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Once you figure out how to open the Squirrel Buster, it’s important to keep your cool so the fine steel wire that it hangs from doesn’t break.

To open the Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder, push down on the lid and bring it back up in a circular motion. While the Squirrel Buster is similar to a child-resistant medicine bottle, it is easier to use. Simply reversing the instructions given for opening the lid will result in a closed lid.

How To Open Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder

Given that this is a sizable wild bird seed feeder, the wide-opening cover top makes filling and refilling the feeder less of a chore.

To remove the lid for refilling or cleaning the Squirrel Buster, gently twist the top around, then push the lid down a small distance. Finally, twist the lid counter-clockwise until it stops.

The lid top is permanently attached to a steel wire, so you can’t remove it entirely.

Before you can twist the lid back on and close it securely, you’ll need to make sure it’s level.

If you know how to open a child-resistant prescription container, you already know how to open a Squirrel Buster; the only difference is that the Squirrel Buster’s lid is larger, making it easier to grasp.

This premium, award-winning bird feeder is a cut above the rest because it does what it’s advertised to do—keep squirrels out.

Twist Top, Push Down, Open

Any intelligent squirrel could easily open the top, thus it must be a little trickier than what you’re used to.

This Squirrel Buster Classic functions with a twist-top, push-down mechanism, just like child-proof prescription bottles.

To remove the lid from a Squirrel Buster Classic, you must first push down on the lid and rotate it counterclockwise.

There isn’t much more to it, but if you weren’t aware of it going in, you might have a hard time.

Always use a gentle push instead of a forceful twist to open the lid, and make sure the lid gadget lands in the correct slots before lifting it up and off.

Reverse open action to close

How To Open Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder

Remember the preceding instructions on how to open the Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder, as you will need to do the same thing in reverse to close the top.

Once you’ve restocked the feeder with as many wild bird seeds as you’d like, it’s time to close the lid so that squirrels can’t easily access it or, worse, that it doesn’t fall apart because you hung it up incorrectly.

The lid twists counterclockwise to open, and clockwise to close.

You may fill the feeder by setting the lid flat on top and twisting it clockwise until the opening at the top allows you to push it down. After that, the lid must be tightly tightened by twisting it in a clockwise direction until it stops.

Only the most moderate pressure should be used when closing, opening, or pushing down the lid, as excessive force may break the mechanism over time.

No pulling off lid all the way

If you’re a fan of feeding wild birds, you might get a kick out of the challenge of prying open the Squirrel Buster’s lid so you can add more bird seed.

However, the problem arises when people try to remove the lid with one swift action.

The top of the lid can be detached from its corresponding steel wire and hung.

If the wire breaks, the Squirrel Buster’s main selling point is useless. Careful movement when opening the feeder is required.

If you’re concerned about losing or injuring the lid top when you take it off to refill with seeds, you needn’t be; it now hangs harmlessly to the side, out of the way yet safe from harm.

Even though steel wire is as strong as it gets, it can be torn free from the internal mechanism it is attached to.

Lid is used for hanging

How To Open Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder-2

Actually, that’s not the case, but I bring it up as a reminder to put the lid back on tightly after each usage.

This squirrel-proof bird feeder would be useless if the user neglected to close the cover after each usage.

Squirrels are crafty critters that, with experience or training, can open just about any container.

Even though the lid doesn’t need the metal wire to hang, the weight of the seeds inside the feeder could cause the lid to be forced open if it isn’t shut properly, resulting in a broken wire when the feeder lands with a thud.

The loss of the lid’s integrity does not mean the container is useless; nevertheless, if the lid top is broken and cannot be closed, the squirrels will be able to get to the seeds.

To summarize

How To Open Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder-3

The Squirrel Buster can be opened in the same way that a child-resistant medicine bottle is: with a twist and a push down.

The top cover of the Squirrel Buster must be twisted counterclockwise to open it.

To open a jar, you must first twist the lid while simultaneously forcing it down, then once it has been pushed all the way, you must twist until it stops before you can draw it up and open it.

The door is designed to be opened easily once you know how, but you shouldn’t use too much force if you don’t need to.

Now that you know how to open the Squirrel Buster by twisting it counterclockwise, you can close it by placing the lid back on top, twisting it briefly counterclockwise to locate the push down action, and then giving it a fuller clockwise twist to secure it.

It won’t hurt to lift up on the lid just a tad and feel it to make sure it’s closed securely.

Although the top doesn’t need to be hung, the steel wiring used to do so does, so be careful not to yank on it too hard when opening.

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