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The love of your pet is a wonderful feeling. But it is not a good idea if your dog loves you to the point where you begin to place his body on top of yours and it blocks your path while walking and shows another behavior of clinging to you, it’s time to assess the situation.


Understanding the Clingy Nature of Dogs

It’s not true that dogs develop close bonds with their owners. Studies have shown the bonds that can help dogs feel secure in the event of an incident they are afraid of.

Changes in the environment and a female dog suffering from heat, boredom , or an illness that is underlying can all cause your pet to be at risk of becoming a little affectionate.

Why Is My Dog So Clingy All of a Sudden?

Are you confused about the reason your dog who usually is a single animal isn’t letting you go? Here are some of the most common explanations for it.

1. You Changed Your Dog’s Environment

Dogs love routines, which is why they’re more likely to be anxious when they’re in a different location. They’ll deal with this by staying with them until they’re certain that the space is secure.

It’s not a major environmental shift that causes dogs to develop a bond with their owner such as moving houses. It could be due to an alteration in the place they live in, or perhaps the arrival of a pet , or the renovation of their house. For your dog to be able to assist in dealing with the changes, be patient and speak calmly to him when you talk about the changes.

2. Boredom

Sometimes, boredom is the reason dogs to become emotional. If they’re capable of getting an emotional response from you, their day is more thrilling.

To avoid your dog being anxious because of boredom make sure he’s in a position to play. He must have access to toys, and you should alter the toys that you provide to him. So, his old toys will be as fresh.

3. Your Dog Is Uneasy with Strangers

Based on their breed and the breeds they’ve had in the past Dogs will instantly become anxious and clingy, no matter the person they’re with. In other circumstances, the dog might be attracted to only those they believe are risky.

If there’s no intrusion into your home, a pet who is attached to strangers can pose a issue when a stranger comes at your dog and tries to kiss him. Each year, thousands patients are admitted to hospital for an animal’s bite.

Of course Clingy behavior, and bites from dogs don’t necessarily have to go hand-in-hand. It is important to slowly and gently allow your pet to meet a new person.

4. Dementia Is Setting In

It’s a sad reality that dogs are susceptible to the condition called canine cognitive Dysfunction syndrome (CCDS) which is a variant of the human disease dementia. Dogs with CCDS can be easily confused and confused. They can also develop a bond with their pet owners (or anyone they believe is they consider to be their pets).

If your dog has gotten older and suddenly begins to become anxious, I would suggest taking your pet to the vet. If they find that your dog suffers from CCDS They might prescribe your dog a prescription to stop the progression of the disease.

5. Your Dog is in Heat


Hot weather can cause females to be clingy. This isn’t a constant occurrence. It’s not unusual for them to want to be embraced by their pet owners. The indicators of a hot dog:

The need to pee often

Swollen vulva

Chasing after male dogs

6. Your Dog Is Pregnant

Perhaps, more than the birth, your dog could become more distant during the time of having the baby. Female dogs typically appreciate their companions while they are getting ready to give birth.

If your pet starts to get excited and begins to get affectionate, make sure you give her an area that’s cozy to cuddle. In addition, offer her with the peace she’s looking for and let her be somewhat too cosy. it.

7. It’s a Health Symptom

If your dog isn’t performing well, he might seek your help and comfort. It could be that the dog is becoming anxious.

There’s no particular illness which can cause a dog to be more dependent than another. In fact, certain dogs get more stressed when they’re sick.

It’s your responsibility to judge the health of your dog. Do you notice that your dog is not moving? Do you see any signs of fever? If you notice any signs of your pet’s condition is not in good shape, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

8. Separation Anxiety

I’ve placed this last because clinginess and anxiety are linked, however they’re not the same. Separation anxiety occurs when you’re away from home. Clinginess can be an issue while you’re inside the space.

However, the dog that suffers from separation anxiety will typically not return to a normal state of mind once you walk through the door. Instead, he’ll likely jump over you in a wildly anxious manner, and then stay there until he’s convinced that you’ll never let go.

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Is Clingy?

Most of the time, dogs develop a clingy personality because of physical elements in their environment, such as the changes in routines that accompany an incoming puppy into your family or being uncomfortable around strangers.

However, it’s possible that clinginess is an indicator of the development of dementia in dogs or as a health issue. If your dog begins to cling and in the same moment you’re in good health Contact your vet.

When should I worry about my clingy dog?

If your dog exhibits symptoms of illness , as well as being extremely loving, you need to be concerned for your pet. The symptoms of illness could differ from but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, along with fever and forgetfulness.

Some of the most commonly asked questions I get about Clingy Dog breeds are like Cockapoos Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Cockapoos. They are very social and are not related to cross breeds.

Clingy due to Separation anxiety


It’s possible that it is because of anxiety over separation. It’s more likely to occur usually when you’re getting close to the conclusion of your stay, and is anxious about the day you leave your home.

Your dog has a clingy nature

It’s possible that this is something that is natural to do. It is likely to occur to be a dog breed that is well-known for its clinginess. It is always has been. If this is the case, it is possible to test positive reinforcement

Clingy due to being bored

There is also the possibility that you are in need of some time to exercise. Most likely, it’s when your pet started acting in a sudden manner due to being less active, and isn’t as affectionate after exercising.

What else happened when your dog first started being clingy

If your dog was never loving, it might be helpful to consider what went on at the time that your dog began becoming more affectionate. If it’s an instance where it occurred suddenly, it could be due to factors like a change of its environment or eating less food or not exercising enough or an injury disease.

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