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If your dog is in love with you, this article will help you understand why it may be so and how you can take action on the subject. Why is my dog so obsessed with me? The reasons your dog is so obsessed with you could be because it needs attention, exercise, or food, or it may be suffering from separation anxiety, or you may have accidentally rewarded the behavior.
There are a lot of different aspects to think about in trying to determine the reasons behind it. When you have a clear concept of the reason, it is much simpler for the issue to cease being so obsessed with you.
The dogs are incredibly affectionate. The bond between humans and dogs tends to be very robust. Poodles have a vibrant personality that keeps every member of the family.

Inexpensive love can make them seem in love with their owner. What is the reason my dog obsessed with me in the last few days? It’s possible that the reasons could be because of companionship or attention-seeking. Exercise, separation anxiety as well as fear, hunger as well as reinforcement behaviour.

Why your dog is obsessed with you

Every one of the reasons for why it happens is likely to have many clues.

Below, I’ll discuss several possible reasons that your dog might be fascinated by you and the factors that make the dog more likely.

It wants attention

The reason your dog is so obsessed with you may be because it’s seeking the attention of you. This is especially likely if it becomes more interested in you, even if you’ve not given it enough attention or when you pay more attention to it when it’s obsessed with you.
Instead of paying attention to it in the event that it becomes attracted to you, it is better to keep it focused during the entire day, by playing with it, educating it, and even giving it exercises.

It wants exercise

The reason it does this could be because it needs to exercise. It is more likely when it’s an active breed, such as one like a Husky or German Shepherd and it is not doing much exercise currently.
It is generally suggested that dogs have about an hour of exercise each day. If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise appropriate for the breed it belongs to, it is important to ensure that it is.

It’s hungry

The reason why it is attracted to you is the fact that you are hungry. This is likely in the event that it stops being attracted to you after it has eaten, and is more enthralled after it has not eaten for a while.
In this instance it is helpful to ensure that you’re feeding it the correct foods and also that it’s receiving enough food.


The reason it does it could be because it becomes fearful. It is more likely to happen in the event of something happening that could cause it to become scared. It could be fireworks, being around someone that it isn’t comfortable with, or if it was mistreated by someone recently.


One thing to keep in mind is that the majority of dog breeds were developed to cooperate with their owners. This being said when you’ve been able to give it lots of training , it naturally will look at you for direction, and that could be the reason it is so obsessed with your.

Separation anxiety

It could be that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. This is because it is not happy being left to its own devices and the idea of being alone can cause it to be anxious. It is more probable to be the case should your dog begin to become anxious as you’re getting ready to go away.

Reinforcing the behavior

It is often the case that dogs become obsessed with their owners as they have been inadvertently enforcing the behaviour. It could be the reason why your dog is so obsessed with you. It is Why-Is-My-Dog-Obsessed-With-Me-3.jpgmore likely if you are inclined to give it the things you want, as it is obsessed with you. This could be treats, toys, or even your attention.

How to Tell If the Obsession of the Dog Has Gone Too FarDogs that are obsessed with their owner is normal. But it is a matter of concern when the dog is following one of the members of the family and becomes afraid of or avoids other family members.
Fido is susceptible to becoming anxious about separation and aggression. If the dog’s obsession is out of the control of your dog, we suggest purchasing portable dog toys.
Interactive toys can grab your dog’s attention. pet. If this strategy doesn’t succeed, consider desensitization. You may also seek the advice of an animal veterinarian to assess the condition of your pet companion.

It could be a unrelated medical issue driving him to become obsessed. The treatment of the issue could be a solution to the behaviour.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Obsession to the Owner?

The closeness of dogs to their owners is beneficial. The playfulness of dogs can help to alleviate loneliness for their owners.
The unconditional love of the dog owner that they are loved , and it is a great source of health advantages. The interaction with the dog owner and their pets helps in getting rid of anxieties.
This can improve the mood and eases anxiety of their owners. The fun activities and exercises of dogs increase the heart health of the dog’s owner. In addition, it will aid in keeping them fit and aid in the detection of other health problems from their bodies.

Why Is My Dog So Clingy To Me

Dogs aren’t able to talk to you. They aren’t able to tell you if they’re content to be around you or that they’re scared of something.
Since they aren’t able to tell the person you are with about what they feel, they are forced to express their feelings through bodies, and this may appear to be affectionate.

Conclusion on dog obsessed with me

The dog’s obsession with a pet is that is normal and is easy to address. It is important to know what triggers the behavior before implementing ways to reduce the behaviour.
But, the fervor of the dog towards its owner is very positive. It improves their overall health and overall well-being. If your pet’s desire has grown too extreme, then seek help from a specialist veterinarian and animal behaviorist , but with a price.


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