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Dogs can be oblivious to you for a variety of reasons. So don’t worry; it’s not like the dog has fallen out of affection for you in a flash. What happens if your dog doesn’t respond to you even when you tell them? they stay away from you whenever you approach them or just do not want to follow your instructions?
The first step is to determine if you have any medical issues like hearing loss or an infection. It could also be a behavioural problem that is that is caused by tension, inconsistent training or mental trauma. Certain owners may be reforcing this behavior without intention or by giving unclear instructions. There are a variety of reasons your dog may not be eager to follow your instructions. For some , it could be a constant battle, or it could be a sudden change.

Why is my dog suddenly ignoring me?

Your dog might not like you for a myriad number of different causes, but don’t get too worried and don’t worry that the dog has fallen out of affection for you at once.

I’ll take you through some of the possibilities as to the reason your dog has suddenly stopped paying attention to you. However, be aware that it could be a mix of different reasons, as is clearly shown in the following.

Lack Of Training

I’m not aiming a poke at you! You could have invested lots of time and money in training your pet, or be making some improvement.
Did I follow the correct timing? The basic principal for dog trainers is the behavior that is rewarded will be repeated. Since dogs are beings that are in the present, when they don’t immediately reward them it could result in them thinking that they committed a mistake.

Do you think he’s taking pleasure in the treats I’m giving him? Don’t undervalue the value of a delicious snack! The majority of dogs are willing to do something if it’s worthy of the rewards.
Did I lose my temper? Keep in mind that when you are training with your pet, patience crucial. The slightest sound can be a problem for some dogs, so you must be gentle and calm when you are encouraging your dog to do certain actions.

They don’t see you as the pack leader

Remember that canines make up a pack. If your dog doesn’t perceive you as their leader and isn’t sure who to trust, they might resent certain of your instructions especially if they’re exhausted or tired.

Constantly reminding your dog that you’re in the lead and rewarding your dog for his behavior is the best method to build confidence. This will eventually lead to they obeying your instructions and considering you to be his pack leader.


If a dog is stressed, it’s normal to experience them shutting down completely. Naturally, they could exhibit physical signs of stress (tail in between the legs, shaking their feet, and so on.). They could also be sitting still and refusing to hear you. Dogs can be anxious for various motives, therefore be aware to be aware of these…

They’re losing their hearing

Certain dogs may appear to be looking away from you due to their hearing loss. It is common among dogs of older age like it is in older human beings, that their hearing loss gets worse as they age.

If your normally attentive and well-behaved dog appears to be disobeying you when you call, it could be an indication you’re hearing loss.
Why-Is-My-Dog-Suddenly-Ignoring-Me-3.jpgIf that’s the case, then you may need to modify the way it is you talk to your dog in order to ensure that they respond to your messages.

Why is My Dog Ignoring Me But Not My Partner?

It’s a great feeling to watch your beloved dog befriending with your companion, but this feeling could quickly be a heartache when you notice your dog preferring them to you.
Maybe you and your spouse took on the puppy with you, but you don’t receive the same amount of attention and affection from your partner.
In the event that it doesn’t have to do with any of you Why-Is-My-Dog-Suddenly-Ignoring-Me-1.jpgIt could be because your dog and you are of similar temperaments and make their relationship stronger within a brief time.
Certain breeds, like Rottweilers. Rottweiler are known to pick out one member of the family and shower them with love. But that doesn’t mean you can’t earn your dog’s admiration back, or be equally important to them as their companion.
Spend a few minutes observing your companion and observe the way they interact with your dog. Maybe they are spending the majority of their time in the home or playing with your dog. Do they happen to be the ones to feed your pet and refill your water bowl?
If you’re hoping to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog you’ll need to take part in these activities as your companion is. Therefore, when your companion is away, take the time to practice some rules with your pet. This will help you reconnect with your dog by playing.

Don’t let your pet play the role of a fun parent while you’re making the rules. Share these responsibilities evenly and most importantly, you should take time familiar with your dog.
Be patient and don’t get caught up in the end result but rather focus just enjoy the journey. I’m sure that your dog will be awestruck with an extended nap with you!

Final Thoughts?

You might be worried that your dog won’t have the affection anymore for you.
That’s why I’m trying to make it clear that a dog who is disinterested in you isn’t a liar or cares less about you. This behavior most of the time is a result of miscommunication, and fortunately it’s something you can change by doing the work.
In certain situations it’s necessary to form more trust or practice articulating your instructions in a clear and precise manner at the appropriate timing.

Maybe using the right treat could be the best way to increase your dog’s affection for your heart. Some dogs might prefer a toy then there are dogs that just need you to pay more focus on them!
Tell us about it whether you’ve ever had your dog ignore you or did you know how to convince them to pay attention to you?

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