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This doesn’t suggest that your dog isn’t practicing the highest standards of hygiene. It is usually the method your dog uses to keep itself fresh. But, there could be other motives that cause dogs to lick themselves excessively, and it could not be as innocent.
It’s always recommended to stay aware of your dog’s behaviour regardless of the cause. If their licking behavior becomes constant and frequent, you should get the dog examined by a vet in your area who can aid in diagnosing the problem.

Common Reasons Dog Lick Her Butts

As we’ve said that the primary reason dogs do a lot of washing is to remain clean.
If your dog is having problems keeping clean in its anal area because of particles of feces stuck in their fur, this can cause them to licktheir fur hoping to get rid of whatever was caught in their area. You must investigate the reason why the dog difficulty keeping tidy to be sure.

Your dog may be showing an irritation. It could be due to something ranging from allergies, parasites or infections.

How to Stop Them Licking

There are some products available to stop your pet from licking their bottom.
However, it’s vital to ensure that your dog is examined by a vet before giving any medication
Your doctor may be able prescribe treatment options or medicines to help them with the health problems of their patients.

If you’ve concluded that there’s nothing terribly wrong happening with your dog’s behind take a look at using a cone.
Also called an Elizabethan collar for dogs This cone prevents your pet from being able to get her toes. Change the shampoo you use and test for irritations regularly.

When To Consult Your Vet

It is essential to keep an eye on any changes that occur in your dog. As we mentioned in earlier, it’s common for dogs to lick their butts from time to time.

If the licking is persistent and infuriating, it’s likely an excellent sign to bring your dog to be examined by vet. It’s especially crucial to bring your pet to the vet when they’re experiencing other symptoms like:
Inability to eat, or a decrease in appetite
Inflamed or red skin around the anus
The stool is contaminated with worms. stool.
If you observe that your dog is bleeding excessively and there is evidence of these symptoms visit your veterinarian right away.

My Dog Keeps Licking Her Butt Excessively, Wwhy-is-my-dog-licking-her-butt-1.jpeghy?

While grooming is the primary and often-used reason for dogs to are known to lick their butts however, the process doesn’t take the time it should. If they are licking their butts longer or more frequently It could be that the issue is something medical, like parasites, infections or swelling of the anal glands.

Internal parasites

Dogs are susceptible to develop in-intestinal parasites at every stage throughout their lives.

Dogs must consume an egg from their surroundings, and then the parasite feast begins with a bang. For pets however, it’s anything less than a joyful experience. To begin, parasites typically cause them to scratch their backs which can lead to endless biting.
Beyond that, these creatures could be the cause of:

Stomach pains



Weight loss

In the beginning internal parasites don’t exhibit any symptoms, which is why it is important to provide your dog with an preventative medication to treat worms.

Skin infections

If it’s caused by yeast or bacteria or yeast, dog skin infections tend to be quite itchy.
If the affected area is located near their bum, they’ll perform butt licks to alleviate their discomfort.
Alongside licking the area, they can also bite at their skin, frequently making the infection worse.
If you peek at the area, you’ll notice that the area is bright red and itchy.
When they first begin the skin infection, it will not typically disappear by themselves.

You’ll need to have your vet to verify the reason and get the appropriate treatment started. Most of the time your dog will require an Elizabethan or e-collar on its neck to avoid getting in the way while the area is healing.
In addition to an ecollar It is possible to wash the area with medicated wipes, and then apply creams for the area on the prescribed timetable.

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections can be extremely painful and can cause severe itching of the genitals and around them.
Your dog might find relief by licking or nibbling on that area immediately after urinating as well throughout the day.
It could also be that they need frequent peeing and struggle to keep it in for enough long enough to go outside.
If any of the symptoms occur It’s crucial to seek medical attention immediately. In the event of a delay, the infection may affect the bladder and be transferred to the kidneys.

Based on the findings of your vet according to the vet’s findings, you may have to administer oral antibiotics several times per day or change their diet to a different type of food.

Swollen anal glandswhy-is-my-dog-licking-her-butt-2.jpeg

Of the myriad of medical solutions to the reason dogs have a tendency to lick their bottoms, swelling anal glands are the most commonly used explanation. The glands located on both sides of the rectum get filled with a smelly fluid, which should drain when they vomit. Unfortunately, this does not always occur as expected which causes the glands expand and cause pain.
Your dog could begin to move across the floor, trying to clean them up and then lick the floor whenever they feel they should. You might notice a strong unpleasant odor, when the glands release the fluid and cause everyone in the vicinity to flee the area.

Your dog can go to the vet for the glands cleaned.
Don’t delay too long before you visit a veterinarian, or you could be infected. In the meantime, you’ll have to provide your dog with antibiotics as well as pain medications and warming compresses to help them heal.


When licking your dog is a normal element of your dog’s grooming routine, allow them to do it.

If you are irritated by the sound and you don’t want to disturb them, take them to bed for a while to get their work away from the noise. Be sure to reward them with a reward or a remark to encourage the positive behaviour. When you have your dog at with you, they’ll become familiar with their routine, with butt licking and a treat included.
Be aware of any changes in their usual behavior to determine whether they require visit to the vet.
It’s always possible to schedule an appointment in case you’re not sure. Veterinarians have seen it all and are ready to help you figure it out.

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