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It’s a common misconception that birds can’t eat rice, so it follows that they probably won’t eat rice cakes, either.

Truth be told, neither of those assumptions is correct.

Neither rice nor rice cakes are toxic to birds.

Feeding hungry birds rice cakes is a real possibility.

Here in this article, we’ll be discussing:

  • Can birds safely eat rice cakes?
  • Does anyone know if birds get sick from eating rice?
  • Is it possible for birds to consume rice krispies?
  • When in doubt, don’t feed the birds!

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Are Rice Cakes OK For Birds? (Benefits Of Rice Cakes) 


It’s natural to question if birds can consume rice cakes, given how common they are in human diets.

Does the old wives’ tale that birds can’t digest rice also apply to rice cakes?

It’s a common urban legend that birds can’t digest rice, but this is untrue.

Birds have no problems eating them.

Birds can enjoy rice cakes just as much as humans can.

But since salt is bad for birds, it’s best to give them unsalted rice cakes.

Feeding rice cakes to your bird has several advantages.

Rice cakes are simple to keep on hand and make for a healthy and convenient snack.

Rice cakes can be a fun way to mix up your bird’s diet and provide a welcome change of pace.

It’s not meant to take the place of pellets or seeds as the primary diet, but it’s delicious as a treat now and then!

To keep your bird happy in between meals, try offering it some rice cakes.

Feeding your bird a rice cake as a snack before dinner might stave off hunger pangs until mealtime.

The fact that it’s also relatively healthful makes it a great snack.

It’s not hard to eat this snack, either.

In addition to keeping your bird’s stomach content, this supplement won’t interfere with its regular food.

Incorporate fresh produce into your birds’ diet.

Is Rice Harmful To Birds?

There has been talk that rice is bad for birds for quite some time.

According to this urban legend, birds will perish if they eat uncooked rice because it will rupture in its stomach and kill it.

As a result of this urban legend, many have avoided throwing rice at weddings.

Happily, this belief is unfounded; birds have no trouble eating either cooked or raw rice.

Birds eat primarily seeds and grains, therefore rice is merely another type of these foods.

Can Birds Eat Rice Krispie Cereal?


Cereals are a popular choice for bird food because they are primarily composed of grains.

Birds can be given a variety of human foods, including Rice Krispies.

In fact, due to its lower sugar level compared to other brands, Rice Krispies cereal is typically regarded as a preferable form of cereal to feed birds.

Birdseed should be whole grain and low in sugar content.

Make sure there are no unhealthy additives like marshmallows or chocolate in the cereal.

This means that you may feel good about offering birds a snack of Rice Krispies.

The cereal’s crunchiness may also entice birds.

What Should You Not Feed Birds?

You shouldn’t give birds any of these things.

Due to their vastly different anatomy, birds cannot safely consume the same wide range of foods as humans.

Before introducing a new meal to your bird, it is vital to find out if it is safe for birds to eat.

What, therefore, are some foods that you definitely shouldn’t give your bird?

  • Bread: This one could come as a surprise to some. It’s not uncommon to see people giving bread to birds in the wild. This is not inherently poisonous, but bread has almost no nutritional value and primarily serves to make the bird full, which prevents the bird from consuming its natural diet.
  • Bacon — In theory, this could be a good idea because of the protein in bacon, but in practice, it is one of the worst things you can feed a bird. To begin, the sodium content of bacon is high, and too much salt can be fatal to some bird species. Second, nitrates and other chemicals found in bacon pose health risks.
  • The persin in avocados is toxic to birds. Although there are some bird species that can continue eating avocados without any bad effects, it’s probably advisable to avoid giving avocados to birds just in case.
  • Milk – birds cannot digest milk since their digestive systems are not adapted to it. Depending on the bird, milk can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even death.

Wrapping Up

You can supplement a bird’s diet with a wide array of foods to increase its diversity and health.

Rice cakes are an easy addition to the snack list.

Though they shouldn’t be fed in place of a proper meal, rice cakes might be a welcome midday treat if you notice your budgie displaying signs of hunger.

However, there are several things you shouldn’t give your bird at all, including avocados and milk.

Figuring out what you may and cannot feed your bird can be a difficult and frustrating process.

Always make sure to check your facts!

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