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The Ragamuffin Cat Breed Pictures-Information & Characteristics

If you see the Ragamuffin cat for the first time, you might think it is a Ragdoll, which is entirely understandable considering the two have many similarities. The cat also looks like a crossbreed of longhaired cats such as the Persians or other longhaired domestics. The other impression the cat gives is good health and […]

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The Highlander Cat Breed – Pictures , Information & Characteristics

Can your cat curl its ears? Does your cat like water a lot? If the answers are yes, you probably have a Highlander cat in your home or another breed closely related to the breed.  These unique features and traits are some of the things that set the overly friendly breed apart from the others. […]

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The Balinese Cat Breed – Information, History, & Characteristics

If you love blue-eyed cats, you will most likely fall head over heels in love with the Balinese cat. If you are familiar with the Siamese cat, seeing a Balinese for the first time might make you think you are looking at another with just a few differences. The breed has the same Siamese sophisticated […]

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9 Types Of Cats – List of Cat Breeds

Cats are the most popular pets in many families across the world. Some families keep even more than one cat at a time. They are a joy to have around because of their playful nature, ability to live cordially with humans and other pets, and immense intelligence, among other attributes. There are over 100 types […]