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If you’ve ever taken your dog for an exercise, maybe you noticed that she seemed to be moving or walking on the side. Perhaps you observed your dog playing in the backyard and observed the similar phenomenon. Are you concerned? Do you need medical care? Not necessarily. Why-Is-My-Dog-Walking-Sideways-2.jpg Although sometimes there are medical reasons for a dog to walk sideways (often called “crabbing” or “sidewinding”), there are other far more normal reasons for this odd behavior. Going to the vet for a examined is an excellent idea at all times however, before you go take a look at some of the reasons not medical for sideways walking as well as a few solutions.

Non-Medical Reasons Why Dogs Walk Sideways

Some May Still Be Growing

What is the age of your dog? Perhaps a year or two? Younger? It is possible the fact that they’re legs growing. Similar to a teenager who might be a bit uncoordinated for a while as their body grows as do puppies and puppies. Similar to breeds with shorter bodies and longer legs, puppies’ growing legs are often caught up in each other. To prevent this from happening it is recommended that they move their back legs towards the side to avoid falling over their own feet. Chances are that if this is the reason for the dog’s “crabbing”, the behavior will decrease as they move into adulthood and begin to control their legs. Sometimes, however it isn’t always the case that they grow out of it and could remain an “crabber” for the rest of their lives.

Medical Reasons Why Dogs Walk Sideways

As we’ve mentioned before the sideways walk is typically not a problem. However, in some rare instances there could be a medical issue that causes your dog to exhibit an unusual walking. Certain medical conditions that could be the reason for the inclination to walk in a different direction include the following: structural imbalances nutritional deficiency Hip dysplasia (a form of hip dysplasia) socket joint and ball) Vestibular disorder (commonly seen in dogs of a certain age) Issues with the os, or the gland of the ear. problems Ear infections Undiagnosed pain (if the paw or leg is causing discomfort, they could be walking with a sideways motion to prevent the pain) Should you be concerned about any of the above or need to eliminate them, contact your veterinarian to set up an appointment. Because your dog isn’t able to tell you what is not right, it’s always safer to have your dog examined instead of assuming there is nothing incorrect.

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If your dog is walking around sideways does not necessarily mean that there is something that is wrong. If your dog’s behavior is unusual and you’re worried you might have a medical issue, consult your vet to rule out possible medical problems. For more information and to find out more about dog walking services that are professional Contact Paw Pals Pet Sitting online today.

Why is my dog walking sideways?

Let’s jump right into it! Your dog may be walking in a sideways direction for many reasons. The body may be bent and they could suffer from hip dysplasia or a dominant leg or an ear infection they may have pins and needles upon waking up, or simply be overly happy! There are many causes which range from minor issues to serious and even life-threatening problems. We will explore more details regarding these issues later on to help you better understand your dog’s behavior and the reason for going in the wrong direction.

Why your dog’s body is twisting when walking

The way your dog’s body is twisted when walking or running sideways while they advance will alter the way that your dog appears. It can appear as if they are off-balance or running like the shape of a crab or an c-shape. It is evident the way their bodies turn curved and bent and their back legs towards the side, as compared the front ones. The appearance of a dog that runs sideways is quite alarming, especially since it could look like an injury to the body or leg! Many of us aren’t able to think of pets suffering, and it isn’t easy to observe. Why-Is-My-Dog-Walking-Sideways-3.jpg We mentioned why your dog could be walking sideways earlier and have now covered what the twisting shape can look like. Let’s look at some of the causes more in depth and give the answers you need!

Are they suddenly walking sideways?

In general that crabbing or walking on the sideways isn’t usually a risk. However, there are instances when it may be a signal of something that is grave and requires medical care. It could indicate that your dog is suffering from an illness or structural or proportional discrepancy. If you’re a senior dog, for instance and they suddenly begin to wander it is recommended that you speak with your vet right away to have your dog checked. While it might be nothing to worry about however, it is better to be on the safe side in this instance, since it could be an indication of a serious health issue. Sometimes, it’s caused by something as easy as jumping off the couch and landing awkwardly, causing your pet to walk odd for a couple of days (like you’ve been having a legs at the fitness center). However, it’s best to consult a vet and provide you with assurance.


Odd movements such as sideways walks for dogs aren’t the time common. Dogs are born with a myriad of characteristics, some seeming distinct to them. And the way they move isn’t any unique. If you’ve been to an animal-friendly park that is brimming with dogs of all sizes and shapes and shapes, then you’ve probably witnessed this happening through your eyes. Although it can be a bit subtile, it’s often very easy to identify your dog’s personality through the way they walk regardless of whether they are in a distance, or when they are with dogs that look similar to yours. Why-Is-My-Dog-Walking-Sideways-1.jpg This is especially easy if your dog has a unique way of running that sets them apart from others. In addition, there’s no way to know what your dog might do when they are excited, with bizarre-looking zoomies as well as bizarre jumps in the air being an everyday event for all breeds.

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