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Digging on your expensive couch can be an annoying and unwanted habit that you want in your dog. So, why do dogs like to dig and scratch at your furniture, especially your couch? And what can be done to redirect this behavior into something more positive? Nobody wants to see their $3000 dollar couch damaged by their pet’s behaviors. This article aims to get at the root of this behavior in order to find a positive solution for you and your beloved dog. Take a few minutes to read through what causes this behavior and how you can overcome it.


Why is my dog digging in the couch?

If your dog smells food or another scent on your couch, he may be trying to dig in order to uncover it. Dogs will dig to warm up their beds in the wild or to find a more comfortable sleeping position, much like how humans fluff their pillows before sleeping. Sometimes, dogs will dig on furniture out of boredom.

How do I get my dog to stop digging on the couch?

Place a plastic carpet runner nub-side-up on the cushion. Use cat tape, such as SmartyKat scratch not tape on cushions. Invest in a commercial pet repellent product, like PetSafe’s SSScat deterrent spray, to keep dogs off furniture. Purchase couch covers, like K&H’s Furniture Cover, or use a sheet or dog blankets.

What does it mean when a dog digs a hole and lays in it?

Dogs primarily sweat through their paws and pant to cool themselves off. When Fido lays in some cool dirt, that is a nice relief to the summer heat. If a dog is digging a hole and then sitting in it, he is making a den for himself. This gives him a sense of safety as he’s resting after that amazing game of fetch.


Do dogs dig holes when they are dying?

Dogs dig holes when they are dying. Digging a hole gives them a better chance of that and provides them a feeling of safety and coolness when it gets too hot. But once again, they do not know they are dying.

Why does a dog suddenly start digging?

Dogs tend to dig holes as a way to bust their boredom. Many dogs can turn to destructive behavior if they are experiencing boredom. A dog with pent-up energy may look for a fun distraction to keep them busy, and this distraction can be sudden digging in many cases.

Do dogs grow out of digging?

Sometimes dogs grow out of digging, but this is not usually the case. Some dogs will stop digging as they get older, but others will not. Some breeds, such as terriers, were bred to dig. While some dogs will not naturally grow out of digging, there are steps you can take to curb the behavior.

Should I stop my dog from digging?

Putting a Stop to Digging An anxious dog needs confidence-building, and a bored dog needs more stimulation. By identifying the cause, you will be more effective at curtailing the behavior. Ensure your dog is getting enough mental stimulation and physical exercise every day.

Will vinegar stop a dog from digging?

Dogs do not like the smell of vinegar, so it may stop your dog from digging. Simply make a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water and spray in the spots where your pets dig. Some dog’s drive to dig will make them push past the unpleasant scent—and some dogs won’t be bothered by vinegar at all.

The Root of the Behavior

Dogs routinely dig for several reasons, all of which can be seen as instinctual behaviors that they got from their ancestors. One reason your dog may be digging into the couch is due to how dogs would dig out dens in the wild as a place to rest and protect themselves from various predators. Another reason may be due to your dog wanting to conceal the place where they sleep, like animals do in the wild. However, there are many more underlying reasons behind this behavior. Some of the other reasons may not be as obvious. Dogs sometimes dig to find objects. If your dog smells food or another scent on your couch, he may be trying to dig in order to uncover it. Or he may be trying to dig to hide his favorite toy, just a way dogs protect objects they love.


Encouraging the Behavior

If your dog is really damaging your furniture. The first thing you should do is start training your dog to stay off of the furniture. Your dog should know the word ‘off’ and should know what it means. If he doesn’t take the time to train him. Be patient during the training process. Your dog will learn it. Another thing you can do to stop this behavior is by purchasing a dog bed. Your dog should only be allowed to sleep in his bed. Do not allow your dog to sleep on the couch or your bed. This will protect your couch or bed from any unnecessary scratching and digging. If your dog is digging because he is bored. Consider buying him some new toys or changing up his walking and play schedule. Give your beloved dog the attention he needs and it will greatly reduce this digging behavior.  If none of this works, consider cage training your dog. This will ensure he won’t be digging on your furniture when you are not home and it will give him a place that he feels safe and secure. It will also limit his access to your favorite couch, greatly reducing this behavior.


It’s important to train your dog not to dig on your couch. Take the time to be consistent, firm, and loving with your dog. Be sure your dog has his own bedding and place to feel safe. Taking the time to train and love your dog will reduce this unwanted behavior. As always, be patient because sometimes a dog’s instincts will take over.

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