an veterinary doctor.


The reason could be that your actions made it feel intimidated. It’s especially likely when you take it on in a hostile way, shout at it often or move a lot about it. It is better to keep it calm and change the way it behaves by undergoing instruction.

It thinks it’s in trouble

It could also be because it believes it’s in trouble. It is more likely to happen if it is prone to avoid your presence when you are angry by it. In this situation it is recommended to attempt to change its behavior through the application of positive reinforcement or In Life Is Free dog training, instead of using an approach based on fear.

Diet issues

The reason could be an issue with the diet that causes it to behave in a strange way. There could be a food item that aren’t supposed to be eating, or it could be eating excessively or insufficient amounts. It is more likely if it started acting this way abruptly after there was a change in the diet has occurred.

It doesn’t want to be bothered

It could be due to the fact that it would like to go to sleep and not be bothered. It’s more likely if it prefers to be on its own while it goes to bed and doesn’t avoid your presence at other times.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when determining the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog hasn’t always behaved in this manner and you are not sure why, think about what happened after the first time it started to behave. If it was the case that it happened in a sudden manner it could be because of factors like an alteration in their diet, health condition or injury, mistreatment or anything else that causes the dog to be depressed.

What is different when your dog wants to be alone

If it doesn’t always desire to be with someone It might be helpful to think about what it is that makes it different about it when it doesn’t like being alone. For instance If it only is doing it in the evening after eating, then it could be that it’s taking in too much food, eating foods which shouldn’t, or simply wants to rest after having eaten.


What to do about your dog wanting to be alone

Here are some suggestions you can do to curb your dog’s desire to be on his own.

Get help

If your dog has shown symptoms of being sick or injured, or has been acting in a strange manner it is best to be to seek help from veterinarian. In this way you will be able to identify medical reasons and receive the best advice for your specific dog.

Ensure that it is eating correctly

In the above paragraph it could be that there’s a problem with the food it eats. It’s a good idea to ensure that it’s eating right foods in the proper quantities. It will also help ensure that nobody else is feeding it and not telling you.

Encourage it when it behaves the way you want using positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement training involves you motivate the dog’s behavior in the manner you would like it to do by rewarding it whenever it exhibits indications of being in that manner. In order to train it to stop abusing your presence, you can offer it a reward each time it doesn’t avoid you as often as it usually does.
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