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I’ve seen my fair share of tail-chasing mouth breathing, tail chasing, or floor kissing pets therefore when it was time to purchase an animal of my own, wanted one that was a “smart” dog, so I chose the Standard Poodle.


However I’m certain he’s one-of-a-kind dog, and certainly smarter than the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting previously. However, it got me thinking about what makes the dog intelligent or…not very smart.

It’s a normal way for your dog to be playful. If your doggie has a habit of doing stupid things perhaps it’s the time to reconsider your dog’s behavior.


Even if you don’t possess a highly active dog breed the dog you have likely be full of energy and have to burn off frequently.

If your dog isn’t taking enough time out to exhaust their energy They may appear to be stupid.

You may have noticed similar patterns in your own life or your kids. If you’re feeling exhausted at work, you might perform a bonehead action like putting some food in the oven, or drive by your home when you are driving to work.

The tension and tension that causes you to become disoriented is similar to the way your dog will feel if they aren’t exercising enough. They’ll lose attention to you, or whatever you’re requesting, because their minds are with something else.

When your pet is typically well-behaved and intelligent or at the very least, not dumb, but they are being a bit in a way that is not normal It could be that taking them out for an enjoyable long stroll is all you have to do.

Is “Stupid” Really The Right Word?

“Stupid” is one of the words I don’t like at all times however, not least when it comes down to dogs.

It’s been commonly used as a catch-all term that is used by frustrated owners who are blaming their dogs for bizarre behaviors that they can’t explain.

Why is my dog so stupid?can-dog-eats-bread-3.jpg

Dogs aren’t always as than intelligent, and a comment to them is rude. Their ability to be smart is contingent on a variety of factors like an uninspiring breed, a less social dog as well as not being properly trained. The dog could be getting negative reinforcement, which makes them act dumb.

There are a variety of reasons for their level of intelligence The dog may be stupid due to multiple factors. We must first discover the reason dogs can be so stupid , and then consider the ways we can increase their intelligence.

The need for exercise:

Dogs are highly social and require a lot of physical exercise daily. If they don’t get sufficient exercise they could lose focus.

It is best to continue exercising her daily and ensure that she gets enough exercise to match her breed.

How is it dumb?

If you can think about which ways your dog is acting odd, it will aid greatly. For example when you bark at things that aren’t moving isn’t an issue since it’s normal and common for dogs. But, if your dog isn’t following your instructions and is acting out it is time to educate him.

If it became dumb suddenly:

If your dog suddenly become agitated and is acting out, you should check if anything occurred at the same time, and may have triggered something in your dog. If you’re in a quandary about what is causing the behavior, consult a experienced.

What can you do to make them smart?

There are many options you can take to help your dog become more intelligent. It all depends on the circumstances that have affected her.

Apart from that you can try some things to resolve the issue, as described below.

Positive reinforcement:

The first approach is to teach your dog through positive reinforcement. Numerous dog trainers utilize this method.

Positive reinforcement is the process of rewarding her for being the way you would like her behave. Make sure you show signs of how she is appropriate to behave.

Feed her correctly:

Feed her in a proper manner and give her an appropriate diet. There could be some issue in her diet which can cause her to behave in a different way. Talk to a doctor to determine the type of food she should be eating.

Give her exercise:

You must ensure that the dog is exercising in accordance with her breed since every breed requires a different amount of exercise. To exercise go for an outing, play fetch alongside her or make use of an animal walker to walk.

Avoid reinforcing bad behaviors:

Avoid negative reinforcement because it can be a reason for the stupidity of your dog. Negative reinforcement happens when you offer rewards to your dog when she is dumb. Don’t reward her and teach her to behave in the manner you would like it to be.

Lack of training

You might be mistaken to declare “my dog is dumb”.

The reason why your dog’s inability to demonstrate intelligence is because it is not being properly trained.

It is only through proper training that is the best method of bringing out the best qualities of the dog.

Training can test the dog’s IQ and the ability to keep the command.


Your dog might be the most intelligent dog on the planet It’s just that you didn’t let him go to dog training.

It affects his lifestyle and overall well-being

Untrained dogs develop undesirable characteristics.

For instance the non-trained German Shepherd, who is one of the smartest dog breeds, could easily develop a habit of constant whining.

The lack of training could also be a cause of excessive aggression to other pets.

The dogs with high levels of energy can end up being destructive, chewing up everything in the house, including your valuable remote.


Dogs are the most commonly used pets of humans. They are adorable and affectionate and reflect that in their actions. But often, they commit such acts that make us think that they’re stupid?

There are a variety of reasons for this, but the dog’s temperament and lack of education are the most typical reason. To help them become a bit better, we could try certain methods such as the training of dogs and avoid negative reinforcement.

The article in this post learned the reasons dogs are dumb and the ways to teach them to be smart. I hope that this article will prove to be useful. Do you have a comment about the article, and tell us about it your thoughts in the comments section.

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