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Why is my dog not listening to me? Does your dog ignore you when you tell him to come or issue an order? “Why does my dog ignore me?” is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from students in week one of my dog obedience classes. Some view the act of being ignored as a threat against their power. Some people are hurt and fear that their dog doesn’t like them. However, the majority of people who have dogs that don’t like their behavior have not consciously taught them to ignore them.


The best dogs are dogs. They are affectionate, playful and never bored. They are always looking to a challenge. Also, they are known to be very protective and loyal to their owners, however there’s one aspect of the human-dog relationship that owners are unable to comprehend Why do dogs often do not pay attention to us? This article will provide probable reasons for this and how you can do about it.

Silence is golden

Your dog thinks that you speak too frequently. I guarantee it. He does. Family and friends may rely on every word you say but it’s not the dog. The dog has its own unique “language,”, but they don’t speak in words. Dogs speak in a visual manner. They communicate with their body posture and tails, as well as their eyes and ears. Because of this, their first reaction when they try to figure out what we are trying to communicate is to look at us and not to hear us. Our constant conversations are just sound to them.

Follow the simple guidelines. If you instruct the dog what to do five times, and he doesn’t accomplish it all four times, don’t tell him to perform it. Training takes place every when we interact with our dogs whether we are aware of the difference or not. If you are constantly calling your dog, or insisting that he get off the counter, but the dog doesn’t pay attention, you are actively teaching him to avoid your commands. It is important to make sure that the right words count in dog training. What do you do when you’re unable to relay a request to a dog who’s disinterested? You shift your attention, which leads to the second major distinction between the way humans and dogs perceive the world. Find out more about this.

Timing is everything

When we become hung about what we could do or say in order to encourage your dogs to be more behaved, we are doing it reversed. Remember the basic principle in dog-training? The behavior that’s rewarded is repeated. The results of a dog’s behaviour determine the amount of it we’ll see in the near future. If positive things are likely to occur as a result of a behavior, then the dog will be more likely to perform more of it. When they aren’t there, they’ll be less likely to do it. We can create motivation by regulating the behavior that follows. Once we’ve gotten a dog to perform a task, placing it in the right context is the easiest part.

Time is a factor that matters nearly the same way as the order. Dogs are living creatures. Our brains are always busy analysing past events and planning the future. Not our dogs. They are completely in the present. In order to communicate effectively to them, we need to be able to communicate with them in the same way. Our feedback regarding their behavior should be focused on what they’re doing now. When your dog is doing something, you’ll only have two seconds to reflect on it, but this is assuming you’re fortunate enough. If, for instance, your dog sits down when you request for him to but is able to leap at you before you’ve had the an opportunity to give him an incentive, you’ve missed the chance to reward him.


The toughest time to observe the rule that feedback must always focus on the dog’s behavior the moment is when dogs are making us unhappy. When we are unhappy with you humans, we want to talk that you are displeasing us … then then tell you what happened … then ensure that you fully know. Dogs’ reprimands are, however will stop when the infraction behavior ceases. If you’re looking to make the right impression on your pet, it is essential to be able to change your direction at a moment’s notice. If your dog keeps on the dog’s park for an additional time by not coming whenever you ask, for instance you’ll be very annoyed. However angry you are, you need to be sure to praise and reward your dog when he does finally show up. Since he will associate your actions with the behavior he’s doing at the moment, scolding him will result in him being less likely to visit next time.

Why does my dog ignore me outside?

If your dog is the only one who ignores you while out, the reason would be be that it has a difficult time trying to focus because of distractions and excitement of being outdoors.

Why does my dog ignore me when I come home?

Some of the reasons why your dog isn’t interested in you, and doesn’t get excited when you get at home is because it’s exhausted, is depressed or perhaps you’ve accidentally encouragd it to not pay attention to you.

Why does my dog ignore me sometimes?

The reason your dog doesn’t seem to pay attention to you at times could be due to factors like boredness, distractions or excitement.

Why does my dog ignore me when I call its name?

The most likely reasons your dog does not respond when you call it’s name is because it has been taught that it will be penalized by you, or you’ve accidentally urged it to not listen to you.

Why does my dog ignore me at the dog park?

The most likely explanation for why your dog isn’t paying attention at the dog park is that it is busy and distracted.


Why does my dog ignore me when I cry?

Dogs may not pay attention when you cry, or be sad , because it doesn’t know that you are grieving or that you’d prefer to be left alone.

Why does my dog ignore me at night?

Your dog could be oblivious to you at night due factors that make it stressed or distracted.

Why does my dog ignore me in the morning?

The reason your dog isn’t interested in you in the morning might be because it is eager to meet you or it’s hungry.

Why does my dog ignore me and nobody else?

The reason your dog isn’t listening to your voice could be because you’ve accidentally rewarding it for not paying attention to you or provided it with things that it does not like even when it is listening to you.

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