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The reason why your pet is eating carpet may be because of a medical condition known as pica. Dogs can like eating food that is not edible. What causes this? Anxiety, a build-up of energy as well as age and even curiosity are all factors that can cause this condition. Of of course, your dog might be eating the carpet after something tasty was dumped there just a few days ago.


Our canines’ curious companions always delight our heart with their playful behaviour. Certain behaviors could be very costly. Additionally, it can be dangerous for the health of your pet.

6 Reasons Dogs Eat Carpet


We do our best to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for our pets however stress is inevitable. Sometimes, things beyond our control can trigger our pets to suffer from anxiety and stress. For instance, a large storm roaring in the distance or a fireworks-lit holiday that causes your dog to think that the world is closing.

One method dogs use to deal with stress is to chew. This is particularly relevant for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.

When I first received my Boxer I first got her, she would pull over the flooring seam just at the front door each time I went out. Each time I returned home, I would be ever closer to the flooring that was not finished. It was a bit depressing!

I soon realized that the reason she was chewing the carpet was due anxiety and stress.


The most important thing is to be gentle with your puppy. Being angry can only cause anxiety. Doggy dogs are huge emotional sponges. they get their energy from your energy as much as you eat.

Be calm in the home and not hurrying your departures can help greatly. A few extra head scratches never hurt either.

Curious Pups

Some bad habits stem from anxiety-related tendencies. The puppies are curious and curious. Similar to children exploring an unfamiliar environment, puppies utilize their fresh teeth to get into every crevice and crevice accessible.

It could be your first furry baby or a wonderful addition to your family, you need to be aware that saying goodbye to a couple of pairs of sneakers is the norm when introducing your puppy to the world of its new home.

Chewing is the way they discover, explore and adjust to new environments.

In addition to being curious puppies also go through the process of teething. Teething is among the most frequent reasons that puppies chew on the carpet.

The puppy begins losing its teeth from three to four months old. The process can be quite painful for their gums, that is why they tend to chew on everything and everything in order to relieve the discomfort.

It usually lasts for about six months old, or until the adult teeth are fully developed. Fortunately, the remedy is very easy. Be sure to keep many chews and bones around to prevent them from being attracted to chewing in the floor.

Elderly Dogs

It’s been proven that older dogs are able to learn the latest “tricks.” Even later in the course of their lives, our pets remain susceptible to developing harmful behaviors.

The main cause for this behaviour is due to the time of puppyhood. When puppies are separated from their mothers prematurely problems can arise later in their development. Sucking and chewing on the fibers of the carpet can be a method to simulate breastfeeding on their mother.

Spilled Food

As sweet and adorable as our four-legged friends prove to be, we can all admit that table manners aren’t their strength and can cause spills and mess on the floor. If you have large dogs, you’re aware that when those bowls strike the floor, you must move away from the area.

To keep from conflict in groups like the “pack,” dogs often have a snack and then eat their bowls. If you are a dog pet owner, you’ve most likely seen this behaviour.

It is important to ensure that the place where they eat, the area is cleaned up after eating. The spills and mess that aren’t properly cleaned in a carpeted space pose the risk of chewed fabrics. If they don’t smell food particles on the floor, you’ll be safe.

Pent of energy

They need plenty of space to roam free. On four feet, it’s hard to blame them!

Chewing on the carpet and other household items could be a sign that your dog is in need of more physical exercise.

Dogs who are kept in the house for prolonged periods of time could develop bored with their toys. This can cause them to search for more stimulating and interesting objects around the house to chew.

If dogs do not receive the appropriate stimulation (both mentally and physically) that they need the energy that is stored can cost a lot.


Pica can be described as an eating disorder that occurs when items that are not edible are sought after and eaten. It can be anything from plastic, rocks and yes…carpet.

It’s a common disorder caused by stress. It could cause severe health problems if it’s not taken care of.

You can address this through an attentive behavioral training program, which teaches your dog the distinction between edible and non-edible food. It is important being patient and understanding with your puppy.

How dangerous is it for a dog to eat carpet? Do I need to take him to a vet?

Most often pets begin vomiting up food that isn’t food. If not, be on the lookout for the dog’s stool to look for bits of carpet. This is disgusting however, you must also to watch for blood or mucus inside the stool. In this case it’s time to visit the vet is the best option!

If, however, your dog seems to be acting normally then you need to confirm that the carpet has gone throughout his body.

Consuming foreign matter for a prolonged time frame can cause obstructions within your dog’s digestive tract. Any combination of these symptoms requires urgent visits to the vetfor queasiness or a swollen stomach vomiting, bowel movements and refusing food and depression.


Based on a thorough examination and X-rays, when needed, your vet will determine whether your dog requires medical attention or is able to eliminate the carpet fragments within a reasonable time.

Health Impacts of Chewing on Carpet

As we’ve mentioned, having our pets chewing on the carpet can cause financial burden. However, there’s more than just financial stress to be concerned about. It could be harmful for your pet’s health.

The majority of chews and bones for dogs are designed to break down in a short time, thus reducing the possibility of creating an choking risk. But, if they choose to go to the carpet, couch and so on. the chance of a stray object becoming lodged in their throats increases.

Fibers and other bits of fabric may also get stuck in stomachs or in the intestinal tract. This could cause obstruction in dogs, possibly creating a severe infection and , in certain instances the death.

Chewing and tasting are instinctual and therefore, to avoid this problem making sure you have a suitable substitute is crucial. Be gentle and calm with your dog. Begin working with them with care and regularly, giving them all the love you can.

There’s also a large variety of anti-chew sprays available to choose from which can be sprayed on difficult areas. If you spot a particular part of the carpet that the dog continues to eat apply the spray to the area.

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