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Perhaps you’ve seen a photo of a dog who smiles or perhaps your own pet does this. It’s true that this behavior is adorable and can bring us lots of affection and tenderness however have you thought about what message your dog wants to convey to you every time it winks? It’s not uncommon to believe that your pet’s frequent winking originates from a health issue but, as humans are well-versed in hand gestures, vocal commands and movements as ways to communicate in the same way canines also have their own method to transmit messages, and winking is among the methods.

In spite of this it is true that the dog’s wink hasn’t had the benefit of being “scientifically” studied to affirm any truth, but due to the insights of experts on canine behavior, we can get clues as to the significance that these movements convey. If you’ve ever thought about what is the significance behind you see a dog smile at you, these possible reasons could be among the reasons.


Looking for Attention

Each dog owner is certain to comprehend this concept to some degree. You may have seen your pet’s desire for attention having their heads placed to your knees. If an indoor dog is wishing to go out, it will signal its desire by making paws (hitting its feet) on the main entrance. Some dogs are inclined to walk towards the entrance by pushing their owners’ legs by using their snouts.

This is an attempt to attract attention. If you’re the kind of person who spends time with your dog, you’ll be able to recognize the message that it’s trying to convey. Beyond the voice commands, this type of non-verbal communications that are well-established form the thin line that separates an animal that can be trained and resistant ones, which are better described as non-trainable.

Winking for Submission

When a dog is making an eye contact with a dog may indicate dominance or aggression however, it could also indicate something completely different for humans. Have you ever been in a gathering with two dogs who do not seem to get along? Their usual behavior is to stare eyeball after another when they are still which is compared to an exercise in dominance or superiority. The dogs are waiting with a ferocious stance for one to take the lead and surrender by cutting off the gaze. The fight will usually ensue when the dog isn’t willing to submit.
But it is a sign of submission if one dog glances away. The fight will ensue when neither dog wants to be submissive to the other, and the winner becomes the dominant. If you look at your pet and it stares back at you and smile. The act of smiling signals the owner’s respect, who is the leader of the pack . this is the reason why winks are described as cute; your pet is just so adorable blinking its eyes and you can’t resist rewarding the dog with treats.


Making Eye Contact

Dogs do not have the natural capacity to use facial expressions as humans do. In interpersonal conversations eye contact is desired by both parties. They are usually viewed as an act of respect and engagement. Eye contact is also seen to be a signal of aggression or aggression toward dogs.
In the preceding paragraph, dogs usually make eye contact to show respect. it is evident that your pet doesn’t wish to fight with you. However the instinctive behavior of looking at you and the significance it has to canines is very well-established throughout all canines. When you’re speaking to your pet with a sweet and captivating manner of speaking, it’s likely that it will make eyes with your, securing the gaze for a few seconds before dropping the eye. This kind of contact is thought to last just one second.
The wink may be a means of breaking the gaze , so that peace reigns. In addition to a wink it is possible that you have observed that your dog will typically turn its eyes downwards for a brief period before returning to gaze at you. It could also be tempted to move its eyes or let another thing to take its interest.

Should I wink back to my dog?

You don’t want to offend, do you? So, you can give a wink to the lovely, welcoming and super awesome four-legged companion that you have. And be thankful for having a dog that is willing to wink.

Why do dogs wink with one eye?

If he was to wink with both eyes, it will not be referred to as winking. It will be a blink. So blinking is considered to be winking using both eyes, however, it’s just only one eye for winking.
If your dog wishes to look at you, they will either close each eye, or close both eyes , and then let them open again however, they want to wink at you, so please allow your dog to wink.


Health Condition

In contrast to the above blinking, a dog’s blinking could be a sign of health issues. The most prominent of the ailments that cause blinking in dogs is entropion. It is an issue of genetic origin that causes frequent blinking and blinking and winking. This health issue is prevalent among breeds with a plump face and short noses. One great example of this is the Chow Chows.
The condition can be quite painful as it can cause one or both of the dog’s eyelids to move towards the eyes (flipping to the right). The blinking and winking is typically used to alleviate irritation, pain, and discomfort. However, entropion can also be extremely painful, and if not dealt with at a timely time, it can result in more severe issues such as blindness, or what is known as cornea ulcers.
If you find that your dog is suddenly waking up to excessive blinking and squinting, it’s an ideal idea to speak with the veterinarian as there is no home remedy for entropion. The problem can only be fixed through surgery and it’s possible that your pet got some kind of irritation in the eye. Dogs can blink when irritants such as hair, dirt or dust touch their eyes. However we shouldn’t assume that they do that it’s not necessary to get the assistance of a doctor who can determine if there is an even more serious health issue.

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