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Don’t waste your time searching for what you think are the best feeders for finches because I’ve found the most useful and efficient ones and brought them to you.

Steel wire mesh feeders, as opposed to those built with a clear plastic tube, are my top pick for feeding yellow finches. Subtly incorporating yellow into the feeder’s base or top would allow it to serve a second use as an accessible bird tray. The bright yellow of the hanger serves to showcase the finch socks and attract the birds.

yellow finch feeder-3

An impractical finch feeder may seem like a waste of time to you, but to someone else it may be a priceless treasure.

A bird feeder stocked with thistle seeds will attract a wide variety of backyard birds, not just finches.

In order to accommodate the wide range of bird abilities at feeders, it’s important to provide many of perching options for the birds eating there.

You can use that money to get a yellow finch feeder with either a dowel perch or a bird seed tray with a perch, or both, as well as a steel metal black mesh that most birds tend to hold to easily.

A finch feeder is ideally hung from a tree branch, either by threading the metal ring down the branch or by hooking it over a bracket.

The finest feature of a finch feeder is one that can be taken apart quickly and easily for cleaning, as this will allow you to easily remove any thistle seed moisture that has built up inside the feeder.

Most people will choose a finch feeder based on how lovely it looks rather than how well it performs, and that’s OK if you’re planning to buy one of the feeders on my list.

All the included finch feeders are brightly colored to attract finches, so you can see at a glance that they are intended for finches.

Goldfinches prefer cloth socks or metal mesh wire for their bird houses.

Keep in mind that a finch feeder doesn’t have to be yellow in order to attract finches; rather, it just has to be filled with thistle seeds and made available to all kinds of bird feeder birds.

Made to store thistle seeds only

Finch feeders, which favor yellow tops or trays, are always suitable with thistle seeds, also known as Nyjer seeds.

Most members of the finch family consume thistles, so if you want to attract finches to your feeder, you’ll need to keep a supply of the tiny black seeds on hand.

Don’t be fooled by appearances; finches are perfectly capable of extracting thistle seeds from the tiny spaces between the black steel wire using only their bill.

The only way to stop thistle from escaping and wreaking havoc is to seal off any openings.

Several of the mentioned finch feeders have a bottom tray that can be removed and replaced with a variety of seed mixes, which is convenient because house finches will consume thistle seeds if given the choice but prefer sunflower seeds.

Finches can cling or perch

yellow finch feeder-2

Some finches, along with a number of other common bird species, may feel constricted by adhering to a thin wire mesh tube.

Although finches may be initially drawn to the feeder’s bright yellow color and try perching on its wire mesh, it may be preferable to provide them with alternative perching options.

As a result, the only type of bird seed dish I’d suggest giving any consideration to is a yellow finch feeder with a perch built from a doubled-up one-inch dowel.

The tray’s larger surface area and low profile make it ideal for finches, who prefer to eat while perched.

Thistle seeds can be spilled onto the tray, making it easier for all birds to consume from the feeder, and it can also be utilized as an extra perching spot.

Sunflower seeds, for instance, are a favorite of House Finches, so those can be regularly added to the bird seed tray.

Effective Finch Socks

While you may have seen that the majority of the finch feeders shown in yellow are constructed from a strong metal wire mesh tube, you shouldn’t overlook the Finch Socks.

Soft cloth is what I’m referring to, however I think the actual material is soft polyethylene.

The American Goldfinch, unlike other finches, prefers to perch on a soft surface, such as this pouch, rather than a cold, hard one, like a steel feeder.

Birds may easily extract thistle seeds by sticking their bills into one of the hundreds of holes while they cling to the plant.

Even though a finch sock is designed to be hung from a tree branch, its primary white color makes it easy to spot amongst foliage, and its yellow topper helps attract birds in a forested location, both of these features make it an extremely practical item.

Simple metal Hanger for hanging

yellow finch feeder

Each of my best yellow finch feeders has a stainless metal ring attached to their top, so they can only be hung from the ceiling.

One potential drawback of my featured finch bird feeders is that the simple loop may be awkward to loop over a branch without some sort of auxiliary hanging device.

A slender branch’s tip can be threaded with a loop, but a thick, long branch won’t likely accept this tiny ring. You’ll need to get used to using an extra hanger, or you could wrap a piece of wire around the branch instead.

Finch feeder rings are permanently attached to the feeder and cannot be removed.

Where a finch feeder would use a basic but difficult ring, a much larger hanger that can loop over anything is used. While the highlighted Finch Sock has a coated metal cord for hanging anywhere.

Featured Finch Feeders table

Product Name: Capacity: Type:
Perky-Pet – Shorty Finch Feeder 0.7lb Wire
Kaytee – Finch Station 2 0.7lb Sock
Belle Fleur – Mesh Finch Feeder 0.3lb Wire
Stokes Select – Finch Screen Thistle Feeder 1.1lb Wire
Stokes Select – Finch Thistle Feeder 0.6lb Wire
Gardman – Flip Top Thistle Finch Sock Feeder 1lb Sock
Nature’s Way – Funnel Flip Mesh Finch Feeder 1.5lb Wire
Woodlink – Audubon Finch Screen Tube 1lb Wire

Here are eight of the best finch feeders to think about; each one features yellow, a color that is especially attractive to American Goldfinches.

For your convenience, I have provided a summary of key features and specifications for each feeder.

But before you do, let me say that a few of the finch feeders on the list aren’t as huge as they initially appear; but, in a feeder designed to truly keep a little amount of thistle seeds, which can waste if not careful, size really isn’t necessary.

As such, I have provided a table above that details the ounce capacity of each featured finch feeder.

That fact alone ought to give you a good idea of the feeder’s size. And on the list of types, this just indicates whether or not the feeder is made of metal wire or is a Finch Sock.

Perky-Pet – Shorty Finch Feeder

The all-metal construction of this massive finch feeder explains why it costs so much.

This amazing yellow short finch feeder has to be among the finest finch bird feeders available today.

Shorty feeders have a lower capacity than their taller counterparts, hence the name.

This thistle feeder is large enough to accommodate several finches at once, so there’s no need to upgrade to a more capacious one.

This yellow finch feeder has a sturdy metal ring for hanging from a bird feeder pole, or you may use a length of chain or steel wire to suspend it from a tree’s limbs, creating a striking visual contrast with the tree’s green foliage.

When it’s time to restock with thistle seeds, twist the yellow top and pull it up and over. While the remaining wire mesh tube made of black steel can be easily twisted off for washing.

Finches can rest in the drainage holes of the wide thistle seed tray at the bottom, or they can cling to the wire, which serves as a roof and cover.

Kaytee – Finch Station 2

This feeder is more cost-effective since the metal wire has been swapped out with a fabric sock.

It’s a lot to take in, but I’ll do my best to describe what’s happening with my second-favorite finch feeder.

Many finches prefer a feeder that resembles a soft cotton sock to the more common wire steel mesh tube feeders.

Overcrowding, which can promote intraspecific conflict, is avoided because to this double-featured sock, which supplies food for a larger number of Goldfinches in particular.

Each mesh sock has a sturdy elastic band at the top that slots onto one of two funnels where the thistle seeds are refilled; after attachment, the bands must be tugged to ensure the socks don’t fall off.

And there you have it: a top-shelf finch sock feeder with a protective lid that lifts out of the way when you need to refill the feeder’s sock.

Belle Fleur – Mesh Finch Feeder

So I lied, the most expensive finch feeder isn’t the one you see here, but there’s a good reason for that: it doesn’t just feed finches.

There’s no way I could compile a “best of” list without include this incredible, versatile wire mesh finch feeder.

Let me list the finch species that can be seen eating from this feeder on a perch: Keep this feeder stocked with thistle seeds to attract a variety of birds, including Pine Siskins, Goldfinches, Lesser, Purple, and House Finches.

Finches aren’t the only birds that will drop by for a snack; chickadees, buntings, woodpeckers, dark-eyed juncos, and titmice are all regulars.

Some bird species simply cannot coexist at feeders that are too small or do not provide a perching place. As opposed to that, most birds may easily perch on the tray or dowels of this mesh finch feeder.

Stokes Select – Finch Screen Thistle Feeder

Affordable all-metal bird feeder perfect for thistle seed.

Finches will be drawn to the new, brightly colored bird feeder because of the ample perching space it provides.

This time around, you receive a finch feeder that’s made entirely of metal wire mesh.

For restocking, there’s a broad lid on top of the feeder that also serves as some sort of rain protection for the seeds inside.

A metal ring attached to the top of the lid allows you to hang it from virtually anywhere in the yard.

To get at the tiny black thistle seeds, finches will happily cling to the metal mesh wire; in exchange, finches prefer sunflower seeds, which can be left out in the open in the seed tray.

Finches may avoid your feeder since they have difficulty perching on the mesh, but the tray is easily accessible even for smaller birds.

The wire mesh, top, and bottom tray may all be removed for thorough cleaning.

Stokes Select – Finch Thistle Feeder

One of the least expensive and most aesthetically pleasing feeders was a bright yellow one.

This yellow metal roof may assist attract finches to your bright yellow bird feeder.

Finch thistle seed feeder with a smaller capacity, but nevertheless wonderfully crafted thanks to the contrast between the feeder’s black metal mesh and the yellow accents.

This feeder’s perches and other parts are all metal; there is no plastic to be found here.

Includes a large hanging ring and can be taken apart so it may be cleaned thoroughly.

Although this finch feeder looks much larger than it actually is, its lesser size is reflected in its more affordable price tag.

Though diminutive in size, finches won’t have any trouble finding a perch on the metal wire mesh, and the base’s removable tray means it can accommodate even more birds.

Gardman – Flip Top Thistle Finch Sock Feeder

This cheap plastic lid with a cloth sock attached is quite useful.

Gardman is a company that designs and produces bird feeders with a “flip top” lid, which may be opened and closed with no effort.

Because the wire mesh tube doesn’t appear to be present, this feeder appears to be really dull.

Because this time around, the Finch Sock has a sturdy plastic top, making it both effective and low-maintenance.

Each component is detachable in order to facilitate the internal cleaning required to remove thistle seeds and so prevent the onset of rot.

The only place yellow appears is on the lid, which is attached to a metal hook so that it can be hung from a tree or bracket.

You shouldn’t discount the utility of a cloth sock, or more exactly, what is precisely constructed in polyethylene, which finches find easier to hold onto.

Nature’s Way – Funnel Flip Mesh Finch Feeder

It’s more expensive than most feeders, but it’s also simple to use and has a huge capacity.

You’d probably agree that this seems more like a bird feeder, but the yellow and black wire mesh tube conceals a clever design that makes it simple to use.

This finch feeder has a long metal mesh from top to bottom, but the convenient refilling technique makes up for its length.

Replace thistle seeds easily by opening the lid, which also has a metal hanger.

Thistle seeds will attract finches and other birds, and filling it to capacity will maximize their dining area and provide you a better vantage point.

A plastic block is put into place from the inside, creating two layers of thistle seeds rather than a single thick layer.

Excellent for maximizing seed efficiency and preventing bird infestation.

Woodlink – Audubon Finch Screen Tube

This feeder is manufactured by a trusted company and is offered at a price that is surprisingly affordable considering its versatility.

Finally, I’ve reached the end of my discussion on the most effective “yellow” finch feeder now on the market.

This one is guaranteed to please thanks to the collaboration of two respected brands, Woodlink and Audubon.

Finches will stick their bills through the cage’s black metal wire mesh at any point, but the cage’s prominent yellow color will draw them in if it is hung from a lush green bush or tree.

You can hang this feeder from a bracket or a branch at any height you desire, providing you don’t waste any thistle seeds because the lid pulls up and is left dangling on a hook.

Because thistle seeds tend to coagulate at the bottom of a finch feeder, it’s designed with a removable base that can be unscrewed to allow for thorough cleaning every two weeks or so.

This tall, high-capacity feeder for thistle seeds is ideal for attracting finches and other small birds.

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