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As a dog-owner you’re probably familiar with your dog’s desire to eat various things. However you may notice that your dog is beginning to eat the soil of the potted plants you have You might be contemplating whether this is a cause of anxiety.


Your dog may be eating the soil in pots of plants for a variety of reasons, such as boredom, anxiety, or even more serious digestive problems. While this isn’t an uncommon behaviour, it’s best to prevent your pet from doing this due to the possibility that they may ingest pesticides or inhale parasites.

Potting soil eating dogs isn’t a common phenomenon, but it is something that will have to be removed. Continue reading to learn more about the causes behind the dog’s appetite change and discover strategies to prevent your pet from eating soil that is gathered from your plants.

Behavioral Reasons Why Dogs Eat Soil From Plant Pots

While it may not look to be the most appealing snack, potting soil is a source of several factors that attract your pet. A few of these stem from the way your dog conducts himself.


One reason your dog may resort to eating potting soil could be because the dog is bored. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures so should your dog not receive enough stimulation in the forms of games or other activities it could begin to eat soil when there’s nothing else that is readily available.

Wish For Attention

Your dog is your most loyal admirer, and they could be eating potting dirt because they’ve learned that you are paying attention when they do this.

This may sound counterintuitive however, even if you discipline your dog you’re still giving them the attention they are looking for. Furthermore, if eating pots of soil leads you to chase your dog, or take part in other activities the dog may consider this to be part of a game that is fun.


The Taste

Your dog may enjoy dirt’s smell in particular if the pot soil is located near the kitchen, grill, or any other location that could be in some way contaminated with food.

The soil is full of interesting smells for dogs, so they could consider potting soil appealing to their diets , or begin to develop a love to it.

Why does my dog eat dirt from my potted plants?

Possible Explanations. Dogs are known to eat dirt for various reasons. The urge to eat dirt could be due to boredom or stress, or it may simply be due to the smell of something delicious hidden in the dirt. It could also be a sign of an issue with health that is not apparent or an insufficient nutrition, according to the American Kennel Club(AKC).

How do I stop my dog from eating potted soil?

Make sure that potted plants are away from reach If your dog has a habit of eating the dirt that is left on potted houseplants be sure to keep them from reach. Try spraying the plants with a flavor deterrent. If you find your dog attempting to get near the plant, tell the dog to sit.

Is it bad for dogs to eat potting soil?

It’s very harmful to dogs to eat dirt or soil that is a part of the potted plant. The dog affected will be unharmed in terms of health however, they will not gain any nutritional benefit and could end up developing an extremely unhelpful habit and an addiction that is difficult to get rid of.

How do I stop my dog from eating my plants?

The first step is to try the traditional both negative and positive reinforcement. When you spot your dog coming towards your plants, say “no” to get their attention. If your dog begins to move towards the plants, you must give them a kindly sound, some treats or even their preferred toy.

What happens if a dog eats soil?

As you would be able to imagine, there are dangers for letting your dog continuously consume dirt. The most significant one is impaction of the intestines when your dog is eating many meals at one time. Impaction usually means surgery. “The dirt could also contain pesticides, fertilizers, or other toxins that could reach toxic levels if enough dirt was ingested,” Dr.

How do you test for pica in dogs?

Finding out if you have pica is by visiting a vet typically the procedure involves assessing the levels of cobalamin and folate as well as performing an TLI (trypsin-like immunoreactivity) test to test for pancreatic function. It is also possible to have X-rays when there is concern of an GI obstruction or to rule out possible causes for pica.

What are symptoms of pica?

Pica Symptoms and Characteristics Nausea. The stomach is aching (or abdominal cramps that can suggest an obstruction in the intestinal tract) Constipation. Diarrhea. Stomach ulcers (which could cause blood in the stool) Signs that lead is poisoning (if paint chips containing lead are consumed).


Why do dogs eat flowers and plants?

Your dog could be eating plants due to a number of different reasons, which is similar to reasons why they enjoy eating grass. Certain plants can be tasty and your dog could be suffering from a nutritional deficit or they might be nauseated or gassy, and are looking to ease the symptoms or be bored.

How do I keep my dog from digging in my flower pots?

Make cotton balls dipped in clove oil, then place them under the soil of the pots of your plants. This is a deterrent. Put pine cones on the soil’s surface. The pine cones can reduce the enjoyment for your pet to dig into the planter.

Why does my dog eat and lick dirt?

One of the most common reasons pets eat dirt is because they’re bored. This is especially true when your pet has to be left in the garden or yard all day long. Typically, dogs who are bored create repetitive routines as a means of entertaining themselves. This includes chewing, licking and eating odd things.

Why is my dog suddenly eating leaves?

The habit of eating leaves could be part of your dog’s basic nature, but it could be a sign of other health issues or nutritional deficiencies, and even boredom. Although leaves can be rich in fiber, they’re not nutritious and do not add value to the diet of your dog in any way.

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