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If your dog is placing its paws on your arm for a long time it is possible that you are contemplating the reasons and how you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand several possible reasons and how you can take action to make it stop.
Then, why is my dog’s paws go on my arm?
The reasons your dog’s paws are wrapped on your arm could be that it’s seeking extra attention, it helps it feel secure, has some fear or has learned that it is rewarded.
As there are a myriad of possible causes why your dog may have been doing this, it might be beneficial to look at what might make each one more likely. Once you’ve got an idea of the root cause it will be more simple to convince your pet to cease.


Why your dog wraps its paws around your arm

Below are some possibilities for the reasons your dog might have been doing this and what could make each one more probable to constitute the most important cause.

It’s looking for extra attention

The reason could be that it is trying to gain your attention. It is more likely if it occurs more often when you haven’t paid it enough attention, and you are inclined to pay greater attention whenever it happens.
It is better to pay attention to it throughout the day but not reward it with attention when it is acting in a manner that you don’t like.

It wants something

The reason it has been doing this is due to the fact that it is seeking to get something out of you. It could be that it is seeking things like to go for an exercise, be fed, or to pee. This is especially likely if it occurs often at a particular moment, like the time you typically feed it or walk it around or let it go out to pee. It could also be the case that it does not do it again after.

Encouraging the behavior

The reason could happen because the dog been taught that their behavior is rewarding. If you often give your dog items like treats, toys, or focus when it puts its paw on yours then it’s likely to perform the same thing again to earn more rewards.
If you would like your dog to stop doing this you can reward it every time it doesn’t put its paw on yours and to stop rewarding it once your dog begins doing it.


Another reason could be that it’s feeling anxious. This is especially likely to occur during times when it may be feeling anxious, for instance when it is lightning and thunder sirens, work being done outdoors.
It could be that it’s doing this because of an anxiety over separation. The possibility of having separation anxiety is more likely to occur more frequently times when you typically leave home, and also if it is beginning to show other signs of anxiety.


The reason could be because it is in love with. It is more likely to occur if it happens during a period of time, like when you’re touching it or rub its belly.


Things to consider

Below are some points to think about when trying to figure out the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started

If your dog was not able to always put its paws on your wrist, it might be helpful to think about what was going on when it first started doing it. If it began to do suddenly and suddenly, it could be because of factors like learning that it is rewarded, or something else that caused it to become anxious.

The body language it shows

It’s also helpful to think about the kind of body language the animal displays when it is doing it. If it is displaying signs of being relaxed , such as doing its tongue out or waving the tail could be more likely to mean that it’s just showing affection. However, if it exhibits indications of anxiety such as pacing or crying, it’s more likely that it’s acting out due to some sort of anxiety like separation anxiety.

What is different when your dog wraps its paws around your arm

It is also helpful to determine if there’s an exact time when your dog seems to do this more. If so an occurrence, it may be that the time of day has something to have to do with it. For instance If it occurs when you are getting ready to leave It is likely to be doing it to alleviate anxiety about separation.


What to do about your dog wrapping its paws around your arm

Here are some tips you can try to make your dog not do it anymore.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

Like we said It could be the situation that your dog learned that behavior is reward. Instead, it is best to give it a treat when it behaves as you want it to , and avoid rewarding the behavior with the attention it receives when it doesn’t.

Reduce reasons why it might be anxious

It is possible that it’s been doing this due to something that has caused anxiety. It is helpful to narrow down the possible causes for it to be stressed by things like having it pee, getting active and eat prior to taking it off for long lengths of time.

Redirect its focus

It can also be helpful to redirect your attention to something else when it appears to be likely to get its paws wrapped around your arm. Some things that you can shift its attention towards include toys or even a bone.

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