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A dog who is constantly scratching at the floor can be very annoying. Additionally, if you’ve got carpet or costly flooring you are aware of the speed at which it can cause damage. If you’re reading this perhaps, you’re experiencing anxiety about your dog’s health; are things right? I have noticed this behaviour in my Cockapoo and even questioned it myself and decided to conduct some research to discover the specifics of what this behavior is all about.

Why is it that my dog scratch on the floor? They scratch their floors for emotional as well as functional reasons. It appears to be an instinctive behavior for all breeds. A lack of energy, an effort to feel comfortable, mark their territory, or even anxiety and stress are the most common causes.


But the fact is that dogs scratch and dig, and this is just one of the behavior that they display. Let’s now take a look at the various reasons your dog is likely to have been doing it, and then considering whether you are able to take steps towards the issue if it’s growing into a problem!

Reasons Why Dogs Scratch The Floor

It is not difficult to see the issues encountered by dogs when it comes to communication. This is true whether it’s with other animals or humans.

In this way canines have developed diverse behavior patterns to help navigate around the world, and also to be able to interact with their surroundings in a way that is appropriate.

The floor is a good place to scratch. the dog’s purpose however abstract that might appear.

There are a variety of reasons for a dog to choose to go through this process, but the most popular being:

For Comfort And To Relax

Another possible scenario, which is often observed may be the fact that your pet scratching his feet in preparation for lying down.

It is an inheritance trait that is likely to have been passed by their ancestors who would scratch and dig on the floor to make the perfect nest or den to shelter themselves.

When he scratches the floor, dogs could also regulate the temperature before sleeping, and making it more comfortable by scratching.

In the cold winter months, dogs dig in the dirt to find relief, while during summer digging will allow access to cooler ground beneath.

Even if you are in a room, these are instinctual behavior that your dog might be attracted to.

Should You Stop Your Dog Scratching The Floor?

If you decide not to let your dog scratch the floor, will be determined by the time, the reason as well as how frequently your pet does it.

It all is dependent on the reason.

Another way to look at this is to determine if you believe there is an issue:


    • Do you think it is damaging your flooring, whether it be a laminate, carpet hardwood flooring, hard-wood flooring or even your lawn


    • Do you notice your dog is showing signs of any other unusual behavior? Or do they look stressed to any degree?


It is generally recommended to not try the stop of your pet when they are active scratching.

In addition, it’s typically already too late.

Interrupting them in the middle of an action will just make them feel less secure in the moment.

How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Scratching The Floor?

If you’re trying to limit or stop the dog’s scratching on at the floor, here are some suggested actions you can do.

Take note that each approach below is compatible with the causal reasoning mentioned above.

It could be that some dogs are more effective for certain breeds as opposed to others.

In any case, they will ensure that dogs are more comfortable at home and prove useful.

When Should You Be Genuinely Worried That Your Dog Is Scratching The Floor?

If your dog is scratching at the floor because of stress, there’s likely that this behavior could escalate into something more serious.

Being aware of the fact that aggression of the majority of dogs originate from anxiety or fear We recommend that you ensure that the anxiety is removed.

Sometimes your dog may be scratching on the floor due to the dog is trying to eliminate an itching.

This might not be unsettling when the scratching isn’t regular.

If so, look at the pads of your dog’s feet to look for lumps, skin irritations or other factors that may cause itching.

If you spot something unusual Do not hesitate to contact your doctor right away.

If your dog is scratching and digging because of trying to claim territory (in the case where you have several pets) when another pet is claiming it, it can escalate into a major dispute.

How To Make Your Dog Stop Scratching The Floor

In point actually, the majority of instances, it is based on the motive behind the pet performs the act.

If it’s as an expression of boredom allow your dog to enjoy his time by scratching at the floor, as long as there isn’t any damage to the floor.

The clipping of his nails will help ensure that. If not, you can dedicate more time playing with your pet.

It is also possible to go on longer walks so that he can be able to burn off a lot of energy. If you’re the type who is always busy, it would be good to employ an animal walker.

Another strategy you can use is to make sure that your dog is provided with a comfortable place to sleep.

According to studies, it has been confirmed that dogs prefer to sleep in a circular designed bed that has edges.



The floor is scratched by dogs as a matter of their identity as well as where they’re from.

It’s like the moment they lay their heads in the couch or your head.

Before they were housed and used for pets, the dogs had to be totally dependent on their behavior as well as the other animals to provide shelter, food and even survival.

Are we really blaming them for this innate behavior?

There is no doubt that it could be a nuisance, damaging and even worrying.

In fact, it’s normal to look into the issue and attempt to discover what’s at the heart of the issue.

Although it could be caused by many different reasons, if you monitor your dog’s behavior and being attentive to their movements it is usually possible to determine the cause.

It’s usually nothing to be concerned about particularly with puppies anxious dogs, or those who are new.

Fortunately, with a time, planning and preparation and planning, it is also possible to be put to rest

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