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If your dog is having fun with its fur all over the floor, you may think about what the root cause is and what you could fix it. This article will outline various causes and the best way to address them.

What causes my dog’s face to rub against the flooring? One of the possible causes for the reason your dog rubs their bodies on floors can be allergies as well as enjoying the sensation and feeling nervous or trying to eliminate the smell.


Do you often see your dog or puppy scratch their face on the floor? Are you puzzled by the behaviour? It is a common behavior for all breeds of dogs , but what’s the significance to this behavior?

Dogs are often seen scratching their face on floor, carpet or on any other type of surfaces. It is also normal for dogs to massage their head with their feet. This is a common procedure to soothe minor discomfort or irritation. There’s nothing to worry about it.

A Dog could be known to scratch his skin after eating or drinking. If you observe your dog regularly doing this over time and in a constant manner the time is right to take a look.

Why do Dogs rub their face?

One of the reasons could be that he’s just trying to soothe his itching or clean himself. It could be due to filthy and wet hair.

However, this won’t always be the case. Make note of your pet’s behaviour and take note of if your pet behaves in certain ways, in an attempt to alleviate discomfort. It is recommended to consult your vet or the pet’s veterinarian.

Reasons why your dog rubs its face on the floor

Below are five reasons that are typical and what makes them the most likely.



It could be that it’s had an allergy or it could be due to a rash. This is particularly true if the rash started to flare up quickly and you’ve observed it scratching you frequently. The most effective option is to take the animal to a veterinarian.

It likes the feelin

The primary reason the reason your dog is acting this is because they appreciate the way it’s done. This is especially true if you haven’t been doing this behavior for long and isn’t acting oddly in different ways, too.


It may be that it’s doing this due to being bored and seeking ways to entertain itself. It’s more likely that you notice that it does it more frequently before exercising and stops after exercise. If your dog is healthy, it’s important to ensure that your dog gets the recommended daily exercise in accordance to their dimension and age.

To spread its scent

The reason why it does this is because it leaves an odor all over the house. It’s more likely that the dog is doing similar activities within the vicinity of the home. Sometimes, it tries to leave a mark of urine everywhere, and is extremely cautious of dogs in the area of the house.

Things to consider

Here are some tips to consider in determining the dog’s behavior. this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog wasn’t always able to lay its head on the ground, it is beneficial to examine what was happening when it first started doing it. If it began doing this in a sudden manner, it might have something to do with issues such as allergies, or fleas.

What else is different when your dog rubs its face on the floor

If your dog seems as if it is more energetic in an exact time it’s important to investigate what’s going on with regard to duration of the. For instance, if you observe that it’s more frequent even when you aren’t paying much focus, it may be because your dog has noticed that rub its body on the floor is a signal to give it the attention that it deserves.


How often it does it

It’s also beneficial to be aware of the frequency with which your dog’s face is rubbing upon the flooring. If it’s doing it often, it’s most likely caused by something more serious like something that is making it nervous or scared, or worse, allergies or an obsessional-compulsive disorder. In this instance it might be beneficial seeking professional assistance. If it occurs more than once per day, it’s more likely it’s caused by being prone to rash in certain instances.

What to do about your dog rubbing its face on the floor

Here are some options you could look at in dealing with the behavior.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

It’s possible that the dog has was taught that it will be being rewarded for doing the things it likes to. It is best be able to reward your dog whenever it behaves in the way you’d like to see it behave, and not be a benefactor when it does not and to also try to keep it from doing something when it’s likely to start to rub its head against objects.

Deal with allergies or a rash

Allergies can arise from things like dogs, shampoo pollen, a harness that rubs the skin and household chemicals (source).

It’s more likely that allergy or rash causes dogs to rub against objects in the event that they begin to rub themselves after an incident that could be the cause of the itchy or allergic. It may be a shampoo alternative or harness , which rubs skin.

It’s helpful to determine the triggers for itching and then attempt to replace it with something else.

Redirect its focus

It can also be beneficial to turn your attention to other things when you’re likely to start making an upward-facing motion to the ground. This will aid in breaking this habit. Things that you can assist it to focus on might include toys , or even bones.

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