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Pet owners only want to provide their dogs with the best and most nutritional foods in the market. Some go for the most reputable brands, while others buy because of the ingredients in the formulas. Very few of the pet owners ask this question before buying their dog food. Which dog food has never been recalled?

Which Dog Food Has Never Been Recalled

The reason could be that food recalls do not necessarily mean that the recalled foods are not entirely suitable for the dogs. It also does not mean that because a specific brand does not have any recalls, all their food recipes are extremely good. In this article, we walk you through some of the dog foods in the market that have not had any recalls, but before then, let us look at what a food recall means.

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What Is A Dog Food Recall?

When there is a food recall, it means that consumers or buyers have issues with the product. The problems could be in the form of complaints or from test results of a particular product. After detecting the issues or concerns, the public or buyers of the product then get a public announcement advising them to discontinue buying the product. In short, the product gets a recall, which can be either voluntary or issued by the FDA.

Dog Foods That Have Never Been Recalled


Fromm is one of the most reputable dog food brands in the world. The family-owned firm is currently in its 5th generation and proudly one of the brands with a recipe that has no recall as of today. Fromm Adult Gold Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food is a recipe for large breed dogs weighing 50 plus pounds and above. It comes with quality ingredients such as real Wisconsin cheese, added cartilage, viable probiotics, and prebiotics and omega fatty acids to provide balanced nutrition.

The USA-based company makes their dog recipes in small batches. Ingredients in the recipes are all natural, made in a controlled environment, and come in different types, all geared at meeting the nutritional needs of the dogs of all breeds and through all life stages of growth.


Signature is another reputable firm from New Zealand that boasts of quality raw foods for dogs from all breeds and stages of life. Pet owners that rarely have enough time to prepare raw diets for their pet dogs find the brand products handy as they come with ready to eat meals that the dogs love. The food product from Zignature with no recall yet is the Zignature Dry Dog Food that comes in a 27-pound bag.

The limited ingredient diet is one of the healthiest formulas in the market that keeps your dog happy and active at all ties. It contains lamb as the primary protein source and a rich assortment of other ingredients that include minerals and vitamins that provide the dog with all the nutrition it needs. The grain-free formula is ideal for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It is hypoallergenic, and all the ingredients are from natural sources.

Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic Canine Chicken Meal Feast  that comes in 26.4 lbs bag is another quality dog food with no food recalls to date. The grain-free formula contains no wheat, soy, peas, corn, rice, or lentils. It has high levels of probiotics and enzymes that help to promote and support a healthy digestive system. The meal does not contain any ingredients from China, and the multiple proteins provide smooth and comfortable rotation.

All the ingredients are 100% natural, with no added minerals or synthetic vitamins. Nature’s Logic as a company prides itself on manufacturing quality recipes using the wholesome approach to their production of the diets. The company does not cut any corners or limit the quality of their ingredients in preparing meals that dogs deserve.

Nature’s Recipe

Nature’s Recipe is another dog food company that produces formulas centered on the health of the dog, which includes digestion, coat, and skin. The limited ingredient recipes of the brand contain pure essentials that help to cater to the dog’s sensitive stomach. The Nature’s Recipe Easy to Digest Dry Dog Food that features lamb and sweet potato, alongside pumpkin ingredients, is a grain-free recipe that comes in a 24-pound bag.

The formula that does not any recalls also includes vitamins and minerals that complete the nutrient balance of the meal. It does not have any added preservatives, wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or poultry by-products.


NomNomNow  is a new brand in the market that provides freshly made dog feeds that contain essential ingredients for the overall health of the dog. The company also operates in a new space that meets all the standard requirements for safety.

The reason behind any lack of food recall o any of the company’s products could probably be due to their new entrance in the market, which may require more time to judge the products. Besides that, everything the company produces is highly commendable for pet owners and their dogs.

What Happens When a Product is recalled?

What Happens When a Product is recalled

A series of events take place after the recall of a food product. The regulating bodies that include FDA, and USDA, investigate the dangers and safety of the products before declaring it or them not fit for consumption. In some rare cases, the companies also recall the products after receiving many complaints from their customers.

The next step is to pull the product from all the shelves and notify the consumers about the recall. The manufacturers then offer the consumers several options that include a refund or replacement for the recalled food product. A question you may ask regarding recalled products is where they go afterward.

Some of the manufacturers destroy the products by incinerating them or dumping them in landfills, while others rectify the faults and put the food recipes back on the shelf. In some rare cases, unscrupulous traders resell the products under different names to make a quick buck, which is entirely illegal, but it happens.

What You Should Do If You Have Fed Your Dog With Recalled Dog Food

If you buy and start feeding your dog with food that you later discover has a recall, you should stop further feeding of the diet. After that, discard whatever remaining food you have but keep a small portion of it in case you will need to take it for further testing. Start to make gradual diet changes for your dog but feed it with a mixture of rice and half a hamburger for two days at the most.

From there, start mixing more substantial amounts of food of a new food product for a week or two until you are sure that the dog adapts well to the fresh food. To be on the safe side, you can add plain pumpkin to the mix for easy digestion of the new diet. Call the manufacturer for a refund of your money or a replacement for the meal.

Wrapping it up

It is scary when you buy a dog formula, start feeding the dog with it, only to learn of a recall. The first reaction is that of worry because you do not know how much damage the food passes on to the dog. If such a thing happens, do not hesitate to take your pet for a complete checkup to clear off any doubts you may have of health damages.

Not all recalls lead to adverse effects, especially when it comes to dog formulas. The worst that can happen are digestive issues, and that leads to loose stools and allergies.

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