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Among those who are interested in keeping a bird as a pet, parrots have long been a favorite.

If you’re dead set on getting a parrot, you should know that there are literally hundreds of different species available.

Not all parrots are suitable for inexperienced bird owners; in fact, some can be quite territorial and aggressive.

Eclectus parrots are a kind of the numerous parrot species.

This kind of parrot has risen to prominence as a result of its intelligence, beauty, and endearing nature.

A few Eclectus parrot owners have told me their birds become violent around breeding time, and I have to say that this is partially accurate.

Even though female eclectus are known to be more possessive and aggressive than their male counterparts, these animals are universally regarded as kind, affectionate, and excellent pets.

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  • Can you get bit by an Eclectus parrot?
  • Could an Eclectus parrot be hostile?
  • How challenging are Eclectus parrots?
  • Are they appropriate for first-timers?

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Do Eclectus Parrots Bite? 

Eclectus Parrot Aggression

Some bird species, like electus parrots, actually have quite brief hormonal periods.

At this time of year, they can get rather hostile and even bite.

These parrots are quite territorial and will fight any intruders they deem to be in their territory.

Electus parrot females are said to be more combative and possessive than their male counterparts.

They are not the best pets for first-timers because their behavior can range from assertive to aggressive.

Because they are more vulnerable during mating season, extra caution should be exercised around these birds at this time of year.

Eclectus parrots are beautiful, social birds, yet they can be aggressive owing to hormone surges.

In order to save their young, the birds will aggressively defend their nest.

Are Eclectus Parrots Mean? 

Both the male and female eclectus may be identified immediately.

Male parrots are typically a bright emerald green, and female eclectus parrots are more typically a vibrant scarlet.

Many bird owners take pride in their feathered friend’s unique coloring.

The females, with their fiery red feathers, are more prone to violence and rage when they are experiencing their hormonal changes.

Male eclectus are typically quiet and submissive.

In any case, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that they’re just terrible companion birds.

In reality, they make excellent bird friends due to their extreme levels of affection.

Besides being highly intelligent, they also have a tendency to talk a lot.

Ekkies are ideal among youngsters because of their amiability and kind nature.

Are Eclectus Parrots Difficult? 

Eclectus Parrot Aggression-2

Keeping birds as pets is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun.

You might be thinking about getting an electus parrot or two because they are among the most popular bird species to keep as pets.

A person who has an eclectus parrot would say that caring for the bird is both easy and tough.

Electus parrot care, like bird care in general, varies greatly depending on the owners’ ability, capability, and tolerance.

Just so you know, male ekkies are generally thought to make better pets than female ekkies.

Female eclectus are more prone to aggression than their male counterparts, who are typically calm and placid.

When these parrots reach sexual maturity, they also exhibit a set of behaviors that most owners find challenging to deal with.

The eating process for an ekki can be particularly messy for the bird.

This type of parrot is not for you if you have a low tolerance for messes made by animals.

But on the plus side, they are incredibly smart and straightforward to teach.

Are Eclectus Parrots Good For Beginners? 

Eclectus Parrot Aggression-3

Having and caring for birds is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Life expectancy is high, making it important to provide for their nutritional needs, social needs, and other wants over the course of their lengthy lives.

Look for species that are considered to be “beginner-friendly” if you are new to owning birds.

You might be asking if you can get an Eclectus parrot as a first pet, given how common parrots of this kind are.

If you’re thinking about becoming a bird owner for the first time, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of the decision and assess whether or not you’re ready to take on the responsibility.

The ekki is a normally placid and mild bird, but during breeding season, you may find it to be quite aggressive.

They are very easy to train because of their high intelligence.

It’s important to keep in mind that a lot will depend on how well you teach them skills like behavior management.

Eclectus parrots are especially sensitive to noise and tend to be easily stressed.

See if you can also provide them with a good setting in which to live out their days in peace and comfort.

Also, they are notoriously reticent, making it difficult for a novice like you to decipher their true emotions and social standing. Overall, the commitment, knowledge, and enthusiasm to learn more will determine how challenging it is to own eclectus parrots.

The decision to adopt one should not be made lightly.

They can be great first pets if you’re ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a bird.

Wrapping Up 

Eclectus parrots are beautiful to look at and make excellent pets.

As a result of their aggressive tendencies, including as biting and plucking, many owners come to consider them as hostile birds.

Despite this, they are only violent and possessive when mating.

Birds have a natural impulse to defend their territories, especially during times of hormonal surge.

However, despite their size, these parrots make fantastic pets since they are so docile and friendly.

Because of how receptive they are to training, even extreme aggressive behavior can likely be contained.

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