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We know dogs make vocalizations, usually in the form of barks, whines, or even growls. This is expected dog behavior. However, some dogs make noises that are quite ungodlike. If your dog makes pig noises, you are probably scratching your head and wondering why.


It can be downright adorable, or it can sound alarming. or even hilarious. You may worry that it means there’s something wrong with your dog. Should you be concerned?

Encouraging the Behavior

Some dogs experience reverse sneezing their whole lives, while others don’t experience it until they are older, but often it is temporary and doesn’t last very long. Dogs making funny noises is concerning, but more often than not, your dog does not need to go to the vet. He is doing something natural to get rid of something unwanted in his body. The sounds he makes might be scary, but he should be okay. Your dog’s episode of reverse sneezing shouldn’t last very long, but if you want to reduce his time spent reverse sneezing, you can try massaging his throat, softly blowing in his face, or hold his nostrils closed for a few seconds. This might help get whatever is stuck in his passageway to come out and hopefully shorten his reverse sneezing episode.  However, if you notice your dog is having a lot of episodes or excessively long ones, it may be time to call a veterinary professional. Your veterinarian can determine what the problem is and if your dog needs treatment. If you have a smaller breed like a Yorkie and notice this happening more frequently, it is a safe bet to call the veterinarian so he can determine if it is a collapsed trachea or not.

Other Solutions and Considerations

Take notice of when your pup starts to oink or grunt. It might happen because he’s excited, pulling on the leash, smelled strong perfumes or scents, or he simply has allergies. Have him wear a harness and keep him away from perfumes if you notice that he only oinks in those situations. When in doubt, call your veterinarian and ask if you should come in with your pup. If he has something stuck in a breathing passageway, the veterinarian can usually remove it. If he has allergies, your veterinarian might prescribe an antihistamine to alleviate some of them and reduce these reverse sneezing episodes. If it is a nasal mite, the veterinarian can prescribe medication for your dog. He might take some x-rays to diagnose what is happening, too.

Why does my dog make pig noises when playing?

Have you noticed your dog tends to make pig noises when playing? There are a few potential causes of this seemingly peculiar behavior. The good news is if your dog is only making pig noises when playing, you likely have nothing to worry about. Any concerning medical cause will cause them to make pig noises more often


Why does my dog make pig noises when I pet him?

You are petting your dog, and they suddenly start making pig noises. You may find it amusing, but a little curious or concerning as well. If your dog only makes pig noises occasionally, it’s nothing to worry about. Instead, it might be their way of expressing happiness.

Why does my dog make pig noises when excited?

Does your dog seem to turn into a pig anytime they are excited? Perhaps it occurs when you praise them or take them for a walk. Maybe it happens when they see a doggie friend. It’s normal for dogs to make pig noises when excited.

Why Does My Dog Make Grunting Noises

Your dog makes grunting noises when he is happy and content. It is not uncommon for a pup to grunts while eating his favorite treat.

On the other hand, excessive grunting by your dog might mean he has some sorts of discomfort with respiratory illness. While grunting is quite normal in dogs, if your pup does it excessively, it means something is entirely wrong with him.

Why Does My Dog Grunt When I Hug Him

Your dog grunts when he is hugged because he finds hugging to be threatening and uncomfortable. The truth is, most dogs don’t enjoy being hugged. If you pay close attention, you will notice a dog would typically turn its head away and lick its lips while hugging a human.

These are signs he is not enjoying the warm affection you are trying to offer. Instead of hugging your pup, rubbing his back would be enough for him.

Why Does My Dog Grunt When Happy

Dogs grunt when they are happy because grunting is a way for them to express their joy and happiness. Humans make noises when they are happy; dogs likewise do the same. Unfortunately, we can’t fully understand the language of our canine friends.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Snorts Repeatedly

When a dog snorts repeatedly, it may be an indication of a severe sinus or viral infection. When a dog snorts occasionally, it is usually nothing serious. But when it becomes a regular thing for your pup, it may be time to pay a visit to your vet.

Why Does My Dog Snort Like He Can’t Breathe

Your dog does this because dirt and particles are irritating the throat and causing obstruction to the flow of air. If this condition becomes chronic in your pup, it may be a sign your dog is suffering from allergies, infection, sinusitis, and nasal mites. When you observe any of these signs, do not delay in visiting your vet.



More often than not, your dog’s pig impressions will be a short-lived show and will not require him to be rushed to the veterinarian. Keep an eye on him and give him a little love after the episode passes. A reverse sneezing episode does not seem comfortable and he could use a snuggle or two afterward to let him know he is okay.

Remember when you’re feeling uncomfortable with the prevailing weather condition; most likely, your dog is also feeling the same way.

If your dog regularly snorts, you should not make it worse as a dog owner by using collars instead of harnesses when walking your dog. Collars tend to put pressure on the neck of dogs which tends to worsen snorting.

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