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The cockatiel is a fantastic little bird.

They can be very noisy and love to play.

The subject of whether or not cockatiels have ears is one that may be asked by new owners.

That’s for sure!

They have ear openings on both sides of their heads that look like funnels from where we’re standing, but we can’t see them since they’re hidden under their hair.

Their ears sit behind and somewhat below their eyes.

The only way to view their ears is if they ruffle their feathers.

This is it!

Indeed, cockatiels possess auditory organs.

You should read on since we’ll be discussing cockatiels‘ ears in greater depth.

Can You See a Cockatiels Ear

Do Cockatiels Have Good Hearing?

Despite their lack of external ear canals, cockatiels have very acute hearing.

High and low sounds are easily detected by them.

Do Cockatiels Like Loud Noises?

When we talk about loud noises, this is a really context-specific issue.

The presence of cockatiels, who are notoriously loud birds, should not be cause for concern in a particularly noisy home.

To avoid frightening your cockatiel, avoid playing loud music in close proximity to its cage.

Can You See a Cockatiels Ear?

A cockatoo’s ear is hidden by its feathers, as I explained before.

This is because it is covered by their feathers.

Feathers must be fluttered in the air for viewing.

Due to the fact that cockatiels, unlike humans, lack external auditory canals, the gap can easily be seen.

Perhaps you are pondering

Why Don’t Cockatiels Have Ears Like Us Humans?

Ears on birds are always in the form of a funnel.

Flying birds can tell the difference between sounds coming from above, below, or at the same level as them thanks to the unique shape of their ears.

Read up on bird ears at birdspot.com.

Do Birds Have Ear Holes?

Can You See a Cockatiels Ear-3

They are not porous

Feathers, and not just any feathers; these feathers are delicate and known as auriculars, cover the funnel-shaped ear openings on either side of their heads.

Since birds are constantly in flight, their feathers not only shield their hearing, but also reduce wind noise.

Wrapping Up

This is it!

Even though you can’t see their ears, cockatiels do have them; these feathers are called auriculars.

They do not have ears like ours.

This opening resembles a funnel in profile.

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