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Parakeets, or Budgies, as they are commonly known, are extremely well-liked by bird owners.

True enough. Budgerigars are chatty, colorful, playful, and gregarious birds (as much as any other talking parrot).

These cute tiny avians are considered “beginning birds” because of how simple they are to care for.

If you already have a chirpy little budgie, or are thinking about getting one, you should definitely know what a budgie eats, how often it eats, and what its daily needs are.

The majority of budgie owners have wondered

How long do budgies sleep?

How Long Do Budgies Sleep

You might want to stay if you’ve been clicking through pages of search results on Google to learn about the evening habits of your parakeet.

To help you make sure your budgie gets a good night’s rest, we’ll explain everything you need to know about budgie sleep habits.

The Budgie Sleep Cycle – How Long Do Budgies Sleep?

To what extent do budgies necessitate slumber?

Birds require between 12 and 13 hours of sleep per day.

If your budgie isn’t getting enough shut-eye, you might find it’s acting grumpy.

Perhaps even more unexpectedly, birds can enter the breeding phase if their rest is inadequate.

However, before you go into full-on panic mode, keep in mind that captive budgies are not likely to have the same circadian rhythms as their wild counterparts.

Much of a bird’s existence is regulated by the sun since, like Count Dracula, birds are photosensitive. Wild birds, for instance, have been observed to retire to sleep after sunset and wake up at sunrise.

Also, budgies tend to mate in the warmer months of the year, when there is more daylight to go around.

We don’t mean to overwhelm you with budgie trivia, but you should know that the time of day has a major impact on your parakeet’s propensity to nod off.

Your feathered companion will have trouble sleeping if you put its cage in a room that gets a lot of light (either from windows or artificial lighting).

We know you can’t stay alive in total darkness, and we certainly wouldn’t want that for you.

You may assist your parakeet maintain its regular sleep schedule by providing it with a sleep cage (something like this) and placing it in a quiet area.

Keep your budgie on a regular routine for its sleep and wake times.

What Time Do Budgies Sleep?

How Long Do Budgies Sleep-2

Do you recall that we mentioned the sun plays a significant role in birds’ daily lives?

The time of year is the most important factor in determining whether or not your budgie should be put to sleep.

You may think we’re crazy, but in the summer, when the sun rises and sets at its leisure, your budgie may actually wake up sooner in the morning.

Because there are less hours of daylight in the winter, your bird will want to sleep in a little bit later.

When determining your pet’s bedtime, it’s also important to think about when it’s quietest around the house.

Getting your budgie to calm down before 8 o’clock at night may prove challenging if your household is often full of activity.

Your budgie will get the best night’s sleep if you put it to bed after dark, or whenever your household routine becomes more tranquil.

My Budgie Is Puffed Up And Sleepy – Should You Be Worried?

When your budgie is attempting to unwind or stay warm, it’s only normal for it to puff up.

In truth, budgies often puff up when they are aroused, in need of a bath, or simply trying to get their feathers to lie flat.

For this reason, you might observe your little songbird puffing up at night as it prepares for sleep.

However, a trip to the vet is in order if your budgie’s puffiness persists throughout the day and is accompanied by other symptoms such as rapid breathing, wheezing, lethargy, loss of appetite, or excessive slumber.

Do Budgies Sleep During The Day?

How Long Do Budgies Sleep-3

Taking short naps throughout the day is quite normal for your bird as a pet.

Don’t worry that you’re disrupting your budgie’s natural sleep cycle due of its napping habits; it’s only trying to live its life regularly.

If your parakeet had a difficult night or if its regular sleep routine was disrupted, it is more likely to take a nap during the day (i.e., you hosted a party at your home).

Do Budgies Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

If your budgie is comfortable and content, it will likely close its eyes and lie on its back to rest.

If your budgie sleeps in what would be an orthopedic nightmare for you, rest assured that this is just how budgies do it.

If, on the other hand, your budgie is showing no signs of settling down for the night, it may be because it is either lonely or scared.

Do Budgies Need Darkness To Sleep?

A parakeet’s internal clock is calibrated to follow the sunrise and sunset.

For this reason, total darkness is required for your budgie to get some shut-eye.

Make sure your budgie gets some shut-eye by covering its cage or dimming the lighting in the room it resides in. In general terms, it looks like this

Can Budgies Sleep With Noise?

Because of their high sensitivity to noise, budgies won’t be able to go asleep peacefully if they hear any rustling or other activity in the night.

The temperament of your budgerigar will determine whether or not it is bothered by loud noises in the background.

Even if there isn’t complete silence, a parakeet may eventually learn to associate a particular sound with sleep.

In this piece, I elaborate.

How Do Budgies Sleep?

We want to make sure our baby birds are happy and healthy at all times, but especially when they are sleeping, so we check on them frequently.

Sleep is essential for budgies.

If not, they may develop a bad attitude.

Now, tell me, how do these lovable budgies actually rest?

In this article, we will discuss three potential issues.

It looks like your parakeet is taking a break by resting on one leg.

Certainly, they like a one-legged snooze.

Not sure how they can relax in those situation, but that’s life!

This is done to reduce heat loss through their featherless legs, which is a really neat adaptation.

Their four toes are placed in such a way that they have a firm grip on the perch, swing, or cage bar, so you don’t have to worry about their slipping.

Both of your eyes are closed.

Although it goes without saying, it’s important emphasizing that

In all likelihood, if the eyes of your bird are closed, it is resting.

Here’s the deal, though:

Your budgie’s sleepiness can be seen in more ways than just its closed eyes.

When they’re in a really relaxed mood, they may even close their eyes.

Subduing their heads into their feathers

Not the most normal way to get some shut-eye, but nevertheless intriguing!

When threatened, a budgie would duck its head under its wing.


In order to chill out!

As a result of the increased coziness, the darkness, and the ability to lay their adorable little heads down, babies are more likely to nod off and stay asleep.

Final Words 

If you need total darkness or complete silence in order to drift off to sleep, your budgie is probably more like you than you give it credit for.

We know that as the proud parent of a budgie, you are always looking for methods to improve your bird’s quality of life.

It’s not hard to train your parakeet to go to sleep at specific times every day.

To get started, find a place with complete darkness and isolation.

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