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It’s not hard to imagine lots of amusement. Particularly when we were children. We would howl every time we passed an animal and they begin to do the same. Sometimes, we can see the expression of confusion on the dog’s face. If we could listen to their thoughts, it could be something along the lines of “but you’re not an animal. What is your reason for speaking to me”. As time passes you realise that the expression of amazement you observe isn’t something to be taken for granted.
Particularly if you’ve recently adopted a dog as your own. As you become close to the dog it becomes apparent that they’re panicking when you begin crying. They are in an uneasy state and their unsteady actions suggest that they’re trying to determine what’s happening, while they yell in your direction.
The most straightforward explanation for the reason your dog is frightened is because you’re acting in a strange manner for your pet. Your dog is aware that it’s not normal for you to cry and scream, therefore he or she is thinking. It’s either that something is wrong with you or that something is extremely wrong with him/her. Whatever the case, there’s lots of confusion regarding the message that is being transmitted and that’s why our beloved dogs get scared.
Now you know the fact that dogs can be social creatures. They are part of an extended line of wolf ancestors who were accustomed to living in pack. They hunt, eat and breed together.


1.Dog Ancestry.

We don’t really think about it too much However, as we said in the previous paragraph, our beloved pets are part of an extensive lineage of Wolf predecessors. DNA evidence suggests that there is a strong relationship between our modern dogs as well as the ancient wolf. It’s interesting, and evidently because of the centuries and decades in domestication. Their roles as well as their relationship to humans have changed significantly. However, some wolf traits are the same.
One of the characteristic is the ability to howl. Wolves have been heard howling since the beginning of time as a method of life and for sending various signals to one another. It is deeply ingrained into their DNA that it is now an automatic part of their lives. In the same way that humans begin to yawn , subconsciously everyone else within the room will begin to mimic the behavior.
It’s obvious that most times our dogs’ screaming isn’t voluntary. If our dogs were able to speak and talk, we’re sure they’d say the same. They don’t even know the reason behind it. Since it has assisted them to survive for several years, why should they to stop now?

2.To communicate.

In the past, in the earliest times the wolves would howl as a method of telling that a lost animal was in their territory or warn them when an animal has encroached on their territory. The use of howling is also used to show their current position as a method of counting, and to ensure that every member of the pack is safe.
In modern times the concept has not changed. Dogs can be heard howling to indicate their location. They use it to determine that they are near or far away from you. That’s one reason why it may seem strange to the person who is hearing it that they can be seen yet still let them howl in the face of nothing that seems to be wrong.
The use of howling is also used to convey a sense of sadness, as you’ll find out in the next section.


3.Separation Anxiety

It is a common issue for dogs of all breeds particularly those who aren’t adequately trained. Separation anxiety refers to a situation that causes dogs to become very stressed when they are not with the pet’s parents. They are known to display many bad behavior. These actions can include but are not only damaging furniture at home, peeing and urinating in the wrong spots chewing off your footwear, barking, and yes you’ve heard that “howling”.
It is evident that all of the other harmful actions can be performed in silence, but when a dog is heard to howl and screams, the pain, anxiety and sadness experienced by the dog in the moment are displayed. Velcro canines are generally more susceptible to anxiety about separation and will howl frequently when left on their own.

4.Injury or Sickness.

In the past the times were extremely dangerous for both animals and humans. As we mentioned previously, wolves would always move in groups, however there were occasions that something could break the wolf from his pack. One might get trapped in the trap. A third could be injured when hunting larger prey. Another could become in a state of illness due to an immune system weak at this moment. What can the wolf do in this situation? The animal howls in its frustration and discontent in that moment. It is trying to inform others in the pack what they are experiencing and perhaps get the needed health.
In the present time, our pets are known to howl to signal to us, indicating that something may be wrong. If you observe that your dog is beginning to be talking to him/herself or herself more frequently than usual, it’s best to consult your veterinarian.


Why does my dog freak out when I howl?

Dogs who howl in order to attract attention, to communicate with other dogs and to signal their presence. The sound of your howl announces your presence, and at certain levels, it communicates the stress or excitement of your dog. The dog is responding in a manner that is appropriate. Be careful as this could result in him screaming overly when you’re not at home.

Is it OK to howl with your dog?

I’m of the opinion that it’s acceptable, so long as it’s not a behavior that you want to encourage. It’s possible to lose its appeal in time. It is a sign of positive attention.

Is Howling stressful for dogs?

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are often noticed by their neighbors as they howl when their owners are not around which can result in a loud display. However, dogs suffering from separation anxiety or other types of behavioral issues are typically stressed and anxious. They shout for help or to attract attention from their owners.

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