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The Best Bengal Cat Names: Great Bengal Name Ideas

Are you searching for an amazing Bengal Cat names? Whether you are searching for names that reflect the unique appearance, personality, or kitties that are just cute. There are lots of options that new Bengal cat parents can choose from. The best names for Bengal cats usually take into account their unusual appearance or their […]

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Best Orange Cat Names For All Ginger Felines

While cats come in many colors and shades, orange cats are quite famous around the world. Orange cats are sometimes referred to by breeders as yellow, marmalade, or ginger. Regardless of your cat’s color, you need to get him/her a good name. Read on to get beautiful names that will add to the striking appearance […]

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27 Common & Original REAL Cute Kitten Name Ideas

Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be quite an exciting time for you and your children. However, it can also be overwhelming given everything that you need to take care of from the gear required, vets, insurance, litter training, to finding potential cat sitters. Although all these things are crucial, coming up with […]

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The Best Cool Cat Names for Male And Female Cats

For most people around the world, pets are part of their life and this is why we have millions of precious kittens and cats worldwide. Just like other family members, it is essential that the name you give your new kitty suits them perfectly. There are countless names out there that can perfectly suit your […]

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Exotic Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics, Facts and Names

Exotic cats are relative newcomers in the cat breeds world and they originated when breeders mated Persians with American Shorthairs in the 1960s. This breed used to be called Sterling because of the striking silver color but was named Exotic instead. The Cat Fanciers Association legally recognized the Exotic breed name in 1967. Before naming […]