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If your dog has been acting crazy you might be wondering why and what you can do about it. In this post, I will show you common causes of dogs acting crazy and what you can do to get them to calm down.

So, why is my dog acting crazy? Possible reasons why your dog is crazy are needing more exercise, rewarding the behavior, stress, fear, separation anxiety, a change in its daily routine or injury or illness.

There are many reasons why your dog might be acting crazy and it could be due to a combination of them. However, there are also many things you can do about it and there are a lot of things you can consider when figuring out the


Why your dog has been acting crazy

Below are a number of common reasons why dogs act crazy and what would make them more likely to be the reason why yours has been.


Dogs are generally meant to get daily exercise. When dogs do not get enough exercise, they will often start acting crazy and it might be a part of the reason why yours has been as well. This would be more likely if it acts crazier on days when it is not able to get any exercise.

Encouraging the behavior

It might also be the case that you have encouraged the behavior by giving it things it wants when it is crazy. If you tend to give it things such as toys, treats or extra attention, when it is crazy, it will likely do it more in order to get more rewards.

Instead, it would help to reward it when it is being well behaved and to wait for it to calm down before rewarding it.



The reason why it has been doing it might also be that something has recently caused it to become stressed. This would be more likely if it started acting crazy after an event occurred that might have caused it to get stressed. Such events could include an owner or another pet dying, another pet being added to the family or moving homes.

In this case, it should improve over the course of a few days or weeks. It would help to give it positive attention in the form of training, exercise and by playing with it. If it does not improve, it would help to get help from a vet or dog behaviorist.


It might also be the case that something has been causing it to become fearful. This would be more likely if it does it more at certain times such as when there are fireworks, sirens or construction works outside.

In this case, it would help to remove the thing that is making it become fearful if possible or to try desensitization training.

An issue with its diet

It could also be the case that there is an issue with its diet. It could be the case that it is not getting the right nutrients in its diet, it is eating too much, not enough or that it is eating things that it should not be. An issue with its diet would be more likely if it has started acting crazy since a change in its diet and if it acts crazy when it eats certain foods.

It would help to make sure that you have been feeding it correctly, that no one else has been feeding it and that it does not have access to things it should not be eating.

Why Is My Dog Acting Crazy At Night

Most dogs act crazy at night because they are overtired or haven’t gotten enough exercise that day. Giving your dog the proper diet and exercise for their age and breed can make all the difference when it comes to calming down your dog at night.

Why Does My Dog Have A Crazy Half Hour

Having a crazy half hour or even a crazy hour is very common in puppies and adolescent dogs. These energy spurts occur simply because puppies have energy bursts, and everything is exciting to them.

Although this is usually nothing to worry about, you can give your puppy a time out in a calm and secure room until he calms out if he becomes unmanageable during this crazy half hour.

Why Is My Dog Acting Crazy After Being Neutered

Dogs can act crazy when they are in pain, under-exercised, and even when their routine is messed up. This can cause a dog to act crazy and even aggressive just after being neutered. It is important to remember that neutering is a surgery, and your dog is likely to feel some pain and discomfort afterward.

In addition, dogs tend to become antsy when they are under-exercised, and their routine is changed. Both of these things will likely happen after neutering because your dog will need some time to rest and recover to heal from the surgery properly.

Although this is necessary, it can cause your dog to start acting crazy after a little while. Usually, dogs go back to normal after the recovery period, and you should visit a vet if it does not. This way, you can rule out any other potential causes for crazy behavior.


Why Is My Dog Acting Crazy After A Bath

Usually, dogs act crazy after a bath because they are trying to dry off and get the smell of the soap off of them simultaneously. Dogs do not tend to like the smell of artificial scents commonly found in soaps and shampoos, so it is only natural for them to act crazy and rub the scent off of them.

Thoroughly drying your dog off after a bath can help save your furniture from getting all wet and reduce your dog’s crazy behavior after bath time.

In addition to this, some dogs can be very excited about bath time or have anxiety about being in the bath. Both of these things can cause crazy behavior before, during, and after a bath as well.

Slowly desensitizing your dog to water and the bath will help your dog to get used to it. However, it is essential to note that this process should be done very slowly when it comes to fearful dogs to avoid making them more afraid of the bath.

This process can take a lot of time and effort, but it will improve both of your lives in the long run. You could benefit from a qualified dog trainer if you have a bit of trouble with this process.

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