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Dogs are beacons of constant communication. They use gestures with their bodies and facial expressions in order to send different messages. One method by which dogs interact with each other, and with humans is by engaging in the habit of the ear-licking. Ear-licking is usually benign and is usually used to show affection, even though it’s not the most enjoyable thing to do for us.

If dogs rub the ears of a dog, it could be a sign of grooming. Two dogs that live together and see one another as part of the same family are at ease grooming one another. Because dogs don’t apply the same method to his ears to clean them other dogs within the pack might be capable of doing the same. Even though ear-licking could help in preventing Ear mites, being overly engaged by a grooming companion could cause irritation. Your pet may suffer from an inflammation. Check and clean your dog’s ears frequently.


Your dog may be playing in the ears of your dog and you’re wondering why this is happening and what you can stop it. This article will help discover the possible causes and the things you can tackle the problem. There are many possible causes for the reason your dog might be having this behavior and it may be due to a variety of factors. There are numerous reasons to think about when finding the root cause and a variety of options to resolve the problem.

Mmmm. Ear Wax.

While it’s not as disgusting as it sounds it is possible that your dog chews on the ears of a dog while he relishes the taste of earwax that’s waxy! It is likely that canines are known to be hungry for various things. Your dog may be taking pleasure in the salty taste in its ear or be just enthralled by the ear and would like to know more about the canals of the ear. Dogs can discover the world through their mouths, just as children when they explore the world around them.

A Show of Affection

If two dogs touch the ears of one another, it could be a sign of affection and a representation of the friendship which they share. Similar to the time dogs kiss the ears of a friend and expressing their human affection and love and expressing the affection he has for his human companion.


Sometimes, licking the ear is a way for animals to signalling that it is submissive to the dog or person who gets the licking. The dog getting his ears cleaned will have the upper hand while the dog who is licking his ears is showing respect to him.

Reasons why your dog licks your other dog’s ears

Here are a few possible causes and why each more likely to be the main cause.


Dogs don’t have the ability to do this, which is why canines usually beg their owners to kiss their ears. The reason why your pet is licking their ears might be because it’s helping another dog groom its own ears. It’s more likely that the dog in question is also doing similar things and your dog is licking its other spots, such as its back.


It’s usually a sign of respect. The reason your dog may be often touching the ears of a different dog might be due to the fact that your dog is being as if it is submissive. This is especially true when your dog does it frequently in the event that your dog is aggressive or is showing other signals of submissiveness towards the dog in question.


Dogs are also known to love licking every one of them to build a stronger bond. This could be because you dog’s dog kissing it. It’s more likely that the dog is licking your dog in different places and also is licking it.

Obsessive behavior

It’s probable that your pet does this because of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is when your dog is forced to kiss you and will not stop kissing your dog. It’s more likely that your dog has been repeatedly licking ears of a neighbor repeatedly. In this case, it is recommended that you seek advice from a vet.

It likes the taste It could be because your pet enjoys the scent of ears from neighbors. This is most likely if your pet isn’t displaying any signs of the way you would expect and does not show any indications of submission.

What is different when your dog licks your other dog’s ears

If your dog seems to show this behavior more frequently at a certain period, it may be helpful to consider what’s different about the manner in which your dog displays this behavior. For example, if you find that your dog seems more aggressive when another dog is aggressive It is likely the case that you dog has a submissive nature.


Why has my dog suddenly started licking my other dog’s ears?

If your dog’s ear is being kissed their ears with your fellow dog in a sudden fashion this could be because your dog has realized that this behavior is rewarding and it started to become submissive or perhaps, it’s found out that it loves the smell.

If your dog has always licked your other dog’s ears

If your dog did not always kiss your ears, it could be beneficial to reflect on what happened when your dog first began to do it. If it started to do it for a brief period it could be that it became more submissive or was aware of the scent of other dogs’ ears.

Final Thoughts

It’s common for dogs to rub their ear with the ears of a dog. There are at least several reasons behind this behaviour, but the majority of them don’t warrant being concerned. Make sure that you are cognizant that your pet could have an ear infection, if cleaning its ears. It’s crucial to stay aware of the signs listed above.


This is the usual way canines show their affection to every one of their companions. If you’ve had two dogs who were siblings living in your home since they were puppies, they’re likely to be affectionate towards one another at some point in the near future.

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