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Do you like the flavor of cinnamon when used in cooking or baking?

Meethi, my pet parrot, enjoys being cuddled while I drink my morning latte with a dash of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is another flavoring ingredient that I enjoy using into my meals.

Can Birds Eat Cinnamon

Many people report feeling healthier after consuming the spice.

But the enigma remains

Is it possible for parrots to eat cinnamon?

The short answer to that question is yes.

Parrots can eat cinnamon with no worries.

Everything you ever wanted to know about cinnamon and parrots can be found in this article.

If you want to learn more, read on!

What Is Cinnamon?

Can Birds Eat Cinnamon-2

The inside bark of Cinnamomum trees is where you’ll find this aromatic spice.

Used as a seasoning, it can be found in many dishes.

Originating in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.

Since 2100 BC, it has been used to alleviate symptoms such as a sore throat, achy joints, and a persistent cough.

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages cinnamon has for your health.

Influencing blood sugar levels 

Diabetic people can benefit from cinnamon because of its ability to control blood sugar levels. Our feathery buddies receive the same advantages.

Excellent, and especially useful for senior parrots.

Improving fungal infections

The rising body of scientific evidence in support of aromatherapy has contributed to its recent surge in popularity.

Some research suggests that Candida and other bloodstream fungal infections can be helped by using cinnamon oil.

This helps protect your parrot from painful infections.

Treating chronic wounds 

Cinnamon’s many bactericidal and therapeutic antibacterial components are yet another of its many wonderful qualities.

This can assist in treating any chronic wounds and infections your feathered companion could have.

Preventing cancer

Last but not least, cinnamon’s anticancer and antitumor characteristics help lower oxidative stress in the body, making it a great spice to include in your diet.

Doesn’t that prove that cinnamon is the best sweetener ever!

Here’s the Deal: Can Parrots Eat Spices?

When I first got a parrot, one of my first concerns was whether or not the bird would like spicy foods.

So I did what any kind pet owner would do.

I contacted my vet! 

It turns out this is a frequent inquiry among those who keep parrots.

To answer your question, parrots can safely consume some spices.

Here, I’ll go through a few seasonings that are totally secure for your feathered pal.

Check out these tasty spices that are completely risk-free for your parrot:

  1. Cayenne Pepper 
  2. Cinnamon 
  3. Garlic Powder 
  4. Paprika 
  5. Bay Leaf 
  6. Barberry Root 
  7. Basil 
  8. Burdock root 
  9. Chicory root
  10. Cloves
  11. Turmeric

This list only contains commonly used spices.

You can still feed your parrot a variety of seasonings.

Is Cinnamon Poisonous To Parrots?

Cinnamon is not harmful to parrots in any way and can be given to your bird without worry.

The fact that it can improve your parrot’s health in a number of ways is quite promising.

Some of the many benefits that cinnamon sticks offer your bird include the following:

  • There are numerous positive effects on health.
  • They find the flavor to be rather tasty, especially in parrots.
  • It will provide hours of cerebral stimulation for your parrot.
  • It’s a great way to spice up your bird’s food and keep things interesting for your feathered friend.

Here’s a List of Foods Unsafe for Parrots 

Can Parrots Eat Cinnamon

Have a look.

  1. Avocado 
  2. Caffeine 
  3. Cocoa or Chocolate 
  4. Foods high in Sodium 
  5. High-fat foods 
  6. Certain fruit seeds and pits 
  7. Garlic and onions 
  8. Xylitol and other artificial sweeteners 
  9. Mushrooms 
  10. Tomato leaves 
  11. Anything that contains alcohol
  12. Dried beans 

If you’re not sure if a certain food is safe for your bird, it’s best to ask your vet.

Always with your avian vet before giving your bird a new diet.

Wrapping Up 

Have you found the solution to your problem?

Sure, cinnamon is safe for parrots to ingest.

It’s also great as a snack for your feathery pal.

Manganese, iron, calcium, and dietary fiber can all be found in abundance in cinnamon.

In addition to entertaining your feathered companion, it can help ease the discomfort of arthritis.

Do you ever use cinnamon with your parrot?

Do you give your parrot cinnamon?

Leave a comment and tell me!

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